Things You Should Know About Austerity


People say that soul and heart are two important things good person should have. If person has them he or she will be happy. Unfortunately it isn’t so. Of course some people can go into hiking tour without money. You can watch popular reality shows where people put in difficult situations. Lack of money is without doubts quite difficult situation. No matter what people say, if you don’t have money, you won’t be happy, because in modern world money help people to satisfy all their needs.

In modern world economic situation can change very rashly and government policy in such cases has strong influence on usual people – inhabitants of this country. It happened with the USA after elections, for example. You may also read Bill Clinton’s biography to see his policy which was very successful. However not every president is as good, that’s why sometimes country has to lead policy of Austerity. What is it?

Austerity: bad life and danger?

At first let’s look at this policy in general. In wide sense this policy is led by government which has huge debt and needs to take money into budget. What does it mean? Government short different social payments, salaries to workers of social sphere and etc. Of course it leads to people’s discontent, hard conditions for living and of course, decrease of level of comfort.  However if you have difficulties you always can consult online class mentor to do class.

As we can see, this policy has quite bad influence on people’s mood and trust in government. But without this policy government can become a bankrupt and it will be much worse than temporary inconvenience. You can read more about USA austerity as example of this policy. As usual this policy used to better economic situation however can be also used in countries where it is hard to control financial situation even if it’s not very bad. Nowadays such countries as Spain and Greece lead this policy. So, as we can see this phenomenon may appear even in well-known and good developed countries.

Of course governmental policy in this case is interesting however, we want to talk more about usual people and what to do in this situation. It is very puzzled and hard as Rubik’s Cube. But you can read also about how to solve Rubik’s cube..

Common people and Austerity

Austerity can be acceptable also for families that have problems with money or appeared in hard financial situation because of crisis in country or because country itself leads policy of Austerity. Unfortunately everybody can find himself in such situation. You have almost no money. If you are alone it is not so bad. But what if you have family? Children, who should be grown up and given to good schools or colleges. Children who are the most appreciate in every family. This situation lead to US-Mexican border problems for example. Because of financial inequality of neighboring countries people may go as far as possible just to feed the family.

So we have some useful information about what to do in such situation.

What is Austerity in family and among people? It’s when you spend money only on critically necessary things as food. These are things without which family can’t live and exist. Feel free to read about other category of people: top rich football players who don’t have problems with money at all.

However there are some payments which you must pay and can’t save on it. List may be different for different families. Here are some general things:

1. Utilities payments

You should pay for flat and if you rent an apartment situation is quite difficult. You must pay or in other case owner can ask you to leave flat.

If it’s your flat and you won’t pay required sum, you can get problems and fine is only one of them. So you will have to pay even more money.

We can make a conclusion that it is better not to save on this.

Great example of this problem and of poverty you can see in film called “The Pursuit of Happyness” based on real story.

2. Payments for study

This is another thing you must pay for. Not only because your child will be departed. Remember: education is a chance for your child and family to overcome constant poverty and begin better life. That’s why you should find money to invest them in your children. Unfortunately education is not always good and even modern education has some cons.

3. Pay for credits

The situation is similar as it is with apartments. If you don’t pay you will receive fines and finally will have to pay even more. However if in case with lodgement you have problems with owner, in case with credit you have problems with bank and bank won’t ceremony with you. Banks and credits are like illness in such situation. Like illness called dysgraphia:

4. Some important things

Situations are different and sometimes it is needed to buy some medicines for example. The only way is to ask some charity organizations for help. Unfortunately these organizations as usual have problems too and don’t have enough money to help everybody. But you should at least try. In some countries it is like good tradition to give money for those who really need them. However there are also some bizarre traditions around the world.

5. Food

Person can’t live without food but it is possible to pay less. Some moments which will help to do it are as follows:

- Buy products in small parties and in big packages. You will save some money because you buy it as wholesale production. Also the more package is the cheapest it is in average. Some discounts also may make life easier. Look at black Friday consequences.

- Buy products which can’t be hold for a long time in small amount. Because it is inexcusably just to discard food in such financial situation.

- Go to the shop with list where you carefully picked out only the most required products.

This theme is quite sad that’s why we have something for you.

List of topics to digress:

Fortunately there are some things which you can refuse to save money. Of course your life won’t be as bright was you will do it but it’s the only way.

For everybody these things may be different so here will be just some of them, which you cannot spend money on. Of course it’s hard to understand what you need and what you don’t need sometimes. Moreover men vs women needs may be very different. Anyway here is the general list, hope it will be helpful:

1. Entertainment

For the period of austerity you will have to forget about all you liked before this period:

- going to the movies, theaters, concerts

- evening gatherings in cafes

- discos and parties

You can listen to some music at home then and read about some bands for example about popularity of twenty one pilots.

- holidays and other tourist trips outside the city

- the purchase of new books and magazines

- purchase of some trinkets

- purchase of new toys (look some handmade toys as ambitious kickstarters’ projects and try to make some toys from material you have in the flat)

2. Appliances

Of course it is hard to live without washing machine and refrigerator. In case of their breaking, it is necessary to choose what is cheaper - to repair or buy a new one. However, you can find a self-service laundries in many cities. Washing clothes there is cheaper than buying new washing machine.

Without the rest of the household appliances it is quite possible to live. Crockery can be cleaned with hands, without dishwasher. Meals can be warm without microwave oven. Coffee can be cooked in kettle without the help of coffee maker. Feel free to read about our company – online class mentor.

3. Transport

If you've constantly traveled by car before, it’s time to forget about it for some time and use public transport or bicycle if you have it. To save money you can also walk more, if places of destination are not too far. It is useful for health and can save a lot of money.

In large cities, as a rule, a single fare for a taxi is much cheaper than the movement using own car. But use it only in extraordinary cases. Of course if you don’t have car don’t even think of buying it. You can read about pros of own car but don’t go further:

4. Clothing and Shoes

Wear all that you have bought earlier. If necessary, and as far as possible, repair clothing at home. Buying clothes and shoes in such a situation should be only made if it is really necessary.

Of course, if family has children, clothes and shoes for them should be bought. Of course, in limited quantities.

5. Furniture and other things

About the purchase of new furniture, as well as about the purchase of a new home appliances, you will have to forget. Also you should forget about new computer, smartphone, tablet. Prices for them are high. Prices for our service and help with subjects it low. You can get acquainted with prices and ask some help.

6. Loans

In addition to all mentioned above: during the period of austerity never take new loans. They may change situation, of course, but only for short period of time. But then you have to devote part of the family budget to pay off the new loan.

Hope this article helped you and now you know more about policy of Austerity. All these advices can be also used even if you don’t have problem with finances but want to save some money. Just don’t lie to yourself and look at situation with clear gaze. It’s better to admit problem on time and it will be easier to solve it then.

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