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The Death Penalty: Need Or Crime Against Humanity?


Many years ago there was almost no laws and people decided who is right and who is not through different challenges. Have some problems and study cause problems? Visit us to take our online classes and avoid problems with subjects. Later there was popular way to solve problems through the duel. If person thought that he was right he just could induce his abuser and made him answer for all bad things.

Later, with appearance of laws, appeared also some ways of punishment. One of them was just prison while other – hangman or decapitation, which were quite cruel although quite popular, especially in times of strength of such countries as England, Spain, France and their common enemy - pirates. For those times it was usual to see some pirates suspended in sea ports. Such punishment was also used by some kings and nobles to intimidate peasants and all unruly. Look at portrait of typical American to see how their temper and style of live have changed.

Of course since those times everything was changed. Or maybe didn’t? Today we will find it out while examining some general questions as states where death penalty still exists, what is death penalty itself, some cases when it was a real shock and broke lives of people and finally different approaches to this kind of punishment. For some people in modern world the worst punishment is life without social websites. How all started with death penalty? Let’s look at it.

1. What is death penalty? Brief history

Death penalty is law which accepted by government and is used by it as well as by different military organizations during war. For example well-known shooting down was widely used during First and Second World Wars. Not only enemies were exposed to this but as well some soldiers and officers who deserted or behaved in unsuitable way. Read about how to behave “inappropriate” during your job and ways to spend lunch break.

It may sounds strange but law about death punishment goes back to ancient times, where such thing as vendetta was more than common. If somebody killed he could be killed then as well. So since those time not a lot of things have changed as we can see. Instead of common person executor of death punishment is government and of course the process of judgement is more disciplined and civilized. You can read some facts about Lucy the Australopithecus to understand better those ancient times and compare them with our modern reality.

2. Where Death penalty is still used?

Although nowadays death penalty is illegal in many countries, in some of them it is used sometimes but in extraordinary cases. The only country where it is very widely and often used is China. You may choose your ideal fictional world and get acquainted with its cruel parts or vice versa enjoy it.

Talking about execution of this punishment countries should be divided into some groups:

1. Those where death punishment if fully declined and don’t used

2. Countries where it is used as condemnation only in some cases (mainly during war time towards military by court-martial). Such actions can be found in books and novels. For example Ernest Hemingway novel contains some scenes and description of shooting-down of officers and sometimes enemy forces. You may get to know who is Ernest Hemingway.

3. Countries where punishment exists but doesn’t used de facto. In some countries death penalty verdict may be proclaimed but then changed into other way of punishment such as life imprisonment.

4. Finally the fourth category is a group of countries where death penalty is still used.

One may think that this way of punishment is used mostly in so-called Third World countries, but it is not so. Such well-developed countries as USA, China and Japan, for example still have some cases when death punishment is applied. You may look at states of USA where punishment is used. As we may see it is mostly used than unused and is still exists in many states. However some steps are made for last years and some states gradually refuse from such practice.

Tendency of decreasing amount of countries with death penalty took place after the Second World War when some laws were accepted. The most important of them is law that proclaims to every person right for life and nobody couldn’t encroach on it. However such civilized and democratic countries as France or Spain, for example, declined this penalty only in 1980s. However some presidents nowadays say that they probably will use death penalty. Read more about it here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/us-election-2016-what-to-expect

Now, it’s time for you to take a short break. Use it with profit.

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Now we ready to continue and next step is to look at some outstanding cases of death penalty.

3. Shocking cases of death penalty

Sometimes just in definite extraordinary cases death penalty may be justified. However it’s quite controversial statement. The biggest problem is to prove that person is guilty. Can you imagine such failure when person was sentenced to death and then it would appear that this person was not guilty at all. Of course before such serious verdicts long judicial investigation takes place, however such variant is still possible. Imagine what scandal it may cause and what hell on Earth it will be. Same things can be found in modern thriller called “Inferno”.

1. Leo Max Frank’s case

This case is a bright example when death penalty broke life of person. Leo Max was accused in rape and killing 13years old girl. Although the case outraged citizens evidences were quite doubtful and unclear. Firstly man was sentenced to death, then was pardoned by governor. However finally group of people stole him and jerked him up. Extreme is sometimes good and you can know this reading about places to practice extreme sports. However extreme and adrenalin in case of death penalty is not worth feeling and better to avoid it.

Interesting, but, similar plot can be found in movie called “The Green Mile”, where guy was imprisoned for killing two girls. There also was no clear prove of his guilty, however he was put on electric chair in the end. The movie is very touching and worth-seeing. You may read more about it.

It happened in 1910s when, by the way new kind of the introduction of a sentence was applied: electric chair which displaced hanging very fast.

2. First person who was executed with usage of electric chair

William Kemmler, who was imprisoned for killing his wife, was the first person whom government would execute with usage of electric chair. Question of humanity of such execution is doubtful nowadays. Another policy which is also very doubtful is called Austerity. You can get acquainted with it: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/things-you-should-know-about-austerity

That was the first attempt of such kind of execution. That’s why something was wrong and all officers who executed a sentence worried more than murderer. First current strike didn’t kill William and he was still alive. That was a real shock, but second strike did the execution. All people in the room were shocked because the action looked very cruel, harsh and brutally. Current didn’t kill William as it was planned, in fact he was just fried…

This first case is still known as the most awful and horrible execution in history. Read another article if you want to digress. We recommend to know another history: history of Chicago cubs club.

4. For and against death penalty

In modern world question of death penalty is very controversial and many politics from different countries are involved into it as well as common people.

There can be distinguished some for and against statements.

Why use it?

- Level of crimes

It is really true that in some countries as in China for example, where death punishment is widely used for such crimes as theft, there very few crimes made. Instead of steal something people try to find job with better effort. You can find job of your dream and it’s more than real.

- level of life

It doesn’t always work however as there are no crimes and people afraid of doing them because of death penalty, life level may increase, because no harm to economy is made by terrorists and so one.

However against statements are in bigger amount and it can be understood. Let’s look at them now:

- cruel and harsh.

In modern world where it is a lot of violence, death penalty is not a good way of punishment. Using it government gives example to common people and it can be reflected then.

- mistakes of judges

As we mentioned above everybody can be wrong. In case with death penalty even admitting of mistake will not give life to person who was killed by such punishment. So this means person who is not guilty may be killed because of judges’ mistake. Don’t afraid of mistakes? Ask us for help with exam and be free from worries and preparing.

- return to ancient times

We can say that such executions are not for civilized society and doesn’t raise love and patience. It leads to absolutely different things. People begin to enjoy watching executions and that means they became not only cruel but just like animals who can watch killings or do them just for fun. It is without doubt, leads to growing of ignorance among population. Do you want to know more about classes online? Our service, online class mentor has many offers for you.

So, to sum up it can be said that death penalty shouldn’t be a wide method of punishment, because it is not inhumanely. From the other point of view, if murderer took life of somebody, why couldn’t government take his life? It has some logic of course. These and many other things make this question very complicated one so it’s still up to you to decide what part you approve in this argue.

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