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List Of Unusual Pets You May Have


Long time ago animals were independent from people. They live happily and separately from us. But people didn’t stand at one place, they constantly developed. You may read about who is Lucy the Australopithecus, for example to go back to those times. So, time passed and once people got a great thought in brain: to use some animals for own interests. So people began to domesticate some wild animals.

Firstly people took care just of very useful animals as boars, goats and bulls. What do you think happened then? Did somebody just take bull, for example, to his home? Or were there any classes about how to make animals domestic? If you have some hard classes feel free to do your class with us and count on us.

Just imagine how it might be: person comes to his home with bull (which wasn’t domestic at that time) on a leash and say “My dear wife, this bull is now domestic and will live with us”. You may imagine this, of course with pictures in brain as well as you may have some other stories. Feel free to take a rest and draw a picture or some pictures to this story or any other you may create. To make it good look for what to use: storyboarding or text. Of course process of domestication might happen in this way but it didn’t. A lot of years were spent in order to made some wild animals domestic so they would live with people without trying to run away.

So, as we might understand people used big animals at first, for example bulls to plow fields or goats to get some milk. Some wild animals as lions, for example were of no use for people and to bad-tempered to be domesticated. That’s why they and many other animals were leaved in piece. Of course many of them are predators. If you want to struggle in the wild choose the best computer games to travel into absolutely different worlds.

Sometime after, people looked at wild cats which were good hunters. Of course people didn’t think about taking to their houses such animals as tiger or lion which also belong to cat family. They took only wild cats which had different appearance relying on area of living. That is how wild cats became domestic. Nowadays it is hard to believe that cats were independent from people, isn’t it? Read about cats and why to choose them as pets: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/dogs-vs-cats-what-pet-is-best-for-you.

Of course everybody also knows the story of dogs. At first there were different wolves which people domesticated and then many different breeds of dogs appeared. However you should know that all dogs have grand grandfathers and they are wolves. Such breed as Husky for example, can brightly demonstrate similarity to wolves. You may read more about this breed.

However if cats were used mostly just for fun dogs at first had serious roles: some of them lived near the house as “guardians”, others “worked” as a sled dogs for example is areas where usage of horses was impossible. Those dogs were very strong and hardy and could struggle with harsh climate and constant snow and cold. Some writers as Jack London described these dogs in novels: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/jack-london-one-of-the-best-novelists.

So we can see that animals had overcame long way before they became as we know them know. Everything might end at this step but it didn’t. We described all those processes above for you to understand that process of domestication of animals can’t be finished. We will prove it to you by our list below. Some people don’t want to stop and cats and dogs are too simple for them, that’s why such tendency as making unusual wild animals domestic ones can be seen. For some people unusual pets became something like a job, and you can also get to know how to find a dream job. But we will talk about wild animals who live at people’s houses.

But before we have something to offer.

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Now it’s time for the most interesting, funny and strange part of our article: list of unusual pets. We don’t make you to follow this list while choosing pet, but just get to know how far people sometimes may go.

So we start our list of unusual pets:

1. Panda

Maybe you have seen movie called “Kung Fu Panda”. Even if you haven’t you should admit that these animals are very funny and cute. They are the best example of kindness as well as laziness by the way. All their movements are so slow and unconstrained that it’s hard to choose another words.

It may sound strange but some people had pandas as pets in India. However, it is not common panda but Red Panda – relative of giant panda(which we used to see at many pictures). Red Panda is smaller than its brother and has red fur. Fur for this animal is like clothes for people. And it can be happy because its fur is extremely beautiful. What about people?. Read about beauty in the human world and about how to make leavers lace – something the most beautiful in the world of clothes.

Nowadays situation has changed as Red Panda became an endangered species. It is prohibited to keep it as pet and to hunt it. Unfortunately this law is broken and not at once. Firstly because people think it will be great to have such animal as a pet. Secondly because other people want to make money catching these pandas and selling them then. So last years pandas have to do something really similar to surviving and some places to do this extreme “sport” fortunately still exist: but it should be remembered that amount of forests where pandas live is decreasing every year.

However it is quite sad because pandas can’t feel good in such conditions: even zoos are not comfortable for them. That’s why zoos try to enlarge population of pandas and then release them. So, you better shouldn’t make panda as your pet, because it may lead to total decrease of Red Pandas in the world. Think about it, it’s extremely sad…Sometimes in order to avoid sadness and stress it is useful to know how to choose fictional world for you and appear there.at least in thoughts.

2. Raccoon

Although in some countries as USA these animals cause real problems roaming in the cities and visiting people’s trash cans, in some other countries they thought to be cute animals. People ready to deal with many possible problems just to have raccoon at home. Read about online class mentor in order to know more and get help you may need with classes.

However some difficulties may occur and that’s why we strongly recommend you to learn some information about this animal and its style of life. First of all raccoons are very cute but they are rubbers: they will take everything which has good taste and smell. They will also search something in your trash and be ready to it: rubbish will be near the bin and not only near it but also anywhere in the house or flat. If you have a pancake you should know about pancake day celebration but also you should know that raccoon will probably steal it in front of your face as it is absolutely okay.

Another problem is that this animal like to gnaw out some holes and settle down there. Moreover they as usual active at night and sleep during the day time. During the night their main interest is to find a food and eat as much as they want. They can be like a terrorists for owners, because they are absolutely insatiable. Compare them with terrorists in counter strike versus dota 2 analysis.

Of course raccoons are cute but are you ready to give this animal your constant attention and a lot of time? Because as you leave it alone, raccoon will do some bad things like gnaw something or scratch your furniture. Also their instinct is to find water (bathroom with water will be okay for them) and put all things they want into the water. It’s something they can’t live without as twins can’t live without their own language and real twins language really exists..

So, before taking this animal think wisely.

3. Hedgehog

Some people tried to get this animal to the house and live with it as with pet. However it’s not so easy. Although they are cute there are many problems created by them. First of all they are predators and lead night life. Then, they life to dig and even floor won’t stop them. Moreover, they are small but make a lot of noise. It can’t be explained but they stomp louder than elephant, snort and sniff. Have a test and somebody stomped the whole night so you can prepare to it? Ask us to take your test and we will help you.

However, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article humanity doesn’t stop and move forward. That’s why new breed of hedgehogs was created: they called African hedgehogs. Having smaller size and less problems as bad smell, they are more convenient to take as pets. They are very cute and not as demanding in food as common breed. They can eat different food and even cat food. Finally these small hedgehogs don’t hibernate however night life is still inherent to them.

4. Fox

This animals became domestic in 1959. At least some attempts and experiments were made. But they were made in special conditions mostly by scientists. Nowadays it is like a modern trend to take fox as a pet. Although it is a predator, it may be cute and funny. Its fur is very beautiful and behavior is so interesting to observe.

Unfortunately as in case of pandas many people begin to take foxes but it is dangerous for animals, because they may decrease. It is so happen because before selling foxes they undergo process of sterilization, so domestic foxes are unable to produce offspring.

Unlike wild foxes, domestic ones look different: their fur is shorter paws are higher and slimmer. They have something in common with dogs even more than with wild foxes. If you decided to take this animal remember about two things: first of all fox demands space and second, it demands to walk with it. It needs to be loved and petted. It is not a wild fox which is afraid of people. This one likes them and when people pay a lot of attention to it.

Don’t be afraid and try any of these animals in the role of domestic animal. New language called Spanglish is also criticized however people who talking it don’t listen to critics because they like what they do. So if you want and like any of these animals don’t hesitate.

These four animals are the best unusual pets you may have. Of course you can take lion or crocodile as your pet. But let’s think about these variants. First of all in case with lion, you will have to make huge cage for him. Don’t even think of living in one flat with lion, it may end in extremely sad way. Remember that lion is predator and unlike dog he is not domesticated. Even if lion grew up with you it doesn’t mean anything. It is huge and very strong so in case if this animal doesn’t like something you will hardly stay alive. It is not worth it, isn’t it? The same thing is with crocodile. You can make a big pool for it as well as fence in some territory, however it is still very dangerous. So it’s your choice what animal to choose, just be happy with your pet.

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