Top 13 Natural Disasters In The World


Let’s look at people’s path and some important stages of development. Firstly, they lived in caves and coexisted with nature. Want to get some information? Take reliable online classes, which will help you with different subjects at school or university. So, at first people hunted animals just because of needs. They eat them and made some clothes of their fur. Then, people began to invent something.

Such things as plow and axes allowed people to change nature somehow: meadows transformed into fields and forests- into sawmills and then into deserts. As earlier, all these methods were not very developed harm to nature was smaller. However nowadays technologies are extremely great. It means comfort for people of course: we don’t have to live in caves now and hunt animals with a spear. We don’t have to use axes in order to gather some wood material. Many of these and other processes were modernized and automatized. You can see how modern sawmill looks nowadays.

Without doubts, harm to nature nowadays is huge and one day people will have to choose between comfort and end of the everything on Earth. However, you can read information about Tesla Motors Company and see that compromise can be found between nature and people. It won’t even harm nature as well as people’s comfort will be also untouchable.

People think that they are kings of the whole world and the strongest inhabitants. However, nature, which we made so much harm, sometimes shows us who is the real host and who is just a guest. Our list below will demonstrate nature in all its glory. We are talking about disasters, which put people on their places and show them that nature should be their friend not enemy.

The most glorious nature shows:

So we start our list and here you will find a lot of disasters such as tsunamis, volcanic eruption and of course earthquakes.

1. Earthquake in Japan

This dangerous and the biggest disaster happened in 2011. Talking about Japan, we can say that it is situated in very seismologically active zone, so earthquakes are common for Japanese. But that one was a real shock. It is sometimes called Great East Japanese Earthquake. Its strength was evaluated to 9.0 points of 12 possible. So you can imagine how destructive it was. Moreover, center of this disaster was in the sea, so water weakened its strength, in other way it could be more powerful. Read about how to spend lunch break in order to be as powerful and full of energy as earthquake.

This earthquake was admitted to be 5th in the whole world by its strength. More than fifteen thousand people were killed by this disaster, many others were cut from civilized world for days. In one of the cities about 2000 houses were ruined some trains went off the road and one wasn’t found at all.

2. Tsunami “brother” of Great East Japanese Earthquake

The good thing in earthquake in the ocean is that water weakens its strength, but bad thing is that huge waves appear which go precipitously towards earth and cities. So, as result of earthquake mentioned above huge tsunami appeared and it was as glorious as reason that caused it. The main danger appeared in Japan and it northern isles, while in other countries, which situated near Pacific Ocean waves were only of 2 meters height.

This tsunami needed about twenty minutes to get to isles of Japan and in the most dangerous cases height of waves was about forty meters. Just imagine: they swiped all cars and even planes, ruined buildings and of course, nobody and nothing there at that time couldn’t be saved.

3. Earthquake in India

It happened in 1950 not exactly in India but near Tibet and Rome. Devices showed 8.7 points but there is a version that earthquake was so huge that devices couldn’t show its real strength. Sometimes people in different countries where earthquakes are often, use help of animals, which can feel this disaster. So, no matter if you will choose sensible dog or wise cat it will show you by behavior that earthquake will happen soon.

In general, length of this earthquake was about 800 kilometers. Not many information can be known as people were shocked and just tried to save their lives. Everything was complicated by huge water flows, which occurred because rivers just overflowed. This earthquake is one of the biggest in the history.

4. Earthquake in Indian Ocean

Although earthquake happened in the ocean, its results in form of tsunami created many problems for people. Earthquake has amplitude of about 9.3 points. Tsunami caused by it is still one of the biggest in the world. Huge waves overcame distance in more than 6 thousand kilometers and achieved India, Indonesia Thailand and other countries. Height of waves was more than 15 meters. Amount of people who were killed is hard to determine because great amount of them was taken by waves into the ocean. However, statistic shows that it is about 250 thousand people. So we can make a conclusion that although many people like seas and oceans with their beaches they can be extremely dangerous and sometimes it may be better to visit other places as Disneyland for example. You can read more about this attraction:

Similar disaster if talking about its harm was also seen in 1960 and it is next in our list.

5. Great Chilean Earthquake

It happened in 1960 and by its glory can be is comparable to previous one in our list. It happened in Chilly and waves of tsunami caused by it were about 10 meters height. More than 5 thousand people were killed and more than 100,000 lost their homes. About 20% of potential of industry in Chilly was destroyed.

Most people were killed exactly because of tsunami not of earthquake and it shows sometimes that one of these two parts of disaster can be sometimes more powerful and it shouldn’t been underestimated.

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6. Earthquake in Sichuan

It is also called Sichuan Earthquake because center of it was in city of the same name. It had amplitude of about 7 points but information differs. This earthquake was felt by citizens of Shang Hai, which is at about 1,700 kilometers distance from epicenter. So you can imagine how strong it was.

Another problem was in that China as usual densely populated and has a lot of skyscrapers, that means effects were very bad: about 69 thousand people were killed and many buildings were highly damaged and ruined. See how some people can live in harsh conditions and overcome disaster in different TV shows, some of which you may find here:

7. Flood on the Yellow River

China seems to be country of natural disasters and it’s really so. This point is also connected with China. River mentioned in the title is known for floods. However if in 1887 it was natural disaster, in 1938 it was a great example of how people can be harmful for nature.

Second one happened during war between China and Japan. Dams, which stood on the river, were ruined on order to stop Japanese troops. As result of this action, thousands square kilometers of land were under water and dams were reconstructed only later and only by 1947 river returned to its place as it was in 1938.

This case shows how people use nature sources and then how they make harm to it just because of their own interests.

Our essay is about thirteen disasters but this number is very unlucky in many countries. That’s why just seven point are full, as this number is unlike thirteen is lucky. Next disaster will be just briefly taken to attention.

8. Flood in China

As we mentioned, China is like a collection of biggest disasters. Floods are not exclusion. One of the biggest floods happened in China in 1931. Some rivers became overflowed simultaneously and as a result big cities and capital of country appeared under water. Number of victims differs from 2000,000 to four million

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9. Flood in India

This one happened in North of India. Because of long season of rains place where rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra united were overflowed. As a result even areas, which had never been under the water before appeared under it. More than 10 thousand square kilometers appeared under the water. About 500,000 people were killed in this disaster. Does your test looks like disaster for you? We will help you to solve test in many subjects and save you from disaster.

10. Great Mississippi Flood

Because of this flood 10 states appeared under water in the USA. As you may guess because of heavy rains river began to expand. Later in order to save New Orleans – important city, some dams were blown up. But as a result other territories appeared under the water. In definite times river’s wide was about one hundred kilometers. This flood left more than 700 thousand people without their homes.

11. Hurricane Katrina

It happened in 2005. It was the most destructive hurricane in history. As a result, about two thousand people were killed. Fortunately, government did their best to save population: many people were evacuated and others who couldn’t found shelter at the stadium “Mercedes-Benz Superdome”.

12. The Armero tragedy

This point is example of how nature can destroy the whole city in some minutes. Volcano “Nevado del Ruiz” which thought to be extinct, suddenly woke up. Result of this awakening was emission of hot rocks and they were mixed with ice and then as huge streams of mixed water, mud and wrecks destroyed everything on their way. That is how Armero city was destroyed in ten minutes and almost all citizens were killed

It shows how dangerous jokes with nature may be and that it’s better not to believe such natural creatures as volcanos. 

13. Pinatubo volcano

This volcano was also thought to be extinct as it wasn’t active for almost 6 centuries. Imagine what disaster it was, when volcano appeared to be active. This eruption was one of the biggest in the world and was evaluated in 6 points. Fortunately as first signs of danger was observed, people were taken to safe places. That’s why amount of victims was small although such results of eruption as clouds of ash were seen brightly. In many areas day changed into night as clouds covered the great area of sky.

So, as you can see nature can be glorious and very cruel. Some people think that all these disasters are signs for humanity that they forget their place in the world. It may be a right thought but the other absolutely right one is that people should be more patient and friendly towards nature, because many disasters, which are happened nowadays, are result of human’s activity.

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