Top 15 Worth-Playing Musical Instruments


Before starting to play some music it is very important to choose appropriate instrument. The problem is how to do it? You can ask people who play some instruments, of course but what you will get? Those who play the guitar will tell you that guitar is the best musical instrument on the whole Earth. Those who sing will say that their voice is an instrument at it is very unique one. As you can see, you can’t rely on other musicians in your choice. Have a test or exam tomorrow and don’t understand it? Write us this: “take my online class for me as soon as possible” and we will help you with any kind of task.

The only thing you can do to choose musical instrument is follow some steps:

1. Listen to some music

Here we meant that during listening you should try to define what instruments you hear at all and which one you like more than others. There are some languages that demands a lot of time and are harder to learn: The same is with instruments.

2. Listen to definite instrument you think you like

This is very important and allows you to understand better the role and place of it in music. You can also see better all possibilities of definite instrument. For example bass guitar which is almost unnoticeable in music band can be used as solo instrument and as independent instrument at all.

Feel free to read more about choosing the instrument like in what age it is better to start, how to learn, etc.

3. Finally, the last step is buy the instrument

You can also ask your friend to give it to you for some time. It’s very important to have good instrument that will not discourage you from learning. So try it and don’t be afraid of changing sphere and musical instrument if feel that this one is not for you, it is dull and gives no enjoy.

Sometimes it happens that person wants to play instrument but know nothing about it and about all variety of it. That’s why we will look at 15 musical instruments from most popular to strange and unique ones. Some of them we will depict in details (most popular ones) others will be just briefly described. Feel free to ask us any question and to read more about class mentor service that helps students to be successful.

List of the most interesting, unusual and great instruments:

As we promised first instruments are the most well-known and popular.

1. Guitar

Here should be mentioned that guitars are very different. There are acoustic guitars and electric ones. To decided which one you need listen to them.

If you need natural, mild sound and play it wherever you go even while travelling acoustic guitar is what you need. Read some useful tips on hiking tour to know what to take with you.

If you are fan of such bands as Metallica, Slipknot or such outstanding people as Steve Vai, you need electric guitar. It has more possibilities to change sound and make different experiments with it. However, electric guitar is more costly for beginners, because with electric guitar you should also buy an amp.

However guitar is great instrument maybe even the most popular all around the world. But everything has pros and cons. We always think why to do this or that. Like why activate service called Netflix? What pros and cons will I get? The same is with guitar. The biggest plus is that you will enjoy playing it but cons are:

- At first your fingers will hurt

- Strings and equipment can be expensive

Now let’s pass to the next instrument

2. Voice

Another very popular thing we meet in music is voice. Although there are many doubts about whether it is instrument or not we can say that it may be very beautiful and can combine with different instruments as guitar. Voice is unique musical instrument because person has it for free and don’t have to buy it.

Of course you will have to learn how to sing in the right way and it needs effort. Read why modern education doesn't teach to avoid these problems during developing your voice.

Some cons can appear. They are as follows:

- Not everybody has pleasant voice. Of course everybody could be taught to sing but some people have better voices that during studying become better and better while other don’t have such gift.

- Very sensible instrument. Voice shows every emotion. So if you are very nervous and shy you will never sing well. At the same time singing can change temper and make it better. Shy people can become more self-assured.

You can read some advices and about how to become successful in singing.

3. Piano

This instrument sounds great and can replace a lot of other ones. You can play a lot of different songs using piano and can sing playing it. It is even possible to play vocal party using piano. Of course it will not be as good because sounds can’t replace words; however it is quite interesting way of playing.

Unfortunately as every instrument it has some cons and difficulties in learning:

- The ideal age to learn how to play is 4. When you are older it is much harder.

- You need to know notes. If you can avoid learning them playing the guitar with piano it is impossible.

- It takes a lot of space and very heavy. It may be a real problem to put piano into the flat if you live in small room and on 20th floor.

- It is also very expensive.

Sometimes it is possible to buy instrument for a low price. Read more about it:

4. Drums

This instrument is very popular among teenagers and a lot of people adore it. Of course good drummer can be very noticeable and the sound of good drums is good. Moreover they are base for every music band.

Sometimes drums can combined with just one instrument and sound great. To make sure listen to some twenty one pilots’ music and enjoy it!

What about cons? Of course there are some:

- You should have good sense of rhythm to play drums. If you don’t have it, it can take a lot of time to learn.

- The same problem as with piano: drums take too much place.

- Price. In general one part of drums costs as much as simple budget guitar. So you can understand how expensive the whole drum set is!

- Sticks. You have to buy them often especially at first because they may be broken very easily.

- Teachers. Sometimes it is hard to find teacher of this instrument, however they always have their own drums so you will be able to use them at least for the time of lesson.

Nowadays there are a lot of inventions appeared and not only for music. Read about best Kickstarter projects and find many interesting things there.

5. Saxophone

Sound of this instrument is excellent and touching. We can see a lot of musicians playing it in orchestras. What about solo? Some people nowadays use this instrument to replace vocal. It sounds very interesting and good. The instrument is great because can be used in different styles of music, but the best ones are of course jazz, blues and some calm, slow music like pop-rock. Sometimes mobile applications can help you in music and in life. Look at top mobile apps, you will definitely find something useful.

What difficulties can appear?

- Breath. You have to make many exercises to make lungs strong and to increase their volume. Without good lungs and good control of air attack, you won’t play this instrument good.

- Price. As saxophone usually made of different types of metals its price is very high. At least good instruments cost great amount of money.

- Finally you should combine control of breath with excellent knowing of notes because every mistake will be heard clearly.

Music is beautiful and gives a lot of pleasure, but why not to take a short break?

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Now let’s briefly take a look at some other instruments.

6. Harmonica

This instrument is small so you can take it anywhere. It can be placed even in pocket. It is quite easy to learn some basic skills. Harp can be good both for playing with guitar or other instrument or just play some melodies without other instruments.

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7. Ukulele

This is something like a guitar but has smaller size and four strings. Anyway it sounds fun and easier to play than guitar. You still will be able to play different songs using this instrument. In combination with acoustic guitar it sounds extremely beautiful. These two instruments complement each other.

Some people say that this instrument is simple but try it at first and then make some conclusions. Spanglish as new language also causes a lot of doubts but it still exists.

8. Trumpet

Although many people think that it can be used only in army where it was greatly spread some centuries ago, trumpet is interesting instrument and has unique sound. Some people may mix it with saxophone sound however it is not so. Trumpet is hard to play because demands even more control of breath then saxophone.

However, some people as top wealthiest football players are not afraid of difficulties. So why should musicians afraid of them?

9. Harp

It has many strings and that is scaring for beginners. However it sound interesting and can be played as solo instrument. Anyway, you can always play it if you have no musician mates near. Instrument has enough possibilities for it.

10. Bass guitar

There are many jokes about bass players but they are not always true. Bass guitar is not similar with guitar as many people think. It has different role in music band and sounds in another way. It has lower and denser sound. Some techniques which guitar players use as tapping for example can be used while playing the bass guitar. As well as instrument has some unique techniques as slap, for example.

You can find many different guides about this instrument and different techniques as easy as Rubik’s cube short guide.

11. Hang

It is very unusual instrument that also has interesting shape. It looks like an UFO and produce pleasant but very unusual sounds. You can listen to it in the Internet.

This instrument is quite new and is rare. That’s why price is high and see somebody play it is like seeing a Santa Clause. By the way, feel free to check popular Christmas destinations. Maybe in some years instrument will be more popular and will be produced in different countries and in bigger amount.

12. Cello

This musical instrument is quite popular among orchestras and classical music. Although it has just 4 strings it can be used in many songs and styles. Bow can be used as well as fingers and it makes process of playing more flexible and wider. Sound is pleasant and calming. The only minus is that instrument is as hard to learn as violin because doesn’t have frets.

13. Violin

Has similar shape with cello but produce higher sounds and smaller in size. Techniques of playing Cello and viola have something in common: you can play with bow or pinch the strings with fingers. Sound will be absolutely different.

14. Contrabass

Contrabass is huge instrument and grandfather of bass guitar. It is still used by jazz bands and in classical music. It was mostly replaced by bass guitar because was very heavy, big and at the same time fragile. Pressing the strings of contrabass is as hard as bend rails! However sound of contrabass is unique and differs from that of bass guitar.

15. Bagpipe

This instrument is widely spread in Britain. Instrument looks very strange: like a bag with some pipes. It can be understood even from name. The sound is also very unusual and not everybody can stand it. It sounds like violin that wasn’t tuned. However sometimes this instrument can be combined with others and that combination will sound okay. You can hear this instrument in some songs of Nightwish, for example.

Hope you liked this essay and now know some information about different instruments. Remember that it’s never too late to learn how to play. Choose one you like and don’t hesitate: just learn and practice as much as possible. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and always feel free to watch some lessons in the Internet or maybe ask experienced teacher for a help. Music is great and make music is the best thing humanity can do.

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