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Top Movies That Will Make You Appreciate Life


Sometimes it so happens that person feels emptiness in the soul and world around seems to be dead. There is no desire to do something and hope is lost. That is what happened if person loses hope and will to life. It may happen because of different reasons: loss of somebody or destruction of habitual worldview. Want to take first-rate online class in any subject? Come to us and never be upset and depressed because of hard subjects. The worst thing in all this is that it may happen with anybody and sometimes person can’t even understand why he became sad and indifferent to everything.

Fortunately, as for every disease there is a treatment for depression and loss of motivation. Some ways can be enumerate as sport and music. Some people bring a pet to the house and it really helps. Sometimes it’s hard to choose dogs versus cats that’s why some people choose another pets. However, what can be better than see how other people overcome difficulties in life and become happy? It means, different movies can help and give motivation. However new problem appears what movie to choose and how to find a really good one? We made a list of good movie for you. Hope they will help you to overcome bad mood and renew motivation and desire to do some great things.

What movies can help to be happier?

We have chosen movies of different genres so be ready to see some comedies as well as drama movies.

1. Intouchables”

This is a French movie which unites both comedy and drama elements. We all used to complain because of some difficulties. The hero of this movie can’t move and is confined to a wheelchair. He is quite rich but it makes situation even more ironic: he has money but can’t life a full life. We can see similar situation with one of the most important persons of our time – Stephen Hawking. You may read about his story of life and disease which he struggled with, for the whole life: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/stephen-hawking-as-hero-of-our-time.

This movie shows us how strong people with disabilities can be. The main hero of the movie is bored because of compassion so he found somebody absolutely inappropriate for the role of caregiver: tall, black man who was recently released from prison. What was the result of such experiment? You can see it in the movie. It will give you motivation and desire and finally, you will understand that some people have even worth situations in life, but still appreciate it. Sometimes some people unconsciously turned their life into entire policy of austerity. Read austerity important facts and you will know what it is and how sad it look like.

2. “The Pursuit of Happyness”

This movie shows us absolutely another situation than the previous one. Hero of this movie, entrepreneur Chris Gardner had no money and he had a son and tried to take care of him. He did his best and movie was conditionally divided into parts: one of them is called pursuit of happiness and another was called happiness. In this part, we see how hard it was for the main hero to overcome poverty. However, he didn’t give up and as a result achieved his goal and found good job. Read about how to find job of your dream and be happy: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/how-to-find-the-job-of-your-dream.

Movie demonstrates long and hard way to happiness and all hardships person sometimes should overcome to achieve it. Second part called “happiness” the end of the movie, which shows Chris and his son who have overcame long way and finally got to their happiness.

This movie teaches us to follow definite way no matter how hard it may be. Nobody should refuse from his dream just because somebody said it has no sense or it is impossible to achieve it. Sometimes it is not so bad not to hear other people and do your best. For example look at US election 2016 and reaction of participants to see that they did all possible to achieve their goal however could accept defeat worthily.

3. “Yes Man”

This awesome comedy movie shows how life of person can change if he allows these changes to come. Main hero had dull life full of sadness and apathy. Everything changed however, when he decided to say “yes” for all offers. As a result, he appeared in center of many interesting actions, found a girlfriend and his life changed greatly. Want you professor to say yes on all you tests? Get professional help with tests online and your teachers will be excited by your marks.

This movie is exaggeration of course, however it shows very important thing: sometimes people don’t look opportunities just in front of them. But it is very important sometimes to be open to new things and they may make life happier. Talking about this movie, it will raise your mood and teach you something. Jim Carrey in the leading role won’t leave you indifferent and will make you laugh every minute.

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We hope that movies listed above were interesting for you and at list one of them you decided to watch maybe even this evening. We continue our list, so maybe you will find some more motivational movies to watch.

4. “The Bucket List”

How often we waste time and just complain about life? But everybody must appreciate every moment of life because it is so short and nobody knows when will be its end. This is the main idea of the movie. Two main characters played by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Two men recognize that they have just half of a year to live. One of them is rich and another one made a list of things to do. Finally, they take this list and go in tour. They visit all places in the list and spend time as great as possible. You may read more about plot and ideas of the movie.

The movie shows that sometimes people just pretend to live however, they don’t feel any feelings. So it is better to live every day and find something unusual even in common things.

5. “Never Back Down”

Movie about Mixed Martial Arts and teenager who appeared in new city. He had no friends and always mixed up in problems. As a result, he fought with leader of the school at the party and was bitten by him. So he decided to visit famous trainer in the city. However, gradually his anger changed into intelligence and although his goal (to win the leader in fight) remained the same, he began to look at things wiser. Want to be wise and smart? Read about our online classes, which will help you to be well educated and receive good marks.

The movie shows how important it is to stand for your ideals and desires. The main hero demonstrates that nobody should give up and better way is to find solution of the problem. Movie has some violent scenes however it is movie about martial art and how it can help person to become successful and prove that he is not as weak as everybody thinks.

6. “Rocky”

Movie, which became legend in many countries. What can common person achieve? He has no money and couldn’t receive good education. The only way for Rocky to earn money was working as bouncer.

Suddenly everything changed when he received an offer to participate in fight against champion in boxing. Nobody though he could win and nobody even took him seriously. However, Rocky trained hard and didn’t want to be bitten. Although Rocky lost that fight, he became very popular and even his opponent had to admit that he underestimated Rocky.

The movie doesn’t only show fight and cruelty of box, but it shows how absolutely unknown person with almost no possibilities, can become famous and show everybody that he is not as bad as everybody thought.

7. “Shawshank Redemption”

Main hero, Andy Dufresne, had a good vacation however, he was accused in killing his wife and lost everything. However, it became clear later, that he wasn’t a murderer. So he was brought to one of the worst prisons. Gradually he fixed his situation there and if at first he was a common laundry worker, later he began to work in the library and help warden with financial problems he had.

All in all Andy successfully run off the jail and could even get some money because his warden was a fraudster. This movie demonstrates what things person is ready to come through in order to receive freedom and finally be happy and fix mistakes made before.

So, what all movies listed above show us? It is very important to go to your goal. Imagine what might happen if Einstein didn’t follow his ideas? What if people who created Internet and computers didn’t work hard? Probably, we wouldn’t have some top pc games and many other possibilities today. So to sum up watch any of these movies and you will understand that motivation is very important and you should stick to your point and if you have any plan for future life you should do everything to realize it.

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