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30 Tips How To Avoid Getting Hacked


Our modern world is full of technologies, powerful computers and high-speed Internet. Everything seems fine and exciting. Unfortunately it is not so. As there is something good, there is always something, which contrasted to it. For example, talking about the students there is also good subject, which they know, and another one, which they don’t understand. However, you may just write us “take my online class” and have more time for classes you like.

What can be wrong with high-speed Internet, computers and tablets everywhere?” you may ask. Of course, they help us to share information as well as communicate with people. However, we should remember about hackers and different viruses. With the development of technologies, they developed too. Nowadays hackers have more possibilities as there are many people who use computers and phones and not all of them know how to protect their device. So we all know bilingualism as common phenomenon, however hackers’ attacks became even more common. That’s why we will share some information that may be useful for you so, you will always be safe and your smartphone or computer will always be okay. We start our list of helpful hints and tips. Hope it will help everybody.

1. Even if you have bad memory, you shouldn’t do this thing

It is not a secret that person may be registered in absolutely different social networks or at some other sites as important as bank services. However, the problem is that people think they can use one and the same password for all sites and services. You won’t forget it of course, however you become very vulnerable. If one of your accounts will be hacked, others will be hacked as well, because password is the same.

2. What password to use

As we decided, it is bad to use password for many sites and accounts. What about password itself? First of all, it shouldn’t be simple and typical as for example “12345…”. It sounds funny but many people use such passwords. Good password should contain both letters and numbers and sometimes it’s possible to use upper case, so use it. You may use your favorite phrases as a password so it will be easier to remember. Feel free to check how easy your password is.

3. How to store passwords?

Okay so if you can’t use one and the same password, you may forget one of them or be puzzled by their amount. The good way is to use password manager, or probably the best way is just write down your passwords somewhere in your personal notebook.

4. It is better to know by yourself that don’t know at all

Sometimes you may not even know that you were hacked. If you have any doubts, it is better to check this. Of course, it is better to know facts about Pancake Day than fact that you were hacked. But you should check it anyway. Why should you do it? Because if someone have hacked you, you must change password. Especially if you don’t follow point number one in our list. There are some services, which can help you to identify if you are still safe, or not. One of them is “have I been pwned”. Feel free to use it.

5. Update can be useful

Most of us know updating as very irritating process; however, it can be useful in protecting your system. Many updates for security can make your smartphone or computer healthier and protect it from viruses. Agree that it is not one of good Christmas gifts ideas when you find out that you have viruses on computer.

6. So can I update and download everything?

The answer is “No”. You should always check what you are downloading. First of all read rights, which that or another program or application requires. Then be sure that this is an official version of program.

7. Share information via Internet is good but not always

Make sure that information you share via Facebook, for example, is seen only by people you want. Check your privacy settings. It is connected not only with Facebook but also with any social websites. It is important not to share private information to unknown people because they may use it.

8. Secure connection

It is important to use secure connection especially when you do shopping online or use your credit card in any way. Be sure that it is exactly site of your bank. Sometimes you may receive links on site similar with your bank has, but it is not the same. Good way to be safe is to use such function as protection of bank operations online, which many antiviruses have nowadays. Look at other useful mobile apps that may be interesting for you: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/sneak-peek-on-popular-mobile-apps.

9. Antivirus

It may sound trivially but use antivirus no matter if it is on your phone or computer. It is quite possible to find some free antiviruses that are good enough. Remember that computer without antivirus is very easy target for hackers.

10. Check your Wi Fi

If you have it at home, be sure that password is strong enough, because somebody may use you Internet as well as hack you. If you want to connect to some open Wi Fi, be very careful about it and be sure that you have antivirus. In another way, somebody may use your gadget via open Wi Fi.

11. Public Wi Fi and accounts

If you entered some accounts via free Wi Fi be sure to log off after you have done everything you needed. In will be also useful to set “not remember this network” in your phone. In another way, you may be hacked because phone will join open Wi Fi without your permission.

12. Charge mobile phone in public place is convenient?

Nowadays it is possible to charge many things, even cars made by Tesla Motors company. What about phone? It is convenient of course, however be careful because your phone becomes vulnerable and can be hacked. Connect it through USB only to notebooks you know.

13. But what if I really need to charge phone in public place?

In case when it is important and can’t wait there are two possible ways. One is to have an extra battery with you always so you don’t need charging at all. Another is to use special device and charge phone safely even in public places. The best device is a SyncStop – it prevents viruses and hacks.

14. Be careful with messages

Messages can be safe however sometimes they may be extremely dangerous. If you see strange message written in strange language it is better not to open it at all. If you received message with some unusual links better don’t follow them.

15. Personal bank or private data

Another thing you should remember is that message where somebody asks you to give personal data be it a password or information about your credit card, is message of swindlers. Avoid it and don’t send any information. As usual, companies don’t require it at all.

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16. Use something another than Windows

Feel free to try another system instead of Windows. For example, Linux is quite good but there are almost no viruses and malware written for it.

17. Flash player is needed?

In good browsers like Firefox and Chrome Flash is not needed anymore, so don’t install it, because as usual it is a virus that will lock your computer. The thing is the same with smartphone. Don’t install Flash on your phone because it will end in a bad way.

18. Use two steps authentication

We all use bank cards so it is very convenient to use more secured authentication. How does it work? You enter your personal cabinet via Internet in order to make some online hopping, for example. You enter password and login, then you receive message coming to your phone. You enter the password mentioned there and only then enter your personal bank cabinet online.

19. Use message report service

You can attach a phone number to your account be it bank service or anything else. So if anything happens you will be immediately notified by a message.

20. Want to run distribution?

You can do it of course, but be sure that there is a Security Response Team, so viruses won’t attack you.

21. Address of the site is its face

Some years ago, there were different levels of protection on different sites. However, nowadays it is strongly recommended to use sites that have address beginning with “https”. This means site is modern and have all required protection. Unfortunately, not all of sites passed this exam. What about you? If you need help with exam you can ask us freely.

22. Use passwords and protect your data

If you have a laptop and take it everywhere, it will be a good idea to lock public access to your data. You may encrypt it and use passwords. This will help in case your laptop will be stolen.

23. Use USB protection devices

If you think that antivirus is not enough for protection, feel free to use some special programs like USB guard, which protect your computer from any device connected to it with the use of USB.

24. Use such function as containers and virtual machines

Some antiviruses now provides ability to run a program you don’t trust enough, in special container. It allows not to be endangered by malware.

25. Use only good source that is trusted

Don’t download programs from strange sites or first one that you see. It is always better to download programs from official sites. Mobile application can be downloaded from Play Market.

26. Scan your system

You can scan it with your antivirus of course, however you can also use special programs. They will scan the system and find weak, vulnerable places. At least you will know how to protect it and what to do.

27. Use separate network

It is safe to use separate network for your guests for example. Your own access to the Internet will be safe and at the same time, your guests will be able to download anything they want and won’t make any harm to your network.

28. Learn some functions

Feel free to learn some functions that programs may not use. Such things will allow you to make different services and processes on computer secured better. Want to know more about class mentor? Feel free to read about our service and get help with classes or tests.

29. Sandbox for Linux

It was the first way to make processes secured, so now, as you know about such function as sandbox, feel free to use it on your Linux system. It runs program in special secured environment so you will be safe.

30. Some people use one computer

Create some different users’ modes on your Linux system. Why you need it? Because for example, your mother doesn’t know as much about computers as you do. For example, you have brother who only plays computer games. By the way, there are some great games everybody should try: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-computer-games. So some services which may lead to danger and getting malware should be switched off for definite users.

As we can see, there are many different ways to protect computer or mobile phone. Hope this list was helpful for you and now you will forget about hackers and viruses. Of course, these hints are not the end and many others can be named, but these are the easiest and everybody will understand them. We wanted even common user to understand this information and use it. So, don’t hesitate and make your space safer and better.

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