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Technology In School: Meet The Future Now


It is hard to imagine modern education without all those technologies like laptops, the Internet and other things. From one hand, it has logic: such technologies help to make curriculum and material more interesting and attractive. At the same time, many people say that there are too many gadgets in modern life especially in studying. Who is right who is not? Nobody can say exactly. Nobody knows how far progress will go and maybe in future, machines will take exams instead of teacher and other robots will give online lessons. However, even nowadays you shouldn’t think where to take online classes because abilities are huge.

Although there are many predictions about future technologies and even more argues about its influence on studying and students, we won’t look into the future. We will try to decide what profit and what danger technologies, which are used in schools nowadays, bring us. Of course different people have different attitude to this question and there are some people who don’t accept modern technologies in process of studying, but we must admit that they have already became part of it and its role among different innovative teaching strategies is enormous.

Technologies usage in all its controversy

1. Cheap or expensive?

One may say that using technologies can help to save money on buying chalk, blackboards and other equipment. There is a part of logic in it. Smart screen can work for years and it won’t lose its great appearance and will be always interesting for students. Blackboard needs to be changed in some years and it needs chalk to write on it and erasing something from blackboard may become a real problem sometimes. Sometimes even nature can erase something from earth and story of Bermuda Triangle is a great proof of this statement.

So in some ways using of technologies can really save money, for example using of laptops at lessons may save a lot of money for buying books, using screen and projectors may save money to print different pictures and images etc. However, from another point of view, blackboard and chalk are not as expensive as smart screen; it doesn’t require any special skills and handling. It means that this question is still opened and can’t be answered unequivocally. Another question of almost equal importance, which is connected with technologies but remains unanswered too is question of operational system. You may find different thought about this question here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/windows-vs-linux-who-is-the-leader.

If we started to talk about operational systems, it will be wrong not to talk about software. Of course in frames of our topic. As we said, computers or laptops may save money because you don’t need to buy books. However, we shouldn’t forget about software, which is not free. It means that you should not only buy laptop but also buy some software. Even if laptop is provided by school, you will have to pay some money for it sooner or later. However, in modern world the best education system in the world is that, which uses laptops and other technologies and it is true.

2. What is more convenient?

Another controversial question is question of convenience. Here technologies seem to be one step ahead. Let’s look some reasons why it happens in such way:

- Technologies allow you to be more flexible. It can be said about both teachers and students. For example, if teacher wants to tell about something interesting, which must be seen, he can use video material, not only words. With screen and laptop, it is very easy. If you want to become part of modern education, read about our online classes and mentors.

- Less tension on students. In primary school, many parents are not satisfied because of amount of books students should carry in their bags. Of course, they may buy extra set of books and leave it in the class, but it’s still needs money. With laptop, child even doesn’t need a bag. It’s light and comfortable. If you have pressure of exams, which are coming soon, ask class mentor to pass exams for you and don’t worry.

- Saves consumables. Let’s revise how our lessons were hold. If there was a test, teacher gave us papers. If we wanted to write a dictation, we used pens and papers again. If teacher wanted to write something on the blackboard, he used chalk and then something to erase it. With technologies, things became easier. If students have laptops, they can write tests in specially made applications, which will not only save papers but will check results and save a lot of teacher’s time. If something is needed to be written on the blackboard, it can be done on the smart board so no chalk and nothing for erasing is required. You may look a video and read more about smart board in order to ensure that it’s a great exchange for blackboard.

We can say that in connection to this question, technologies can really help teachers and students. There is only one but very serious minus. All those laptops, screen and tablets have strong influence on eyesight and it’s not good influence. So, to safe eyesight, you should always do some exercise and follow some simple advice in order to safe your eyes. You may found something interesting and useful about this here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/how-to-have-good-eyesight.

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We have looked some controversial questions connected with modern technologies in schools. Now we can’t avoid talking about some obvious cons or just small problems, which technologies have despite all their pros.

1. Require some skills

It is a fact, that modern technologies, be it a laptop or smart board, require some skills. Unfortunately, not all teachers are on the same view with computers. Sometimes teacher can’t achieve the goals he has, because he can’t handle computer. So, the problem is that many teachers still have problems with technologies and can’t use them widely and properly. As a result, students are deprived of ability of seeing some interesting videos and materials, just because teacher can’t show it. Of course, this problem can be solved by hiring some assistants who can deal with all technologies and help teacher, but it’s still not a perfect solution. Fortunately there exist many ways of training teachers and many of ways are still in the process of invention. This article about training teachers has some unusual and interesting methods too.

2. Can be dangerous

It’s not a secret that there exist many harmful apps and Internet is full of danger. Accounting the previous point, teachers are in risk of getting in trouble using innovative technologies. However, students are not the exclusion. They are given laptop by school sometimes and only God knows what apps are installed there and what their real goal is. So using technologies means also risk for your privacy and security. However, with cybersecurity education and training, which is began to be introduced in some schools; this problem will be solved in some years or probably longer period of time.

3. Still hard for achieving

Although technologies may save money in some way, classes with computers and laptops are still dream for many schools. Of course, there exist School of Future, for example, where the entire process of studying is led with the help of technologies and it gives definite results, but for common schools even some classes with computers are still remain a dream. It needs time for technologies to come to every school and settle down mainly because of prices.

4. Too much virtual reality

Of course laptop used for studying and computer used to play video games are different things, but even while using technologies for studying, students appear in virtual reality. In modern world where less and less attention is payed to the beauty of real world it may be dangerous.

To sum it all up we can say that technologies should be used in schools. They give many profits and make process of studying more interesting. However, we should be very careful with them, because too much technologies is not a good choice. Because if we let technologies to replace all books and even teachers in some ways, who knows what will be in future? Although computers make no mistakes and can check your test in few minutes, they will never exchange a good teacher, because teacher has heart and desire to help his students.

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