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Chernobyl: Abandoned Desert Or Attraction For People?


People in the USSR adored atoms – and then they imagined themselves to be Gods. They decided to conquer these smallest parts. Have problems with atoms, chemistry or any other subject? Take cheap courses online and be among the best students. People built huge nuclear power station. They didn’t feel any doubts and that’s why built station exactly near the city. The city was Chernobyl while the station that was built then received the same name. However, that was not the only city. Another one, called Pripyat was just in couple of kilometers from station.

In this essay we decided to describe Chernobyl as it was in its beginning and what it turned into after accident. Be ready for shocking facts and mystery, which borders with sadness and loneliness. No matter how terrible accident was – nowadays Chernobyl has something magnificent in its hush, trees of unusual color and many buildings. So we start our brief excursion to the place which is as frighteningly calm as desert. Some similar places and reality can be found sometimes in magnificent Dan Brown’s books.

1. Short history of station and cities

We mentioned above that station stands near two cities: Chernobyl and Pripyat. Why it so happened and who decided to build it in this way? Let’s look at all it in chronological order.

First of all it was city called Chernobyl. It stood on the river Pripyat. It so happened that exactly near this city station was built.

Station was decided to be built in order to give electric power to areas, which had luck of it. There was a choice where to build it but finally it was decided to be done in Kiev region. Chernobyl station was built in 1970s not further than in 10 kilometers from city which name it has. However, that was just first attempts and only first block of station was built. Read about modern phenomenon as famous as Chernobyl station but only from good side: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/striking-highlights-about-tesla-motors-company.

With the start of first block, it was decided to build more and later use them too. So all in all Chernobyl station became huge building consisting of four blocks and it was decided to build two extra blocks to receive more energy.

However problem appeared. All those people who built station and then worked there required houses for living. In order to decide this problem another settlement was built even closer to station: this was Pripyat. You should look at some photos from Chernobyl and some statistics about these cities. City was built at the same time as Chernobyl station. It was founded in 1970 while in 1975 it was planned that first reactor of nuclear station would be commissioned.

This was young city and many outstanding people told that Pripyat is the face of the whole country and shows future of it. Really, it was so: city was beautiful with a lot of trees, alleys and many flower beds. It was great example of developing city with new houses. In 1985, population of it was about 47 thousand people and it constantly grew up until accident in 1986. It was city of children and happiness. Just imagine that all those people had their lives, on weekends they went to the center of the city and there was a big amusement park with Ferris wheel, which nowadays is still stands at its place and is like the main sightseen in the city.

Now, when we can imagine what was Pripyat before 1986 we go further to the year of accident.

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2. Year when Pripyat and Chernobyl turned into complete disaster

You see that all that was like a fairytale: new young city and nuclear station in 2 kilometers that didn’t disturb anybody. But as everything this fairytale had end which was shocking and scaring.

In the night of 26th April 1986, those who didn’t sleep could see bright flash in place where nuclear station situated. But of course, even those who saw it didn’t think about something bad. People believed government and what did government do?

That was a usual check of the fourth reactor. It was planned on 25th of April. So fourth block stopped its work in order to hold some challenges and find problems and weak places. So without talking about difficult physical things and structure of station components we can make a conclusion that one of experiments was not successful. As a result, fourth block of station was totally ruined and huge amount of radiation was released. As a result, all people who participated into this experiment died because of exposure.

So imagine that in the night of Saturday, when most population of Pripyat and Chernobyl cities have weekday, happened one of the biggest disaster in the world. Of course, first fireguard immediately went to the place of accident and then all people who were there died because of radiation. It should be said that huge part of those, who struggled with fire and then with radiation didn’t know and didn’t realize all influence on their organism. With such level of radiation, firefighters had common ammunition, which couldn’t save them at all. They did something like extreme sport but it’s better to know places and features of it: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-extreme-sports-and-places-where-to-practice-them.

Later when first firefighters began to feel symptoms of radiation sickness they were sent to the hospital. Level of radiation phone was extremely high and to make it lower hospital workers took all clothes of firefighters and brought it to basement of the hospital. Even now, some people who travel to Pripyat go to this hospital downstairs and barometer goes off-scale. Imagine: those clothes were there for years and while doctors tried to treat firefighters and all people injured because of accident, a lot of clothes just laid in the basin and continued to irradiate all who were in the hospital. This is only one case, which shows all levity of government, which weren’t ready for such accidents at all.

Thousand people were sick but they didn’t know what happened and government kept silence, because they were afraid of reaction of other world on such disaster. And people believed government because its impact at those time was as impact of social websites nowadays: we are ready to believe everything. But that was only first stage…

3. What about population and their safety?

People received first message only after 36 hours accident had happened. They didn’t receive anything understandable: just information that they will be evacuated. However, no information always gives base for panic. When buses were standing near houses and people took just some documents all those was very strange. Moreover, everybody was examined by barometer. If person had too high level of radiation he couldn’t go out of the city. But just imagine the fact that during almost two days people walk through the streets, and received radiation without even knowing that. Sometimes knowledge of ways to identify a lie can really help, so feel free to get acquainted with them.

There are a lot of movies which illustrate life of people exactly in the night of accident and next few days. You should watch them. The brightest of them are “Chernobyl Heart” and “The Russian Woodpecker”. All movies based on true stories and worth - watching.

After people were evacuated, some of them still lived in Pripyat and Chernobyl as well as in villages near the cities. Some of evacuated people then returned to their homes. Nowadays Pripyat has about 500 citizens. These people passed test and won their lives. What about you? Do you have some tests you need to pass? We can help you with any test in any subject. Just ask us.

4. Exclusion Zone

Because of accident cities near station became unsuitable for living. Moreover it is dangerous to go there because of radiation level. So that’s why Exclusion Zone was created: fenced and controlled area in the radius of 30 kilometers around the station.

Nowadays all what we know about Chernobyl is somehow connected with this zone. It’s like absolutely different world where trees have brown leafs because of radiation, where some anomalous zones exist, mystery of which is not completely solved. Forests are full of animals and even some rare ones. Feel free to read about our service and get some help.

But the most magnificent thing in all this is that all buildings, parks and squares still on their places. Huge trees and a lot of plants covered streets, and houses stand among forest. That is how Chernobyl Zone looks like now. Some areas are not dangerous and even excursions are made. Maybe for some people tour to the city will be like one of amazing Christmas gifts so think about it.

To sum up we can say that Chernobyl disaster is thing, which still can’t be completely explained, as well as we can’t say why many people go there and what they want to find. Without doubts, there is something in atmosphere of empty city with many things forgotten in flats. It is quite scaring to enter one of the schools and find toys and exercise books there. Or for example, enter one of the flats and see that all clothes lay on their places but nobody will wear them anymore. Chernobyl disaster shows us all believes of people, which were ruined during one night. It’s accident, which broke many lives and fates and is still interesting and frightening place.

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