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Ernest Hemingway: Template Writer Or Genius?


How many great and outstanding writers do you know? Maybe some or maybe ten or more. You can be wiser, just take class courses online and discover a lot of interesting information. The problem is in definition. Many talented authors weren’t admitted at their time. Many other authors were successful among people but criticized by critics. What can we name as “good book” at all? Each book is unique and they usually not better or worse, they are just different. It is quite hard to compare Ray Bradbury’s biography and fiction world with absolutely different Jack London’s biography and his novels full of real problems and difficulties.

Another problem is in style of writing of different authors. Some of them like to use great amount of different descriptions, epithets and metaphors while others prefer short sentences. Among them, we can name Ernest Hemingway. He was criticized and not at once for his style and not only for that. So today, we will show what criticism was true and what was not. At first, we will get to know something about writer and it will help to understand his style of writing. Then we will familiarize with two his novels shortly and finally will look at what critics say and try to acquit author or have to admit that he is “guilty”. As our theme is connected with writing, feel free to wide your knowledge and read important facts about Dysgraphia.

Some facts about Hemingway’s life

It is quite logical to speak about critics’ reviews and novels of the author knowing at least something about him. So, here is the list of short facts about Ernest Hemingway:

1. His life was as interesting and full of adventures as his novels. He is well-known for both these things.

2. His father wanted him to be a biologist and mother – to become a musician. Read more about popular modern music.

3. Grandfather was a good friend for writer and told Ernest many interesting stories. Writer later used some of them writing his own novels.

4. Being a young boy Ernest liked boxing and football.

5. He was not only the writer but also a military journalist.

6. He participated in at least three outstanding historical accidents: World War 1st, Civil War in Spain and World War 2nd. Read about other outstanding problems as American-Mexican border problems.

The World War 1 he spent in Italy as a medical car driver. He wrote about his thoughts and memories in the book called “A Farewell To Arms” which we will briefly look at later.

During Civil War in Spain he supported Republicans and went to Madrid to film the battles there. These actions he described later in another famous book “For Whom The Bell Tools” which will be the second book we will look at later in order to compare it with “A Farewell To Arms” You can read about other famous people for example, get acquainted with faсts about Stephen Hawking.

Finally, during the World War 2 he organized counterespionage against Germany, commanded by a squad of French partisans in Normandy and was royal and good warrior.

Now, when we now some facts about life of Ernest Hemingway we go to the second stage of article and will talk about two novels, which made this writer famous all over the world. Before doing it we recommend you to read some other articles.

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Two novels by which everybody knows Ernest Hemingway

Of course, Hemingway wrote number of novels but two of them: “Farewell To Arms” and “For Whom The Bell Tools” made him famous. There are some interesting facts by which these novels are similar:

1. Story of war

In both books, described definite military events. However if the first one describes war that is more global: The World War 1st, second describes actions of smaller scale, however still very important. That was Civil War in Spain. You can also get acquainted with another novels written by author.

2. Autobiography

In both books, we may find some autobiographical moments, but in “Farewell To Arms” there are more of them. In this novel, the main hero is driver like Ernest was in the World War 1st. Even wounds the main character received were the same as Hemingway did. Do you want to know more about this article and how to order it? Read more about our classes – online class mentor is company, which always ready to help you.

Talking about novel “For Whom The Bell Tools” we can find some links to Hemingway’s life as he visited Spain at those times and supported one of the sides of revolution. The main character of his book also supported the same side and he was a partisan. Ernest himself also struggled in this role, however during World War 2nd. Feel free to read biography of author in details.

3. Plot

Even plots of two novels have something in common. We won’t tell you the end of the stories, but:

-In both stories main hero was a military man, who came to definite squads.

-In both books main hero is American; however, he struggled in countries not related to America at all: in “Farewell To Arms” main character, struggles in Italy with Italian squad. In novel “For Whom The Bell Tools” main character is in Spanish partisans squad and struggle for Republicans. You can read about another struggle with Republicans but in another way, which was presented in life of President Bill Clinton.

-Finally, in both novels war events are intermingled with love which main character finds.

Of course, there are many different moments and elements in each novel however, these similarities are obvious and really cause some questions. That’s why it’s time to go to the final stage of our article.

What critics say about Hemingway and are they right?

Here we will look at different criticism of Hemingway and will try to understand both sides. Want to pay someone for making your classes? Feel free to look our prices for ready home task.

1. Routine writer

These quite serious words can be understood in a way and proved even by two novels mentioned above. We can see that there are many similarities in both of them. However, let’s take into account some facts: first of all, both books are about war and there were thousands of people, who participated in it as main characters in Hemingway’s novels did. So that means there were many similar cases like soldiers fell in love during war and struggled for different armies, which weren’t related to their countries. Feel free to know tips on men and women understanding that can help you to be successful among women as Hemingway’s characters were.

Many of them knew other languages as Hemingway’s characters. For example, main character in “For Whom The Bell Tools” knew Spanish greatly and spoke it as good as English. Maybe those were first reasons for creating some mixtures of languages. Read some facts you should know about Spanglish – mixture of English and English, which can also observe in novel mentioned above.

We may think about this from another side: Hemingway didn’t use schemes in novels, he just took two the most interesting and exciting events and described them being present at both of them. As we have mentioned, every war has similarities with previous one and that can fully acquit some congeniality in these two novels. You can also read geeks and nerds distinguish and always know about differences even in things that seem similar.

2. Writer was too international

Although Ernest participated in wars and loved his country, his novels are mostly about other countries. That gave critics reasons to reproach him for internationalism. Of course, it is always easier to criticize than create something new. You can read about writing a book and try yourself in it: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/15-important-steps-to-write-a-book-of-your-dreams.

We can’t argue about this because every person decides how to behave and what style of life to lead. Ernest Hemingway was just broad-minded and wanted to show American people what is a life in other countries and what people live there.

3. Style of writing

Other part of criticism Hemingway received for style of writing. It is unusual: short sentences with almost no description and epithets. However, let’s remember that he was a military journalist and that might influence greatly his style of writing. This is an important part of his life and real reason for such style. Anyway, every writer decides how to write and compose sentences, so it’s just tastes of everybody, which are different. In novels written by Hemingway some people understood each other without words, but is it true? Read about it here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/language-of-twins-myth-or-reality

As we can see, Ernest Hemingway was talented and interesting personality. Of course, some people claimed him for reasons we have mentioned above, but anyway everybody can decide to read definite book or not to read it. Of course, critics can always find some cons in every novel, poem or article. No matter if author is man or woman. This can be seen also in facts about global gender gap report which are interesting to read and useful to know about.

Hope, this article helped you to discover new world of talented writer who lived live full of adventures and wrote about them, as he liked despite any critics. You should read these novels or at least some shorter ones, which are also full of interesting moments and will make you think about some global problems of humanity.

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