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With development of computers people received more possibilities. About 20 years ago computers were more like calculators. Look at them now: they do a lot of great things and they became very powerful. Some scholars are even afraid of that, because they say one day computers and machines will conquer humanity. Read about it in interesting Stephen Hawking's doctrine.

As computers became more powerful, video games also did. Date when first computer game saw the world can’t be defined exactly. However we can say that first attempts were made in 1950-1960s. The first computer games were like bingo and tick-tack-toe. You can imagine what a long way computer games have overcome. Times when a lot of young people began to use computers and even did some prohibited things can be seen in movie “Hackers”. It describes 1990s and as you watch the movie you will see that at those times computers were already quite developed but of course not as well as nowadays.

The bad thing in development of videogames is that a lot of low-quality production has appeared. That’s why it is very hard sometimes to find something good and interesting. Of course new games have great graphics and it seems like all happens in a real world, bad many of these games are full of violence and not very good. Want somebody to make your online test? Now it is absolutely real. It’s time to start our list of top games. We decided to include games of different years both new and old, of different genres so that everybody will be able to choose something and try to play.

What games are worth-playing?

It’s not only usual people who ask this question. Sometimes even gamers who play a lot ask such question. So we start our list. Games will have numbers but it’s just our subjective opinion. You can also play browser game online for example and some other browser games.

5. Cossacks

These series of games are not very modern and they don’t have great graphics. The best series like “European Wars” and “Back to War” were made in 2000s when computers were still rare and not everybody could afford to buy them.

But why people still play this game? Well, there are some reasons. This strategy unites ability to construct different buildings with ability to control units. You can choose one nation of more than 20. It is possible to play in team or against computer. You can participate in land and sea battles. Everything is quite realistically. Possibility to control peasants, ships, troops, artillery and cavalry makes this game great even despite the fact it is even not a 3D game. If you like real time strategy games you will definitely like this one. Even fact that it was made in Ukraine doesn’t disturb anybody because game was a real success.

Second part of this game produced in 2005th was failure. Mostly because people wanted to see something similar with first part however they were very disappointed because second part was absolutely different. Do you know what Cossack ate? Of course no, but get to know what you should eat:

In 2016 gamers all over the Internet were talking that new part is coming: Cossacks 3. It appeared in the end of the year and was quite good; however it’s just the same as first part and just has better graphics.

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4. S.T.A.L.K.E.R

Like the Cossacks this game is popular, however not everybody could hear about it. That’s why we decided to include it in our list. Of course we did it also because it is great, interesting and scaring.

From the first sight this game and previous one have nothing in common and it will be strange to compare them as well as compare counter strike and dota 2

However it’s the second popular game created by the same company which produced Cossacks.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R is shooter but it’s not like other ones from this category. This game will be great for those who like Chernobyl and dream about having a walk there. The game allows you to do it. The main hero is put into the Exclusion Zone with all its scaring features. World depicted in the game is scaring and there are a lot of interesting things which are true to life like you will have to find some shelters which are really exist, will meet a lot of other stalkers – people who go to Chernobyl in order to find some precious things. For them it’s something like sport is for you. Of course you will meet some dogs and animals which mutated.

All these scaring things will hold you in constant tension and good plot in addition will make this game extremely interesting and worth-playing. Of course there are many other shooters which are also great but this one is unique mixture of good plot quite good graphics and horror.

Hope you liked these two games and to make a break we offer you to read some other articles.

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3. World of Warships

This game is simulator. It allows you to be a captain of a certain ship and fight against other players. Yes, you understood it right: the game is massive online simulator. Of course many people don’t like these words. Maybe because they think these games cause addiction or maybe because they played old online games which were of bad quality. Of course Internet had a small age when first online massive simulators were created. That’s why abilities were very few.

However World of Warships is a great example of modern online game. Let’s talk about it more detailed. It has different servers in Russia, Europe America and in some other locations. Game process allows you to handle ship: of course at first it won’t be very powerful, however as your captain will receive some experience you will be able to choose better ship. You may take something like an exam for your skills playing in special campaigns. Sometimes you need to get help online and our online class mentor is always ready for it. Read about online classes and feel free to ask questions.

Such nations as USA and Japan can offer you all four types of ships: battleships, destroyers, cruisers and carriers. Each of these classes has pros and cons. Wargaming team works hard on creating new ships of other nations. Some of them already have different classes, mostly cruisers and battleships. These are such nations as Germany and USSR. Other nations and ships will also appear. There are a lot of world of warships geeks and nerds. Read about difference between geeks and nerds.

So if you always dreamed about becoming a captain this is your chance: a lot of players, some presents and events and a lot of useful tips in game will make game process pleasant.

2. Heroes of Might and Magic

This is a good example of Turn-Based Strategy which nowadays is not very popular. Heroes of Might and Magic has a long history. The 3d part of the game was extremely popular and it is still so nowadays, even despite the fact that graphics is not very good and game is not 3D. Feel free to read about such thing as bilingualism:

The 5th part of the game was also very good and in some cases better than the 3d one. Let’s talk about game process. You have hero and castle. You can choose among several clans like leprechauns, magicians, knights or necromancers. Each clan has its features, pros and cons. Do not try to understand and distinguish the best clan: it is as hard as understand men versus women. There are many interesting things which you can see while playing the game. It is always better to try than to read so we will only add than there are different resources which you need to build something in your castle and also some artefacts and book of magic.

It is possible to play against computer or in team with friends. Championships in this game all around the world prove that it is worth-playing. Most players recommend starting from Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and then try to play 5th part but you can try other parts too. However many people say that they are not as good as these two.

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1. The Forest

A lot of people nowadays don’t know how to survive. This game will teach you. The main hero with his son is at the aircraft which got into the accident. It was broken into two parts and as the game began the only person who survived is the main character. His son was taken away by one of tribes that live at the island where aircraft fell. These tribes have traditions stranger than all traditions and habits around the world taken together.

Although the game is still in the alpha development and it’s not finished it is really good. You are alone at the island. Game process allows roaming through it, building different constructions, gathering plants and then making your own garden. You will have to struggle for life with warlike tribes and hunt animals to eat something. You can build a lot of different things from bench to house of wood.

Plot of the game is in the development however last test part of the game showed that it is very puzzled and intriguing and search of other survivors will be harder than rubik's cube puzzle solution.

This game will be very suitable for lovers of extreme and nature.

Of course we have only five games in our list and there are many others which are not worse. However, we tried to show you that each genre of games can be interesting and all depends on developers. Hope now you know what game to play. If you are interested in any of games above, it won’t be difficult to find video reviews on them to understand better if it’s good for you or not. Have a good time and enjoy computer games of high quality.

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