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War Disasters Captured In Films


It is extremely sad but people can’t live in peace forever. Nobody can’t answer the question “Why people make war?”. Have problems with history or any subject? Consult online class mentor for students and we will help you. In civilized society, people should be able to solve problems in a peaceful way. Unfortunately, some countries still want to enlarge their territory and make it without any doubts, without thinking that they transgress law and break all rules of civilized world.

In history, we can find many examples of wars and of course, sometimes people had to struggle in order to protect their country, family and home. That’s why in every war there were many heroes. As a result, we have many movies that are made as a tribute to all heroes of wars, who protected their countries and families. As a tribute to those, who might be killed during the war. There are some movies that show all emotions and sufferings, which war brought to different people and today we want to share these movies with you. They all are very good and worth watching. We also recommend you to get acquainted with Ernest Hemingway Works because he also described battles and actions during war and reading about it can be even better than watching sometimes.

We start our list and we want to say that you will find movies where exactly war and life at the front is described as well as movies where life of certain people in rear. So, we start our list, hope you will enjoy it and will watch some movies:

1. “Schindler's List”

Second World War. Poland was occupied by German troops. Nobody knows why, but Germans hated Jewish people and as a result it was decided to gather them all in big cities and make ghettos- places where Jewish were settled forcibly so that German troops could control them. They were used also as workers who, however, didn’t receive any money. This is bright example that shows segregation problems and racism. Feel free to read more about it: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/segregation-and-racism-problems.

This movie shows us German entrepreneur Schindler, who went to one of the cities in Poland and created there factory for producing enamelware. With the help of different meetings and getting new friends among higher ranks, he succeeded and he hired Jewish person for handling the factory. Many Jewish people began to work there, because conditions are better than in Ghetto and this is a possibility to leave ghetto at least for some time.

However, all those was not as simple as seemed. Somewhere in one of the cabinets of the factory, Schindler was sitting in the chair writing something. This is a list of Jewish he tried to help and to leave Poland. In fact, he saved them from death as many of Jewish from ghettos were brought to special places - concentration camps.

This movie shows how good person in unusual place can save hundreds of people from death, as well as it shows all cruelty which certain nations felt during the war. This movie will make you think about many things and it won’t leave you indifferent. It should be also mentioned that director of the movie is famous Steven Spielberg, who is also Jewish, so be sure that he could feel every minute of the movie and made it in his best traditions and effort.

2. “The Siege Of Jadotville”

This is quite new movie that was released in 2016. Although it received mixed reviews, it should be mentioned. It shows us actions that were forgotten and passed over in silence. It depicts battle in one of republics of Africa that happened between UN troops and one of dictators in Congo.

It so happened that only 150 military were sent just to renew control of some areas that were important for USA. However suddenly they were met by troops of self-proclaimed republic Katanga, which didn’t want to decide problems in peaceful way. So 150 Ireland soldiers had to struggle against strong army, which had more soldiers.

The movie shows heroism and how often government can forget about its protectors if they are not convenient anymore. After squad returned home, it appeared that the operation where they lost brave soldiers wouldn’t be mentioned in history at all, because it was not convenient for the USA. So people should be wise and know more about election in America, which happened this year and about different actions of government in general.

Movie shows all difficulties of war and relations between common soldiers and government. Although critic reviews are contradictory, we recommend you to watch this movie.

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Let’s continue our list and talk about some more movies. We hope that at least one of two movies above was new for you so now, you have something good to watch. Maybe next movies will be also new and interesting for you.

3. “Full Metal Jacket”

Movie directed by Stanley Kubrick that shows war in Vietnam in all its ugliness. Feature of the movie is that is shows us all without any exaggeration and embellishment. It can be conditionally divided into two parts.

From the first part, we understand how desperate some commanders can be. It shows us trainings of recruits of infantry. Sergeant who had to school the squad didn’t stand any jokes and was extremely impolite towards recruits. He gave some nicknames and punished them for any misconduct. He had own style of teaching which was effective but had some consequences. Read more about problems of education: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/why-modern-education-doesnt-teach. Because of his methods, one of privates went crazy and killed sergeant and then killed himself. So we can see that this movie didn’t hide all possible problems and moments which might happen during military training.

Second part of the movie brings us to the front. One of privates became military journalist while others went to the front as infantry. Later he joined his comrades and they are sent to one of the city. Suddenly they lost their way and appeared under the fire of sniper. Many soldiers were killed until they finally found sniper and killed him. The movie shows real hell where squad appeared. It differs from that described in Inferno written by Dan Brown, it is even more scaring and has unusual atmosphere.

This movie is not like other ones. It shows war of course, but shows it without lie, full cruelty. This movie is not of those, where main heroes all rest alive and live happy after the war. This movie shows that war can take lives of people no matter who you are and what rank you have.

4. “Saving Private Ryan”

This is another story about Second World War. This is the second movie in our list that was directed by Steven Spielberg. It differs from all movies mentioned above, because it concentrates on another theme. It shows us struggle for one life of one person. In one family, which has five sons, four of them were killed at the front. Government decided to find last son and save him no matter how hard it would be. If you have test that is hard for you, ask us to help you with test.

One of experienced captains, Captain Miller received this task and with his squad, he went to the front in order to find Ryan. Situation was complicated by the fact that he was from air landing squad and most of them were landed in places different from previously planned ones. Finally, when squad of captain found Rayan it so happened that his squad needed help, because they controlled important place and bridge. That’s why it was decided that Miller and his squad would help Ryan’s squad. They made serious injuries to German troops, however because of battle, almost everybody was killed and only three people were alive with Rayan among them. So after all he returned home.

Movie raises different themes and there are many contradictory situations in it, it shows that even the best pc games about war can’t be in any way compared with actions of real wars. For example in one of the situations, Miller’s squad killed small German squad and one German who rested alive asked them for life. All in all Miller let him go and he explained it quite simply: he was a common person before war and didn’t want to kill anybody. Later, while protecting a bridge, Miller was killed by the German he released earlier. There was also different argues sometimes between soldiers. One of them asked, “Why should we die just for one private we don’t even know?”. Another problem raised in situation with German soldier as one part of the squad wanted to kill him while others supported Miller.

This movie shows us humanity at the war and what consequences it may have. Without doubts, this movie is great. It shows struggle for life and attempt of people to save somebody during the war.

Hope these movies were interesting for you. Before coming to the last one in our list feel free to read about our online classes, which may be helpful and useful for you?

5. “American Sniper”

This is a story about American sniper during war in Iraq. He was the best sniper during the war and his enemies were afraid of him. He was like a death for them. Always ready to make difficult decisions and choose right position, he was the best in his work.

However, movies show not only this, it depicts more: how hard it was for military to live without war in peace and how he waited for new military tasks. This movie is screen adaptation of memoires written by this sniper, so everything in movie is real and famous director Clint Eastwood made film as realistic and close to the real story as possible. So, don’t hesitate and watch it. You will be surprised with this movie and wouldn’t be upset by watching it.

Of course, there are many other great movies about war, one of them are quite famous as “Pearl Harbor” or “Unbroken”, but there are many other ones which are not so well-known and although we can’t describe all of them, we will mention some of them with short description:

6. “Max Manus” is a movie about Norwegian group of antifascist underground resist. Their greatest action was blowing some ships in German harbor. However, movie also depicts life of Max after war and his hard adaptation to peaceful life.

7. “Platoon” – film about usual private who came as a volunteer to one of the squad somewhere in Vietnam. Main problem of the movie is why good soldiers and people die at war while bad and ugly murderers finish it and become heroes.

8. “We Were Soldiers” movie with Mel Gibson in the leading role that depicts war in Vietnam and USA troops which had to struggle against superior enemy forces. This movie shows not only war but also emotions and feelings of wives of military, most of whom were killed during this military operation.

To sum up we can say, that all movies mentioned above are great and worth watching. They all have something in common but each of them depicts definite side of war. We wanted to show that history should be remembered and respect of people who protected our countries and us should be remembered forever. These people are heroes for not only their countries but for the whole world as they stopped war and no matter how strange it sounds, having won the war they brought peace. We should admit that unfortunately, not every country can solve problems without war, but when it begins, people who ready to protect country and struggle against aggressor are the most valuable and should be appreciated.

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