Two Real Stories About People, Who Changed Their Lives


Unfortunately, everybody has problems. Sometimes they are small but sometimes they can ruin the life. Everybody can appear in such situation but not everybody can overcome it. Have problems with classes and they influence your life? Write us “do my online class online” and forget about stress and troubles. The story below is about two real people who still alive. They both have huge problems with money and place where to live. However, they were musicians and music in some way helped them to find new, better life.

Our today heroes are two guys – Daniel Mustard and James Bowen. They both have problems with home and one of them had troubles with drugs. However, music and some other circumstances helped them to survive and became better. Let’s talk about each of them.

Way of homeless musician Daniel Mustard

1. Fame and fortune

Daniel Mustard was a common homeless musician. There are many of them nowadays. He tried to survive in New York City, slept in parks at night and sang songs during the day in order to get some money. However, life is extremely unpredictable. Everything has changed for Daniel about six years ago.

Homeless man was found at one of the streets and taken to a TV show. The main goal was to show how city cares about homeless people and where problems with alcohol can lead. That was quite famous show in top of the best TV shows in the USA. Unfortunately, instead of making a lesson for people and make some fun of Mustard, it appeared that he became a star.

At the beginning of the conversation, Daniel said that he is a musician (by the way, it is possible to find some his early videos on the YouTube). So he was given to a guitar. He sang song Creep by Radiohead and impressed everybody. Since that day, he became famous and now impresses many people on the streets. But how everything started? Why he appeared on the street without money? Let’s know this.

2. Early years

Daniel was born in California and lived as common child. As he said his life was not without some cruelty in family, however he overcame it and found a good job. He lived well with his girl when one day he lost job. He had no money and couldn’t go to his family. Firstly, he tried to find shelter at his friends, but gradually they began to ask him not to come again. That was like one of the worst natural disasters in the world for him.

He went to New York City where his sister lived. He was successful and even found a job and room for living. However, he also found some friends who pushed him to alcohol. So suddenly, he found himself without money and place for living, in a homeless shelter. When he came out, he lived at the streets drank many alcohol with his mates who were as he was. The only thing he did except this was playing the guitar. He had great voice and even alcohol couldn’t change it. He played songs of famous bands as well as his own ones. If you like different types of music, feel free to read about jazz and blues:

He could be seen in Washington Square Park where he performed some songs to earn some money. Exactly there one of the representatives of TV program workers found him. He went to this TV show just because he needed some money. Maybe it was just a chance or maybe that was a Square Park’s magic, because a lot of famous musicians sang their songs there.

Since that performance on TV, Mustard’s life has changed greatly. First of all he came out from the street and lives in a social hotel now. He releases his DVD disks and albums on I-Tunes. However, as Daniel says, nothing has changed for him. He lives the same life. The difference is that people on the streets now more and more often know him and he has an account on Facebook, which has become extremely popular. This story is so bright that can be even filmed. Get to know what is a storyboarding and maybe after it you will create something interesting.

Now he is famous and he can release his own songs. He looks better now and wears good clothes instead of those he wore being homeless. Finally, the main victory of Daniel was his refuse from alcohol. So this man is the first example of how music and some fortuities can change somebody’s life.

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Music is against drugs or life of James Bowen

1. Early year and path to happy life

James Bowen had problems with psychic at school years, but after his father broke up with his mother, he lost hope. As a result, he became to try drugs. There is a screen adaptation of a book “A Street Cat Named Bob” which tells about James’ life before and after coming of cat, which changed his life. Want to know more about our online classes? We have something to offer you.

So, James was a musician and had problems with drugs. He tried to earn some money, however suddenly appeared in the hospital. Being a member of program for addicted people, he was given to a small flat. However, he had no money and didn’t know where to take them. He went to sing songs and had a kind of job of a busker.

Everything has changed when one day James returned home and found a red cat. That cat changed his life. He was named Bob and didn’t leave his host. Gradually they became best friends and moreover James found good girl and fell in love with her.

2. First steps to fame

James tried to perform songs with Bob sitting on his shoulders and was quite successful in it. Unfortunately, after one of accidents he was made to refuse from such performances. He found a real job and began to sell magazines. Man with a red cat on his shoulder attracted attention of many people, so James could earn some money and live better. Want to live better and don’t want to pass exams? Ask us to help you with exam and get more free time and be happy.

Since that time, his life changed greatly and he became happier. He tried to take care of Bob as he could, he met his girlfriend who helped him to refuse from drugs. The story about James shows how important support of people and animals can be for person. But this is not the end of the story… By the way, a lot of famous characters seemed to have problems with drugs. You can see this in essay dedicated to comparison of Sherlock series versus book.

3. Becoming famous

Suddenly one of famous journalists decided to find somebody talented and help him. That is how she found James and offered him to write his book and story of his life. It was quite hard for him, but he tried his best. When he came to people in order to represent his book there were a lot of people, who bought this book and said that it is really great. That is how James turned into a famous writer from homeless guy with a lot of problems. If you like to read various books you should know about Ernest Hemingway:

Of course, as he said help of close people was really important for him. Sometimes it is the only thing person needs. Of course, Bob also took part in changing of James’ life. Without this cat, he may never recover. He continued to write his books about his life together with Bob. You can get acquainted with them. Now James lives happy life and helps other people. He supports charity organization that take care of animals as well as he helps homeless people and people who have problems with drugs.

So, as we can see two people became famous and happy. They had nothing or the have lost everything, but some chances were given to them and they used it. Although these men are from different countries and their fates are quite different, they show us that the main thing in life is to have hope. Remember that life is strange thing and can give some extremely great chances and possibilities somewhere, where you don’t even expect.

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