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Merciless Time Vs Famous People


Sometimes we want some moments to last forever. It is sad but nobody can stop time. That’s why we getting older every year and gradually youth is going away. Hope you know, where to take courses online so your homework will be done well with our help. Nobody can struggle with time. It will take its own earlier or later. The most awful thing in this, is that time takes all and doesn’t mind if that was a famous person, legend and idol for the whole generation.

It is extremely sad to admit that actor which we know as young person full of charm is about 70 years old now. Why does it happen? Maybe that is because, we associate them with roles they had in definite movies. Most of them have played in outstanding movies being young, so for us they still young. It’s how our mind play tricks with us. It is especially noticeable towards some actors of one role, who played just in some movies at start of career and other ones weren’t so successful. On the other hand, sometimes we remember actor by the role in his best movie and then he can’t become older for us. So we should appreciate every moment of life and some movies to love life will help with it. Today we will look at some actors who are quite famous but whom we mostly remember as young people.

1. Back to the future: does it work for him?

Most of us have seen movie called “Back to the Future”. We all remember that great professor and his interesting fantastic experiments. However, there is a person who made this movie extremely popular and fun. That was Marty McFlyteenager who helped professor in his experiments and they always were together. We can also see some brief history of jazz and blues in one of the parts of this movie and Marty playing great guitar solo.

That was an actor Michael Fox and for many of Back to the future fans he stayed as he was in movie – eighteen years old teenager. That is because this role was his best one and he receiver Oscar for it. He has long career and have been participated in many movies after this one. Nowadays he is 55 and lives happy life with his family. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed Parkinson’s disease, however he struggles with it and made his charity organization for people with this disease.

Although time haven’t saved him and he is quite old now, for many of us he will always be 18 years old Marty McFly – teenager, who had great charm and sense of humor. You can always go into fictional world of this movie or choose you ideal one: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/choose-your-ideal-fictional-world.

2. Resilient stuntman, actor and director

As you can guess, this is all about Jackie Chan – famous actor. We all know his movies especially first ones. He had roles in more than hundred movies, so you can imagine how long his career is. We mostly know him for such movies as “Armor of God” or “Rush Hour”. Here is the trick, because these movies were released in 1998s. There Jackie is young and full of energy. He remains in such condition and still very energetic and active. However, now he is 62.

Now he still makes some movies but mostly as director and nowadays he didn’t perform all those tricks in his movies, his understudies do it. However, don’t blame him for it. He is quite old and he gave much effort in his young years, when he was not only actor but made and performed almost all tricks for his movies. He had many injuries because tricks weren’t always successful.

After dozen of fractures, sprains and other smaller injuries Jackie finally received Oscar in 2016. Talking about fans, he doesn’t get older for them, and his appearance shows it. He is of those people who never getting older. So we can say, that in a way, Jackie is one of the brightest examples among actors, showing how he struggle with time and got victory.

This theme is quite sad, isn’t it? It may cause even some tears, because it is sad to know that actor you like is so old. That’s why we have something for you.

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Now, it’s time to continue our list. Although it may be sad, from the other hand it is interesting to know about life of some famous people now and how they have changed. So let’s look at this with some positive. You can also read biography of Michael Jordan who is a well-known basketball player.

3. He could run off jail but what about run from time?

Next person is famous actor who played leading role in extremely famous movie called The Shawshank Redemption”. However, he was very young there and his late movies are more popular and famous. Most people know him as CIA agent in movie “RED”, as a lawyer in “Ted 2” or as illusionist in “Now You See Me 2”. In these movies, Morgan is already old, however it is quite hard to determine his age. He has such kind of appearance, which doesn’t change through time. Time can also change some places. Want to ensure in it? Read our article dedicated to one of the most mysterious places in the world: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/chernobyl-abandoned-desert-or-attraction-for-people.

Morgan Freeman is like exclusion in our list, because he is known well as old actor, but people almost doesn’t know how he looked at the beginning of career. The brightest example is only “The Shawshank Redemption”.  So as we can see that he is old not everybody will say exact number. However, he is 79 and nobody could expect such number. It is really hard to imagine that person of 79 years old can play leading roles in great movies. However Morgan does, so he struggles with time and shows to the whole world that his acting knows no barriers. Do you have any barriers in studying as tests or exam? Ask us to help you with exam or any kind of home task.

4. Terminator became older

Arnold Schwarzenegger is well-known for his leading role in movie “Terminator” and “Predator”. It is quite hard to name other famous movies where he acted. Of course, there are many of them but these two mentioned above are the brightest. However, they are quite old and were released in 1980s. That is why most of us know Arnold as strong man who is about 30 years old. Because in these movies he looked exactly like that.

Unfortunately, a lot of years have passed since that time and now Arnold is older. He is 69 and has overcome path of not only actor but also had a post of a governor in California. He still takes part in film industry and played leading roles in The Expendables 3 of 2014 and Terminator in 2015. He takes active participation in aftereffect of election in USA. So, we can see that despite his age actor don’t want to end his career of an actor and still can surprise.

5. How person of one role can change through time?

Sometimes it happened that actor have played role in definite movie and he did it with a lot of effort. However, after that role he always associated with that role in that movie. This is absolutely true if to talk about Daniel Radcliffe. We all know him as Harry Potter. This association is so strong that when Radcliffe appears in some movies it can cause smile. It looks like Harry Potter came into another movie and it looks strange. Want to know more about our service? Feel free to do it, because we often have some offers for our customers.

We all could see how Radcliffe became older with every new part of Harry Potter. It was quite interesting because other actors also grew up with heroes of the story. However, when the last part of book was released on screens for many people Radcliffe as Harry Potter stopped to grow up. It will be a real shock for somebody but now he is 27 years old. Some people may fail to accept it.

The same thing can be said about Hermione who was played by Emma Watson. She is 26 now. Rupert Grint who played Ron is 28. Another thing that unites these actors is that all of them even now associated only with roles in Harry Potter and it really interferes with their career.

As we can see, many actors have changed through time. Some of them became older while others just became mature and maybe they will be future stars some years later. Of course, time won’t spare these or other actors and famous people. However, they have left their roles in definite movies or their songs. That means they will never die and will live forever in them. That is how they deceive time.

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