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Top VR Trends You Probably Don't Know


Modern technologies allow us to go to absolutely incredible worlds. We can become captains of the ships or handle airplane. If you have troubles at school or university visit online classes to get courses. There are many gamers nowadays – some of them play games as professionals other just as amateurs. Of course, there are also many people who play them just for fun during free time. Games create another reality, alike to real world. Sometimes it may cause problem, but today we won’t talk about it.

There is an invention that is even better in imitating virtual reality than simple computer game. Virtual reality is method that is used in different spheres of life especially in computer games. It is modern device and not everybody knows about it. So, today we will fix it and open absolutely new world for you. Of course, firstly, we should know what is VR at all and some facts about it and then we will go to modern trends and developments in this area. VR is great and even than pancakes; however you should know what is a pancake day and be wise. And now we start our acquaintance with this invention.

1. What is VR at all?

As we have already said, virtual reality is a world created with the help of machines (computers). This world can be similar with real one or absolutely different. It has some objects that behave as those in real world as well as there are some mythic things, which can’t be found in our reality. Person can do some things as fly or control some unusual things, which is impossible in the real world. Moreover, some objects of this virtual reality can influence person. Alike computer games virtual reality devices influence all five organs of perception, so person really feels as in another world. Sometimes even in real world we may meet places as Chernobyl, which looks like abandoned desert so some real things may also seem unreal.

2. How person can be put in this world?

There exist some ways, however the most usual is special glasses of virtual reality. They create image in front of person’s eyes so he sees another things than happen in real world. Feel free to read about some another alternative reality created by Dan Brown: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/9-circles-of-dan-browns-inferno.

Another way is with the help of special screen and sensors. They track eye position and according to it reflect definite images. Two or more screens make this image look as 3D.

There are some other ways, however these two are the most popular. Of course, it works more complicated than it was described, but these details are too complicated.

Sound is released with the help of multichannel speaker system. What about touching it is imitated with the help of so-called feedback devices. If you want to find helper with good feedback, read about online class mentor – we always ready to help you with subjects.

3. Where is this device used?

Virtual reality is used widely in computer industry, of course. Player becomes the main character of virtual reality and in this way, he participates in game process. Such things as computer wheel and pedals or gun instead of computer mouse are devices, which are used for VR.

Another sphere is such professions as pilot, driver or even rescuer. It allows people to train hard and then will prevent danger for them at job in real life.

There also exists a world of virtual reality, which unites people from all over the world. It is like social network but more real. Feel free to read about this net called “Second Life”.

Now we know about VR and even where it is used. So it’s time to know some trends and new things connected with this technology.

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4. What’s new in VR world?

First of all, it should be mentioned that VR is absolutely new thing and it is as developed now as film industry was a century ago – it means not really well. The main problem is that not many people buy these devices so as a result not many sources are able for next development. Only about 3 million of VR glasses are expected to be sold next year, so it is not quite big number.

Another problem is that VR business is quite expensive and extraordinary, so it’s not easy to find a lot of investors. Maybe in some years this problem will be solved but now it exists. Feel free to read also about top natural disasters and problems they caused for population.

Location based VR as successful invention

So as we can see situation is not easy, but there is a decision to improve VR’s chances. The method called “Location Based VRwill use different locations for people be it a park or party. So it will create this location for person and imitate his presence there. You can look at example of this technology and how VR was used in Game of Thrones. If this project will be successful, people will buy more and more VR glasses and they will become more and more popular. Because as for now, its perspective is quite unclear.

However, we can see many usages of VR in games and movies and although they are not used for the whole film or game, it can really give chance for VR to become more popular in some years. For example, you can read about game called “Fallout 4”, which is made with the help of VR. So, it is like you are the main character and some actions happen around you. It’s like you came inside the game and now you are a part of it. Have problems with exams? Become a part of our service and receive professional help with exams.

Great level of becoming a part of that reality can be also seen in game “Paranormal Activity”, where you can go through the house, find different objects and moreover, you can open those doors and have a flashlight in your hand, which works and which you can use. All these things create great atmosphere and makes the horror game really scaring.

Another challenge connected with people who write stories for VR: content creators. Content can be not good enough so people won’t be satisfied and won’t buy VR glasses. However, it can be really great as in previously mentioned games and it makes you forget about the thing that it’s just a game: you will jump because of some scaring touches or you will scream because of strange sounds. Feel free to watch some other kind of scaring things and get acquainted with war disasters in movies.

Although VR is mainly used by adults there are some thought about making them suitable for children too. However, this question is quite doubtful. The biggest reason against is that VR can influence child’s psychic and not in a good way of course. Another thing is that glasses are not good for children: they have bigger head shape so only adults can wear them. But, from the other hand,

VR glasses in future may be used by the whole family for some educational purposes.

For example, VR in connection with Google Earth can be extremely great. Just imagine: you can go to many different part of the Earth without paying money and in fact, you still will be in your house. Or maybe one day VR will imitate house as you want it to be and you will be able to have some popular unusual pets like crocodile at home, without any harm and danger. Or maybe you will be able to see Sherlock Holmes in real time. Feel free to read more about this awesome detective: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/sherlock-series-vs-book.

So, as we can see VR is a modern trend and although it is not developed well yet, it is, probably, future of game industry and film industry. Even now, VR allows people to do some unusual things, so who know what it will make in future? Maybe people will live in two worlds simultaneously and maybe this VR will help somehow to solve different problems. Nobody knows whether this invention is good or bad, but maybe, it just needs time to convince us in its utility?

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