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Top 15 Music Bands That Can Touch Your Heart


Good music is like the best and free medicine from all diseases. When you are sad just listen to good music. It will help you to raise mood or at least you can listen to something, which indicates your sorrow. Music is the best way for it. We won’t teach you how to play music but can teach you every subject, all you need is to pay someone to take expert online class.

Many musicians, for example express their thoughts and mood through compositions. However, the fact remains fact: music can give people many feelings they want. No matter what genre of music it is, every person looks for something he feels luck of. Unfortunately, nowadays there is a lot of absolutely unusable music of low quality. We are talking not about quality of audio as mp3 or loss less. We are talking about sense in texts and melodic music. Sometimes texts are silly as well as music is very simple and cause only disgust and irritation. But at the same time we are lucky to have some bands which combine absolutely different instruments. If you want to play some instrument but don’t know what to choose examine top musical instruments and decide then.

Of course, it is hard sometimes to find good music bands but it is also hard to choose 15 best from great amount of them. In this article you will find generally rock bands just some pop ones and of course some folk music. All they are absolutely different and unique, that’s why it’s hard to know whether you will like only one of the list or the whole list. It all depends on your tastes, styles of music you prefer and many other factors. It’s the same thing as with sport: one may adore one sport while other will like only unusual kinds of sport. You may read about top extreme sports and maybe choose something. This list below does not mean in any way that other music bands are not worth listening. We just want to show you that world of music is great and extremely wide.

List of the greatest music bands, you should listen to:

1. Bryan Adams

This musician from Canada plays the guitar and has awesome voice. Sometimes he plays with band sometimes alone. Tastes are different of course but when Bryan sings alone just he, his guitar and great voice it is worth seeing and listening. Without doubts, you will as well feel something. Because you won’t miss this feeling when the whole stadium sings with Adams and lighters are shine in the darkness. You should read more at least about his great concert at Wembley. Songs are full of magic and love and are very calm. If you want to relax just listen to some great and romantic music this is what you need.

2. Twenty One Pilots

Only two people and it is the whole band from the USA. But sound and songs they make are above all praises. You should definitely listen to their sound: only drums and guitar or ukulele in some songs and simple but interesting text everybody will understand. We may say more about them but it is better to hear especially if we are talking about music. However, you may find some extra information about band here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/twenty-one-pilots-why-so-popular.

3. Nightwish

This band is from Finland but their texts are mostly written in English so everybody will understand them. Although musicians play in quite unusual style that is not very common, (symphonic hard rock or somebody determine it as metal rock) and not everybody like this genre, band is very popular. It is great example how to combine some styles and receive something unique. First of all Nightwish has great music which has its atmosphere. But the most important thing is voice: band had changed two singers but every of them had absolutely great ideal voice and symphonic manner of singing. If you like mixture of folk and hard music plus great voice and sound when the whole band is really united, this band is what you need. Don’t be afraid of their genre because they have many ballads as well as some hard rock songs. Maybe concerts of this band will become your perfect fictional world.

4. Michael Jackson

Title of our article contains words music band. Well, although Michael Jackson is famous for his solo performances even in them it seems like he can replace the whole music band and sound even better than trio or many musicians. This person shows not only great talent in music and dancing but also how music can help to overcome hard moments in life, as Michael had quiet bad childhood and maybe that’s why he had some problems in further life and maybe childhood influenced his style and manner and he tried to run from himself during the whole life. Anyway, we have absolutely unusual style of music and way of introducing it to listeners.

5. Nickelback

This music band is from Canada. They have something similar to Bryan Adams as they perform songs mainly with use of acoustic guitar in the leading role. However, voice is absolutely different and is like nothing else on Earth. It is quite low and pleasant and at the same time with some shade of hoarseness. You may read more and listen to this band, especially pay attention to their acoustic songs. Feel free to listen to at least top ten songs of this band.

6. Robert Johnson

This singer also had mostly lonely performances. He looks quite strange among bands mentioned below. At least because he lived in another epoch: times of blues. He is one of the best bluesmen in the world and nowadays many musicians respect him and play his songs in his honor. If you adore such genre of music as blues, this one is the best and brightest examples of it. You will hear blues in all its beauty without any unnecessary decoration: just true music from black bluesman. As it is known exactly these people are the greatest in playing blues. This music will be a test for you to understand if you like blues at all. If you have other test but in school of university and need help, feel free to ask us to pass your test - be sure, we will do it with great effort.

7. RHCP (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

The best funk rock band from the USA and unique one because as usual people know bass player from this band better than they know other members. If you want some energy this band will give it to you and more than enough. It is better to watch live concerts than listen to songs, because atmosphere is awesome. As Flea says, he always releases all his energy and gives it to audience. However, you will also feel it even through your headphones and screen.

8. One Republic

This American band also has awesome concerts and has some interesting instruments co-working as violin and piano. This guys are example of band which is known mostly for some songs. Their masterpiece “Apologize” played on piano at concerts had great success. Text of song is full of motivation and combines with magnificent music. Maybe that’s why this song became a real hit in the whole world and took first stages in many hit-parades.

Now we want you to pay attention to some other articles:

9. Steve'N'Seagulls

Comparatively new music band from Finland. It doesn’t write own songs and it’s not example of serious music. It’s example of how great famous songs can sound from different views. These guys play songs of such bands as Metallica, for example, but in folk style. They use quite interesting combination of instruments as banjo, accordion, vocal and something like drums. These guys have very interesting look as village band. Although all songs are covers on famous bands, they did something absolutely new.

10. Boyce Avenue

Music band from USA, which also plays famous songs. They are quite interesting to listen and have their own style. It is very pleasant kind of music that can be listened to for a long time. It is mostly played in acoustic way with the usage of acoustic guitars and Cajon and sometimes piano. So this band is another great example after previous band that many songs can be played in another style and from another point of view. These guys do it more than great. Do you want to know more about authors of the article and our company at all? You are welcome to know more about our online classes: we always have some offers and prices will be pleasant.

11. Pentatonix

This band is unusual because of instruments they use. Exactly, they use only voices but create something interesting. Their covers on such famous songs as Hallelujah, Radioactive made them very popular and each voice is unique but they combined in something absolutely interesting. The combination of them make this band outstanding and absolutely unlike other bands.

If you like this list we also offer you to read about great movies that are worth seeing: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/films-that-wont-leave-you-indifferent.

12. Queen

Of course, everybody knows Freddy. Not Freddy Krueger of course, but Freddy Mercury. We can say with sure that this singer made Queen famous as Paul McCartney made Beatles famous all over the world. Although this rock band was extremely popular in 1970s, nowadays many people still remember them and listen to them. However, this is an example of how importance of one member may kill the band. After Freddy’s death band in fact finished its existence. This band is like a gift for real music lovers. Choosing of good gifts may be hard sometimes, but we can tell you how to choose Christmas gift.

13. Scorpions

Another band, which in its genius voice representative stands on the same stage with Queen. Scorpions make music that is more melodic and it is full of romance. Singer of the band is great and his voice can’t be mixed up with anybody’s else one. Songs of the band will take you into absolutely another world, will make you think about global problems as why we live and how short our life is. Another interesting fact that not everybody knows is that Klaus Meine (vocalist of Scorpions) even sang together with Tarja Turunen (the best vocalist of Nightwish – band mentioned above). This duet was great and during listening to their performance you may feel tears into eyes – that is how touching it is.

14. Steve Vai

This musician always plays with other musicians, but it’s hard to say whether they are his band or not. That is because Steve Vai plays instrumental music on guitar. AS usual he always the leader in the band if it can be called so, because he often plays with different musicians. His music is opportunity for you to open another world music without words. Only guitar instead of it and of course drums and bass guitar. But Steve Vai creates absolutely unusual atmosphere with help of his guitar and expressive solos.

15. Eminem

This person also as usual can be seen alone when perform his compositions. But without help of some other people (at least Bit boxer) he won’t be so good and won’t became so famous. Of course in our list he may be like something exotic, because his style and genre differs from all bands and musicians mentioned above. However, rap performers whose songs are full of sense and hurt and feelings are very few. One of the best among them is Eminem. He combines his texts with some other songs and performs them with Rihanna for example. The best collaboration was with Linkin Park. This rap performer has texts full of sense and hard life: he achieved goals without any help by his own trying and through long struggle. That’s why he is in our list.

To sum up, you can see that although our list has mainly rock and blues artists, you should not limit yourself by one genre. Every of them can have something worth listening. So, don’t hesitate and don’t allow stereotypes influence you. If you like hard rock band no matter what people around say about this genre. Just listen to it and enjoy it. Because nobody can’t tell you what music you should listen to. Music is something that you should choose for you own and sometimes maybe unconsciously music choose people, but not people choose music

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