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Women In Sport: Crowning Glory


Sport is great thing and we used to see men playing football and women jugging or doing some exercises. However, for many people it is more than strange to see woman playing football and men doing some aerobics or dancing. Even in modern world, these stereotypes exist. Need help with any task? Write us “take my online course” and be sure that we will do it well.

Anyway, this question still exists and it is very interesting. Why women can’t do as much sport as men do? Why such games as football or hockey seem to be only for men? Let’s try to figure it out.

First of all, there are some reasons which can be named:

1. Temper of men and women

First of all men always want to compete and that’s why they are so good in sport. It’s a part of men’s temper, they can’t live without competition and sport is nothing else than constant struggle for becoming number one. You can see more differences between men’s and women’s characters here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/how-to-understand-men-and-women.

2. Social place

Another thing is in social place of man and woman and their role. Man as usual associates with strong body and character, he always ready for difficulties. That is ideal qualities for sport. Woman at the same time as usual associates with weak and beautiful creature. It isn’t good for sport, where you should struggle for every victory, is it? If you like sport, feel free to read some Chicago Cubs useful information.

What should be said, is that things mentioned above are just stereotypes. Quite strong stereotypes, which were imposed during the whole time. It can be seen in sport every time. For example, if woman in tennis has strong inning she supposed to hit the ball as a man. Sounds not very offensive but for woman it does. Another bright example is when man in football plays in a very soft way and fall down because of small push, what can we hear? Exactly, many of people will say that he is like a girl. But does it mean girls are so bad? Let’s broke these stereotypes. First of all let’s look at kind of sport where women are great and even better than men:

1. Chess

If we go in for world of stereotypes, let’s go further. One may say that chess is not sport at all, however these people will definitely fail to argue this statement. Of course, chess are not like football or anything else, but this is a sport, because people compete and other people which this competition. Chess is a competition of brain rather than that of muscles.

It means women are absolutely equal with men. Of course there is a though that men have better logical thinking, which is important for chess, however men as well as women can be absolutely different. The brightest example is Hungarian chess player Judit Polgár. She is very good at this sport and came to top eight players in men’s competitions. She also received grandmaster title being a 15 years old girl. So what can we see now?

We can see that women as well as men can play chess and do it greatly. From one hand, men have better logic, but from the other hand, women are calm and patient and it can help them greatly especially in chess.

In other kinds of sport, it would be quite strange to compare men and women directly as we all understand that they are different. However, there are many sports where women are also great. Let us look at them:

2. Tennis

Tennis itself is beautiful kind of sport, what can make it more beautiful than see two women playing it? Women are extremely great in tennis and everybody who has seen their competition at least once should admit that. Of course, it is not interesting to speak about this sport without examples. So, here they are: Serena Williams – American professional tennis player. Woman tennis Association has ranked her as the top player in the list of best players. However, she took this title seven times, not just once. Feel free to know about WTA and ATP ranking system differences so you will understand the importance of the title better.

However, Serena didn’t stop on this, she is also known as Olympic Games winner. She did that four times. So she has a lot of different awards and many people say that she is the best female tennis player of all time.

Her sister, Venus Williams is also well-known tennis player. She is famous for being winner of The Championships Wimbledon. She did it five times and moreover she was admitted as the best player by WTA and participated in Olympic games. She earned four medals there.

Sometimes two sisters had to compete with each other. Feel free to read some information about sisters’ sport life.

These two examples: chess and tennis are not the end and we will give more examples for you.

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Let’s continue our list with some other kinds of sport.

3. Calisthenics

If there is a sport which fits women greatly it is calisthenics. It is ideal for women because they have enough flexibility and grace. This kind of sport is unique and women are total hosts in it. What about some names?

Margarita Mamun from Russia won many different competitions. However, the top of it was her victory in Olympic Games in 2016. It is worth mentioning that she is only 21 years old now. Another representative is also from Russia and her name is Yevgenia Kanayeva. She won Olympic Games twice and is very successful nowadays. It may be strange but in this kind of sport, we can see winners generally from Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia. Nobody knows why it happens. Maybe that is because women in these countries know how to learn new information in few minutes, however maybe they just have a lot of trainings and do it hard.

4. Figure skating

This is another kind of sport where women can show them in all their glory. Let’s look at some results of Olympic games. We can see winner of 2010 Olympic Games - Kim Yuna. She is a figure skater from South Korea. She received silver medal at Olympic Games of 2014. Some other representatives are Shizuka Arakawa from Japan, who won Olympic Games in 2006 and Sarah Hughes from the USA who became a World Champion in 2002.

So as we can see skating is quite popular among women and their performances are extremely beautiful and graceful. Have test or exam in any subject? Ask us to help with exam and get more free time for some other things.

5. Soccer and football

During last years, soccer for women becomes more and more popular. One may say that it is absolutely men’s sport. Maybe women in football will look strange, however women in soccer are quite okay and some championships show us this fact. For example, Alexandra Morgan from California is a 27 years old forward. She won Olympic Games being in USA female football national team. In 2012, she became the best football player of the USA. So as you see the main thing which is important is motivation. You can find piece of it here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-movies-that-will-make-you-appreciate-life.

Those people who have seen women football, especially Olympic Games matches, will hardly ever say that women can’t play football. It is quite interesting to watch and moreover women in this kind of sport are very cute and they are always in great shape. It caused a lot of tops of female football players. Feel free to watch them.

What about American football? Of course, this kind of sport is quite strange for women and it is really cruel. Many people will agree, that see women in such sport is quite sad and even scaring. That is because we all used to think that women can’t hit anybody and they are cute and weak. So maybe it is to the best, but women in American football are still very rare.

6. Basketball and volleyball

We all see basketball matches and life of Michael Jordan is studied by many fans. But what about women in basketball or volleyball? Talking about volleyball there are many women who play it. It is very exciting sight especially beach volleyball where game of women is combined with beautiful nature and landscape. There is a championship for women in volleyball which is called Volleyball World Grand Prix. So if you want to see how women can play volleyball you should watch one of its matches.  It is hard to name best volleyball players among women, however all of them deserve this title.

Talking about basketball, we can see that situation is similar. There exist Women’s World Championship and basketball for women also can be seen on Summer Olympic Games. So if you want to see how women play basketball, it is better just watch it. Want to get help with home task in any subject? Read about classes support which we offer and you will forget about problems with studying.

To sum up what can we say? Unfortunately, women are not as important in sport as men, however there is a tendency to change the situation. One of important steps will be refusal from stereotypes. If you still think that women can’t play soccer as good as men do, just find any match in the Internet and you will be surprised. First of all it is strange, but reaction of women for all those fouls and injuries sometimes better than we can see in men’s soccer.

Finally, one should remember that there are typically men kinds of sport as boxing, but at the same time, none from men will show great result in calisthenics, for example. So let’s respect women in sport, because they make it more graceful and beautiful.

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