Top 10 Television Series Of All Time


Earlier, when movies just began to appear work on them took a lot of time and energy. First black and white films perceived as a miracle. Need help and don’t believe in miracles? Search where to take classes online? Now you know it and can read the article without any stress and enjoy it. Although first movies were silent people liked them and every movie was a real masterpiece. With development of this industry humanity saw films in color with sound and later, even with good effects.

Unfortunately nowadays many movies are not worth seeing and as usual viewers regret about time they have spent. What to say about TV series, where you will spend even more time for watching. Some people don’t watch series at all because they include many series as usual and that means you need more time for them. Some people in contrast, watch only series and they are like TV series

 geeks. You can read more about geeks vs nerds comparison. However there is one thing that makes series better than films. Once you have found good series you can watch it for a long time while good film lasts for not more than two hours.

Of course, if your favorite TV series was closed because of problem with budget or policy of company that produced it, you may be disappointed. You can also be in such mood if you get to know that next series will be released only in a year. But we cared about it and made list of TV series most of which were finished, so you won’t have to wait. There is a though that typical American spends a lot of time in front of TV. Do you think it’s true? Check article about image of typical American to know more. It’s quite hard to read huge list of 10 movies. That’s why we divided it into two parts. First fifth of movies are good but not the best. Another five ones are the best and will be described more detailed so that you will understand why exactly they were chosen to these places. Be ready to see some series that you have even never heard about.

First five movies which are good but something is wrong

10. “Brooklyn nine-nine”

This sitcom about police is quite popular and has a lot of pros. First of all it is quite good and have many jokes so you will laugh in every minute of every episode. Another plus is that every character has equal role and we can’t say that one of them is more important than another. This TV series is quite new and is still released. You will see police officers from exactly different side and it is amazing. Read about how to identify a lie and feel as a policeman.

Talking about cons we should say that sometimes situations in episodes are really silly and humor sometimes borders with ignorance. Episodes are quite short (about 20 minutes) and it can be also good or bad. It is good because you can enjoy for the whole time of the episode but sometimes you want it to be longer. Anyway Brooklyn is quite popular and you can watch it, or at least try. You may also read about musical instruments and what of them to play:

9. “Game Of Thrones”

Great TV series made by HBO studio – main competitor of Netflix. HBO is like another giant of series and movies. Anyway it is worth to add Netflix account with its own series and films. We think almost everybody have heard about “Game Of Thrones” – screen realization of books written by George Martin. Of course it is great, mysterious and unusual but it is on the 9th place. Why?

First of all, we think that book is more interesting and detailed than TV series. Secondly series has some contradictions with book. And third, a lot of really severe scenes make this TV series unbearable sometimes. So its popularity somehow gives this series such high rating. Maybe for somebody it’s the best TV series and it is not a problem because tastes are different. Another example when book is better than film adaptation is Inferno of Dan Brown.

8. “Vikings”

Like previous candidate in the list this series is about war and middle ages. It depicts epoch of Vikings – severe and warlike people. You may say that previous series in the list are better, however Vikings is about definite real epoch and depicts some actions which weren’t depicted before. So it is more unique.

Talking about cons we can mention that a lot of deaths and rough scenes can be seen in this series involving those showing women and men inequality and not everybody likes it. Read about global gender gap to see the position of women nowadays.

7. “The Walking Dead”

This point is for lovers of zombie apocalypse theme. This series is about group of people who left after unknown epidemic and have to fight with zombies and survive. It is worth-seeing because most movies and series on this topic are just funny and can’t be seen as serious. You may read more about this series. “The Walking Dead” depicts situation and atmosphere greatly and extremely detailed. However some cons are also can be found.

First and the biggest problem that many viewers claim is that series became too long. We mean that it seems like it will never end. From one point of view it is good and funs of series will always receive emotions from it. At the other hand producers and plot writers make it too dull and boring and the whole season may be places into one episode sometimes. Some people think that social websites can make people zombies. You can read more about it:

6. “Containment”

This TV series has something in common with previous one. However it is more interesting and quite unique. There are a lot of movies about zombies but very few about different diseases. This TV series depicts usual people and usual city which was divided into two parts. One of them is hospital where a cruel virus takes lives of people. There is no vaccine for it and no chance to stay alive if you are infected. Read about other serious disease connected with bad handwriting disability. Plot which seems simple in first series becomes more complicated by the end of the season. A lot of feelings are intermingled in this series. Love and death, loss of new friends and people whom you loved, emotions because many relatives were divided by boundary which defends containment zone.

The only minus in this series is that it has open end and nobody knows exactly if it will be continued or not. Also if you don’t like when main characters die, you should better not to watch it. In this case better get acquainted with facts about Tesla motors company.

Now it’s time to define top 5 series in our list and we bet that you may not even hear about some of them. But before we prepared something

List of topics which won’t live you indifferent:

We are happy to continue our list and here are the 5 best series in our list. Enjoy them. Every of them is worth-seeing.

5. “The Last Man On Earth”

Just imagine that world is empty. No people, no noise almost no animals. Just silence…and a lot of things left absolutely new and free. One man, the main character of the series use this and live as bright as possible. However sometimes he feels more than lonely. Fortunately sometime after he finds other people and they begin to live together. This series can be called apocalyptic however it is not of those movies which are full of blood, violence and guns. This one is full of humor good emotions and comfort. Comfort should be everywhere and you should know what to do during lunch break to make it more productive.

The main character is full of energy and ready to make a lot of feats, which sometimes turns into a real disasters. Some cons can be named of course, but we won’t do it because this series deserves to be just watched without any criticism. At least because it shows Apocalypse from absolutely Different side.

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4. “House M.D.”

TV series that was completely released and final season of which was finished in 2012. It is about talented doctor, who has very awful temper, however that doesn’t prevent him from saving lives every day. He is not interested in easy diseases he likes to behave like a detective and this method always helps him to find the right way and save patients. He doesn’t admit mistakes and sure that every person lies. However you can make mistakes and it’s okay. If you don’t want to fail important test, look at our course information and ask us for a help. Although four first seasons were the most successful and had great amount of viewers, next four are also worth seeing. Each season has in average 22 episodes, but it’s not the case when series is overextended: every episode is full of new emotions and interesting, unique thoughts of main character.

It is worth-seeing even if you don’t really good at all those medical terms and equipment, because it concentrates mostly on people and their relationships, on strange things and actions and finally on deductive methods and logic which can help to save lives. Look at Ernest Hemingway biography – he also saved people and was genius of his time.

3. “Sons of Anarchy”

They don’t admit rules, law for them is nothing, but at the same time they like their town and want it to be as it is. Their big family is above all and their bikes are their best friends. In this way main characters of this series can be described. You can look at bikers’ life in all details. Although these people always shown as drug dealers and always mixed up in some crimes, things are not as obvious and easy as may seem from the first sight.

The series shows club of bikers and difficult relations inside of it as well as attitude of bikers towards each other and other groups. At first it may seem not interesting however it just needs time to take you in that world, to live every moment with main characters and to struggle with them for rights and truth.

This series really shows how silly stereotypes about bikers are and how great and glorious they can be. It is shown using controversial situations and of course there will be two sides. What side will you take? It’s only you who can decide. Unfortunately good series about bikers are very few and this is one of the best, without any doubts.

2. “Black Sails”

This series shows us another cruel world but the world of pirates and sea. As previous series in our list, this one is the best in its genre. A lot of battles, great plot and actors, glorious and beautiful ships: all it makes series outstanding and bright. Now you can enjoy by 3 seasons and in February new one will begin to be released. If you like stories about pirates, their secrets and adventures, this series is exactly what you need. It has not only good effects but well-made plot which becomes more and more complicated with every episode.

Sometimes hero who wasn’t important at the beginning suddenly becomes one of the main figure for pirate world. And vice versa one who was seemed to be noble and full of good ideas can change his positions if at the beginning of series you adored him, by the end you will hate him.

This series is worth-seeing and bright example of sea adventure series where pirates are shown not as bad people but as people who fight for their rights and liberty and no matter how strange it sounds, you will respect them more than such nations as France and Spain.

1. “ALF”

Maybe not everybody even knows about this TV series which is at the top of our list. We should warn you at the first onset: you won’t find a lot of good effects in this series as well as puzzled plot. The secret of its success is not in these things.

We have a lot of movies about aliens, but this one is completely different. Although it was made in early 1970s producers and plot writers achieved the aim no one can achieve nowadays. They showed alien not as cruel, eating people creature, but as creature with good humor, unusual sense of care and absolutely cute. His name is Alf and he is from another planet. At first sight you may think that everything is quite trivially, however Alf will take in a good mood during the whole episode with his actions and jokes. This is extremely warm series which has great atmosphere of love, care and tolerance. It is unique and it is like separate world you will want to stay in.

To sum up we can say that a lot of series are produced nowadays and it is very hard to choose good one. But our list is for everybody because such series as “Alf” can be seen by everybody and by the whole family. Series help us to appear in magic world and stay in it longer than in films. The best thing in all this is that after first series you have second third and etc. So if you liked first one you have other ones to continue. Don’t even think about if you should watch them or not, choose one or two TV series and feel free to watch them and allow them to take you into their world.

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