Top 15 The Most Expensive Cocktails


People who drink some alcohol can be divided into some groups. One of them wants to drink something really graceful with pleasant taste but there is a definite margin in price for them. Another category includes rich people who are ready to pay as much as needed just to try that or another expensive drink. They just want to try and they do it. What about you? Are you ready to pay someone to take experienced online class for example?

Some of us may see prices in bar and go away because they are too high. For somebody cocktail can’t be expensive because it is just small glass with liquor and it is strange to pay huge amount of money for it. Today we will know about some cocktails which are really expensive and it might seem strange to buy them, although some people do. Today you will understand that cocktail you might see in one of the bars which price was about $50 was not so expensive. Of course, you should know some austerity useful information and get to know that sometimes there is no need to spend money. Anyway, we start our list and think it will be interesting to know how much cocktails may cost.

15. Bourgeois Pig $50

This cocktail is served in one of the bars in New York called “Rickey”. It became very popular in this bar although its price is quite high. Made by their own mixologist the cocktail includes such constituents as truffle martini and vodka, vermouth and some other things. Its unique constituent is a bit of black truffle, which comes from French city Perigord. Maybe that’s why cocktail is so expensive. What can be better than drink expensive cocktail and listen to good music? Look at the best music bands and you will know what to listen drinking a cocktail.

14. Jet Set Manhattan $100

Another establishment called “Tavern on 51” one of elite bars in New York. That’s why prices there are quite high and you should be ready for it. However, one of cocktails which is a mixture of definite bourbon and vintage vine will cost you not more than $100. However, be sure, you may find some more expensive drink there. Are they worth buying? Nobody knows, but the fact they are made of picked of constituents attracts many people. Do you think it is strange? There are some stranger attractions for example Chernobyl as modern attraction for people is quite popular.

13. Paradis + Perdition $185

This cocktail can be found in New York too. It is made at bar in restaurant called Rainbow Room. Its cost is quite high and it includes such components as champagne and cinnamon. It’s quite expensive there, but this institution is for rich people mostly.

12. La-Freak Illuminati $365

Cocktail with Italian name can be met in different bars and nightclubs with Italian kitchen. It is a mixture of French liquor, sparkling water, French vine called “Dom Perignon Luminous” and some other components. As many visitors admit cocktail has quite strange taste, which is not for everybody. Maybe it is worth trying; however think twice before doing it, because price is not low, is it? Want to try something really good? Then ask us for help with your tests and receive good mark. This is really worth-trying.

How high you think the price can be? Somebody may say that $500 is the highest possible price, however next cocktail in our list will discourage you.

11. Kentucky Derby Mint Julep $1000

This cocktail usually consists of bourbon (while first cocktails were made with gin), water and ice, but the most important part of it, is fresh mint. This drink was represented at one of Kentucky Derbies and since that time became extremely popular. During such events, about 100,000 of them were served. It was needed a lot of mint of course and for amount mentioned above about 450 kilos of mint were spent.

Another interesting fact is that during Kentucky Derbies this cocktail was served in special gold cups with definite picture. So if you don’t know what present to choose this cocktail served in a bottle will be more than great. Read about other possible presents you can make:

10. Original Mai Tai $1,270

This cocktail is based on rum and it was invented in Auckland in 1944. Its creator was Trader Vic. Nowadays this cocktail is popular and can be found in many bars, however original one is quite rare and its cost is quite high as you can see. If you want to try it, you should go to Belfast’s Merchant Hotelplace where this drink first appeared. Exactly there original rum that was used in 1944 is still used. You may try to do it by your own at home using one of recipes from the Internet.

9. Platinum Passion $1,500

This cocktail can be found in New York and seems to be among most expensive drinks in the city. It looks beautiful with some flowers in it and it has logic: cocktail was firstly introduced at Valentine’s Day. Drink contains honey, champagne and fruits. Place where they are served has unusual atmosphere so if you think it worth trying, do it.

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8. Ritz-Paris Sidecar $1,670

This cocktail was the most expensive in the world and even was in Guinness Book of Records. As we can guess from the name, cocktail was produced in one of elite Paris hotels called “Ritz”. The secret of drink is that recipe is always the same and components are always the same. One of them is 180-Year-Old cognac. It was made of rare grape sort, which wasn’t saved. So there are only a couple of bottles of it in the whole world. Do you want to know more about our online classes? You should do it because we can help you with any task and subject.

7. Sapphire Martini $3,000

One of casinos in Connecticut, where rich people spend time, serves this cocktail. At first price was just about $24 and then it raised to number we can see. That happened because drink became famous in the whole world and because it began to be served in unusual way. In every glass, there are sapphire and diamond earrings. That is the main reason of such price.

6. Diamond Cocktail $4,350

In one of the hotels of London, you may find this cocktail with high price. As previous one, it has something unusual in name and served with a diamond in the glass. Cognac for the cocktail costs about $1000 but diamond makes price higher, of course. If you like such unusual and elegant things you would like to know more about what is leavers lace.

5. Martini on the Rock $10,000

This one is also quite expensive. The answer is obvious: except expensive constituents, there is one more thing. It is a diamond in the glass. It is not a usual one, but quite rare and it takes some time to get it as well as special appointment with jewelry master should be made. That is why price is so high. Maybe rich people will drink it at wedding for example or at other outstanding events, but for common situations it is not appropriate at all.

4. Ono Champagne Cocktail $10,000

Secret of this drink is glass. It served with an unusual glass, which has gold encrustations. However, cocktail itself is also extremely good and expensive. So this is a kind of expensive drink and expensive utensil to drink it.

3. Winston, $12,040

Made in Australia and named for Winston Churchill this cocktail was the most expensive in the whole world. That’s why it appeared in Guinness Records Book in 2013.

2. Diamond Is Forever $22,600

This is another case when drink comes with some additions. This one is served with 18-karat gold and with 1-karat diamond. Unfortunately, diamond and gold are expensive that’s why don’t expect too much from ingredients. For today, only two bottles were sold.

1. Ruby Rose Cocktail $40,000

This is the most expensive cocktail you will ever find anywhere. The cocktail itself costs about $18, however addition as four-carat ruby made it cost as much as forty thousand dollars. It was a real ruby, however how to avoid problems with false one and identify lie? You may find answer here:

As you can see, there is no margin for the price of cocktails and especially because of some additions to it as top cocktails in the list had. However, sometimes it is possible that price won’t acquit feelings. Imagine what frustration it will be to spend more than ten thousand dollars and understand that taste is quite common. So, rich people may try such drinks as much as they want, however for common people there is nothing better that common tasteful cocktail or wine. Let’s be honest: there are very few people on the Earth, who can really distinguish cocktail for $50 and one for $30000, so find one for your taste and enjoy it with person you love. That will be the best thing you can do.

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