Michael Jordan: Birth Of The Star


Variety of different kinds of sport is really huge. Basketball, tennis, football are only some of them. If you can pay to do your class and have more free time for job or sport. However, there is always one thing that unites all kinds of sport. In each of them, there are always some brightest representatives. There are always some people who were important for development of that or another kind of sport. Each of them has its idol that has become an example for many other players.

If we are talking about football, people, as usual always name such people as Messi, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho. As usual, most of these players are very rich and have worldwide fame. You can find list of some rich and popular players: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-10-the-richest-football-players-of-2016. The same thing is with basketball. Its idol is, without doubts Michael Jordan. Even person who knows nothing about basketball will probably say this name. That is because Michael Jordan has become a legend and the main representative of basketball. In 1980s, he was one of the most popular basketball players and people adored him.

We decided to take a look at this person’s life story and some interesting moments. Stay with us and you will know more about this awesome player.

1. Disposition to sport from childhood

Michel was born in quite common family. There were five children and Michel’s parents had usual professions: his father, for example was a usual worker while his mother was clerk in bank. However, there is an interesting fact: Michael’s future parents met at one of the basketball matches. So maybe that was a sign? Do you believe in signs at all? Then read what signs results of us election show us?

Jordan wasn’t an ideal child, he hated all housework and didn’t study well at school unlike his brothers and sisters. Family moved twice, but it didn’t reflect somehow on Jordan. He had problems with discipline in every school he studied. So, as we can see, he was common naughty child. Moreover, his parents had no abilities in sport.

Michael, however, liked baseball very much and wanted to become a baseball player. Feel free to read about foundation of Chicago cubs – one of the best baseball clubs. Maybe Jordan would play in one of such clubs, but as we know, he is known as a basketball player. Moreover he achieved quite good results playing baseball: at the age of 12 became the best player of the state.

However later, he changed baseball into basketball. Although he wasn’t high, he concentrated attention on jump to compensate it. His elder brother became his trainer and opponent for some years. As we can see Michael started to play basketball from childhood – in this sport he would later become the best player. Do you know what sport is the best for you? Feel free to get some hints how to choose it: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/what-sport-is-the-best-for-you.

2. High school and problems with growth

Michael was quite good player and wanted to play for Emsley A. Laney High School team, which could give him many possibilities for further development. However, basketball trainer there didn’t think that Michael can be better than other guys mostly because he was quite small (about 170), so as a result Jordan played in junior team. His desire to prove his skills gave some results: he became to play better and his growth increased. Michael got into high school basketball team only in 11th class.

He also played American football and baseball, but basketball was at the first place for him. In high school Michael began to study better and as a result increased his average point, so it allowed him to enter good universities, which could help him with development of basketball skills. Do you want to improve you skills in something? Start from Microsoft and learn some top Microsoft Word hacks.

3. What university to choose?

Although Jordan wanted to enter University of California, he didn’t receive proposal from it. That’s why he had to choose among three universities. Finally, he decided to enter University of North Carolina. Why he did it? Maybe because earlier he went to play there being in a school and many trainers were excited by his way of playing. As a result, exactly this university Michael chose for further education.

He received sports scholarship, of course and lived with one of the most talented basketball players of the university. University team was quite successful with trainer Dean Smith and as a result, team got to the final and six times.

Of course, new atmosphere and people influenced Michael, so at first he didn’t show many results. Moreover, he was stressed by the level of other players, which was higher. However, Smith trained him and he became a shooting guard – at this position he played later during his entire career. Finally, in 1981 Michael firstly appeared among five players of team and played for his university.

Since that time, Jordan became popular. He was admitted the best newcomer. In play-off, Smith’s team got to final and there Michael showed everybody how glorious he could be: his scores brought victory for University of Carolina. That game might be the most important for Michael’s future career as a basketball player.

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4. Fame and NBA

Before NBA Jordan also showed himself as great player during Olympic Games of 1984. At the same year NBA team “Chicago Bulls” chose him and he began to play with it.

We can say that exactly 1984 was a year when Michael Jordan became a star. Of course, this star didn’t shine as bright as some years later but it was his first bright games on absolutely new level. NBA – is the higher level for every basketball player. Jordan became favorite player for many basketball fans even those of opposite teams.

Later Michael was chosen as one of five players for NВА All-Star Game. That was offensive for some players who had played many years before Jordan. Just imagine: one guy came to the team and after couple of month he had been already chosen for NВА All-Star Game. As a result, players from his own team didn’t give him ball so he couldn’t play at all. However, he overcame this situation and became the best newcomer of the year in NBA.

So we can see that since that time Michael became very popular and his feints and tricks at the basketball field can be seen nowadays with great pleasure and fun. He was also one of the most valuable players for Chicago Bulls.

In 1988, he became the best bombardier. Later teams even created new tactics, which was in covering Michel by two or even three players in order to not allow him to make scores. However, all that didn’t work as good as planned.

In 1990, Jordan became the captain of Chicago Bulls and this season was one of the best for team. However his team lost final and it became something like black Friday aftereffect because they did it third season to a number.

5. The most successful seasons (1990 - 1993 years)

However, in next season Chicago Bulls became champions, they won Detroit and other strong teams. Jordan received his first NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award and was very excited by that.

Next years were also extremely successful for club and they became obvious leaders of NBA. So Jordan was very valuable for Chicago Bulls and who knows how things could go without him.

Feel free to read about the best games of Michael Jordan. However, gradually, Jordan became more and more popular, he even began to fear this popularity and his private life became less successful and calm.

After Olympic Games of 1992 and victory of USA team huge role in which was, of course played by Jordan, his life began to fall and some conflicts appeared and even some serious scandals.

6. Scandals and end of career

Unfortunately, there were some huge scandals with Jordan’s participation. They were connected with his addiction of poker and some other games. He liked to play for money, no matter was it cards or gold or baseball. As a result, he lost big sums of money and had problems.

In 1993, Jordan told about his end of basketball career and that was shock for everybody. He told that the reason was that his father was murdered. However, some people say that was not the only reason. Another reason was Jordan’s connection with bookmaker that was prohibited for professional sportsmen. There was even a thought that he might have an agreement about when and how he should made some key scores. Anyway, that was a serious reason for Jordan to leave basketball. Want to avoid scandal with exam and need some help with it? Ask us for help with your exam online and be happy and calm, because we will provide you the best help ever.

7. Further life

Fortunately, in 1995 Michael Jordan announced that he would return to basketball. That was real sensation for everybody and that was something many people could only dream about. However, it happened. Jordan started to play for Chicago Bulls again. Club without him was very weak, so it only proved how much Michael seemed for it.

Michael gained his previous success very fast and in the first season helped his team to get to the semifinal, however they lost that game. But this loss only made Jordan to train harder and as a result next years from 1995 to 1998 were years of victories for Chicago Bulls.

In 1999 many talented players of Chicago Bulls left team and in such circumstances Jordan end his career as a player and this was his final decision. He didn’t play anymore, however his further vacations were still connected with basketball. Feel free to read about class mentor – service that always ready to help you with subjects online.

Of course, we couldn’t describe in details the whole life of this amazing basketball star, but hope you received some interesting information. If you want to see more, we recommend you to look some videos of Jordan’s games. It worth seeing and will raise your mood. Michael turned basketball into a real art and nowadays he is still the best example for beginners and basketball players from NBA. He showed that common person can achieve great results despite all difficulties. So if you have a dream and want to be a good player, no matter in what kind of sport, just train hard and do your best!

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