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Why You Should Choose Bicycle


The more developed our world become the more hurried people are. That is why many of us will prefer car or bus to bicycle. Of course it is faster and won’t give some problems. If you have problems with studying, you can take professional classes online at our site. Although in some countries bicycle is not very developed as a way of moving, in others people don’t use other transport as much as bicycle.

Some people can’t imagine their lives without a bicycle while for some bus or car are much better than bicycle, however we will try to challenge this and there are really many thoughts for and against bicycle, so we will look at them together to come to a conclusion. First part will be dedicated to brief history of bicycle and pros of having it, while in the second part we will talk about against statements and possible problems with this vehicle. If you like to look at striking problems, feel free to read more about death penalty facts. However, our today’s theme is more pleasant and exciting, so we start.

Brief history of bicycle

We all know this vehicle as it is now: with two equal wheels, rudder and frame. But did they also look like that? Maybe something was different many years ago? Who decided to make a bicycle and for what purpose? Let’s find answers on these questions.

First bicycle was created and patented by German inventor Karl von Dresen in 1818. However, it didn’t look as modern bicycle: frame was made of wood and there was no pedals. Sometime after bicycle became popular in Britain so it was made by local masters and modified. Feel free to get acquainted with leavers lace definition – another interesting invention and its history.

As a result, in 1940s, Dresen’s vehicle was modified and some details as pedals and saddle were added. However it still wasn’t as modern one, because wheel were different in size and rear one was bigger than front. Then, during Second World War, Germans actively used bicycles and even special bicycle troops were formed. Read more about war and those times, and know more about war disasters captured in films.

In 1945 first attempt to make an inflatable tire was made, however quality of invention wasn’t good enough. Finally, in 1863 master from French made a bicycle similar to modern ones. This master was Pier Lallemand and later he went to London and patented his invention. In fact, he was the inventor of a bicycle as we know it now.

Later from 1890s (golden age of bicycles) these vehicles were modified and such inventions as wheel with spokes and frame made of aluminum instead of other material of worse quality, made bicycles popular all over the world. Finally, invention of speed shifter in 1950 in its modern shape made bicycle great vehicle for many people. Later, first modern bicycles and mountain bike were made in the USA. Want to know what people think about Americans? Feel free to read it here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/image-of-typical-american-of-2016.

Now we know something from history of bicycles and can talk about pros and cons of having one. Let’s talk about positive things at first.

Pros of buying a bicycle

There are many good possibilities that you get when buy a bicycle and here we will show them to you.

1. Good fact for women

The first statement will be great for women who want to lose weight. Bicycle can help with it. It was discovered, that person loses about 500 calories per hour while riding a bicycle. So it is quite good alternative to gym or other activities, isn’t it? Moreover, in gym you are at the one place and you closed in a certain room. Bicycle allows you to see many interesting things and this is next plus.

2. You can travel using bicycle

The best thing, which bicycle gives you is a possibility to travel. You can easily take bicycle and go to the suburb. Some people don’t stop on it and really go into a trip around the world just with bicycle and small amount of money and things of the first need. Alastair Humphreys – famous bicyclist, who went into a trip around the world and visited more than sixty countries during four years.

Of course, you may not go so far. However, what can be better than take some friends and go to some interesting places on your bicycles?

3. No care about petrol

This is another great thing connected with bicycle. In fact you spend comparatively big amount of money when buy it. But then you don’t have to spend huge money for petrol and worry about prices on it. Anyway, it will be cheaper to travel using bicycle. Read about some interesting places where to go for Christmas: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/where-to-go-this-christmas-top-10-destinations.

4. Save money

Of course, you will have to spend some money on bicycle, but we will talk about it detailed while talking about pros. However, in general, bicycle is cheaper than car. Moreover, it will be cheaper also to use bicycle instead of taking a bus. It can save money and make your healthier.

5. Good influence on organism

It was proved that bicycle has a good influence on organism and helps you to be always in a good shape. It strengths nerves, make mood better and heart stronger. So you receive some pleasure from riding bicycle and at the same time you make your health better.

6. Make your sight better

Wherever you go, you should examine terrain and find the best way. So, your sight will become better and attention will raise.

Let’s make a short break and look through other articles:

7. Meet new friends

In such countries as French, where bicycle is something as common as air, there are many people who ride them. So you may meet some interesting people, make them your friends and then go in bicycle journeys with them. So, bicycle allows you to communicate and find somebody who have similar interests.

8. Make no harm to ecology

Bicycle doesn’t pollute air at all and oil doesn’t required for them. So they don’t need anything from nature and therefore make it cleaner. As a result, it leads to better ecology and health. Usage of bicycle instead of a car leads to better ecological situation in the city and country in general. Although it is not seen well now, it will be seen in future if most people decide to use bicycles instead of cars. Read about class mentor – we have many offers and helpful services.

9. Save place and nerves

Bicycle is smaller than a car of course. Car requires too much attention sometimes. You need place to leave it, you should care about it, because somebody may hijack it. With bicycle left at your house in the corridor, everything is calm and you don’t have to worry.

Another situation is connected with streets. Bicycles take less space, so they make traffic less saturated. Moreover, problems with parking of a bicycle don’t raise as usual. With car situation is different: you can’t leave it everywhere you want because you may create a traffic jam or receive fee.

Of course, there are many other pros, which you receive with buying a bicycle and they are more than cons and bicycle should become like a pet from list of unusual pets, however we should talk about some negative things too.

What is bad in buying a bicycle?

1. It won’t carry you all the time

Of course, in most cases bicycle carries you and all you need is just to work with your legs or even don’t do it if you are moving from hill. Unfortunately, sometimes, especially when you don’t know route good, you will have to overcome hills and other unpleasant places and even carry your bicycle in hands. Accounting that some of them can be really heavy it’s not a pleasant thing.

2. Bicycle is afraid of dust

Some vehicles are specially equipped and have protection from dust water and other similar things. However, most of common bicycles don’t have these things. Water and dust can kill bicycle fast. To prevent it, you should regularly clean its details especially sprocket wheel, pedals and bicycle chain. It all needs time and definite skills. In other way, you can break something or will take bicycle apart but won’t put it together. So it will be a real exam for your skills and ability to learn something new. If you are afraid of exams, ask us to help you with exam ask us about it.

3. Price of bicycle

Of course, price of bicycle is comparatively small if compare with car. However, last years prices raised and not everybody can effort bicycle. Moreover, sometimes they can break down and it also requires money. Also you will have to buy such things as bicycle tires and other consumables, which are not cheap.

4. Danger and biking trails

Unfortunately, not all countries have biking trails built. It means cyclist is endangered, because he has to go along the roads where cars are moving at high speed. Not all car drivers respect cyclists and as a result it may cause problems and accidents. However, you can prevent it by wearing a helmet.

To sum up we can say that riding a bicycle has more pros than cons. Of course, it depends on person and those who don’t like bicycles won’t be persuaded by all facts mentioned above. But, anyway bicycle can become your friend, can help you to take care about health and be happier. Bicycle can be used in different way: if you want to go for a walk, take it and your walk will be faster and more pleasant. If you want to get somewhere, take a bicycle again and you won’t have to spend money for the bus. So, maybe bicycle is a future of transport and will even supersede cars. Join the world of bicycles and have fun.

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