Windows Vs Linux: Who Is The Leader?


People used to judge about something by what others say. That’s why a lot of them will tell you that Linux is bad and Windows is good, however even half of them haven’t try Linux at all. If you are looking for good classes to take online you have found them! The problem is that many people still think that Linux is a system that hasn’t any options and is as bad as a stone age. However, time passed since Linux appearance and now this system is capable for doing more and even to compete with Windows.

Today we will briefly analyze main history moments connected with both Windows and Linux and then will try to find out which one is better for today and why. So, hope this information will be useful for you and you will choose appropriate operating system for your computer. Feel free to read also about how to prevent hacking because it can happen nowadays more and more often.

Windows – giant in computer industry

Of course, everybody of us knows about Windows and that it is extremely popular. Many people have it installed on their computers. Of course, there are some argue about what version is better and some people like Windows 10 while others prefer to use Windows 7. However, we won’t concentrate on that. Let’s better examine brief history of Windows. If you like to read history of development of different technologies you will also like to read about motion capture technology:

1. Beginning of Windows

At the early beginning Windows wasn’t a separate system. It was just a part of system called DOS. Nowadays we can see its analogue in windows. It is black window with white letters, where you can write some commands for computer to do them. So, firstly Windows just allowed user to open some DOS windows and use them simultaneously. From 1985 and up to 1993 Windows existed in this role, just as extra application for DOS system. Mostly it just created different decor and ways of interaction between user and computer. Nowadays we can also find such thing as virtual reality. Of course, Windows and games for Windows can create a kind of it, but this new invention is great:

First Windows as we used to see it, appeared only in 1995 and that was Windows 95. This system as well as Windows 98 and Windows ME became great creation in the world of computer programming. However at first they weren’t very stable especially Windows 95 which could easily hover. Fortunately, it was almost fixed in next editions.

2. Windows nowadays

Finally, nowadays we know mostly Windows 7 and 10 and Windows XP used to be popular just some years ago. They all belong to Windows new technology system family. These are operating system that work with 64-bit and 86-bit processors, more powerful and have better design than previous versions.

So, as we can see Windows Corporation and its production has long history and deserve to be at the top of operating systems all around the world. The statics only proves this: about 90% of users have Windows XP, 7 or 10 installed on their gadgets. Moreover, Windows is well known as company that produces great consoles and you can read about Microsoft Scorpio vs Nintendo Switch struggle in order to choose best variant for you.

Now it’s time to look at Linux in order to compare it with Windows then.

Linux – future opponent of Windows?

1. First steps of Linux

Linux nowadays is becoming more and more popular. Talking in general we can say, that there are some variants of operating systems, which were designed on Linux kernel.

Grandfather of Linux was UNIX, which was released in 1969 (earlier than Windows). The main feature of UNIX and then Linux is that they have open system code, so as a result they could develop very fast.

In 1983, there appeared an idea to create system, which will be open and free and will contain free programs. So it sounds great, isn’t it? You haven’t to pay for it and its open code allows different programmers to improve it. At this period of time system received name GNU. Finally, in 1991 another person created kernel called Linux and from all components and programs created earlier integrated system was created. Feel free to get help with exam online and be a successful student.

2. Linux nowadays

Firstly, Linux was written by enthusiasts and was absolutely free. Situation hasn’t changed much since that time. However, later professional programmers and companies began to improve Linux too, because it was extremely popular.

Position of Linux nowadays is more than stable, Android mostly based on it and as we now there are a lot of Android users in the whole world. Last years more and more people began to use Linux as system for computers too. As a result, there appeared many different versions of it. You may read more about versions of Linux.

Now let’s take a short break and then we will compare Linux with Windows and will discover who is the leader and why.

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So, what system is better?

Of course, it’s hard to say that one of systems is really better, because each one is better in some ways than another. So we will provide you with some facts about key moments for both systems and maybe you will say then which one is better. However, is should be said that it is hard to compare these systems because as a fact Linux is not a system but group of more than 300 different ones. Moreover, there are different versions of Linux and Windows. So everything is very relatively. Anyway, let’s compare some things:

1. Process of installation

Here we can’t single out the leader as average time is almost the same: up to thirty minutes. Of course, it all depends on type of computer and its power as well as skills of user. However, the next stage has -obvious leader.

2. Process after installation

As usual after installing Windows itself, you also have to install some programs as Word, browser or antivirus or anything else. What about Linux? It has some programs, which will be installed simultaneously with the system, so you won’t have to spend time. In this case, Linux seems to be better than Windows. Feel free to examine apps you should have after installing Linux. It will be extremely useful especially if you are a newcomer.

3. Features of programs

In Windows, we can see that there exist a register where a lot of data is saved. In fact, it is a huge space and it is not good. In Linux, all programs are separate units and most of them are portable unlike Windows. So it is really convenient. As a result, Linux is leader in this parameter too.

4. Different themes and individual approach

Another thing by which Linux is better is ability to set different themes you like and moreover you can set almost everything as you want it to be. In Windows you can do it. Of course, it is possible to change desktop wallpaper or change appearance of folders but it is not as wide and developed as in Linux. Feel free to know some more information about monitors as important part of computer and read about dual computer monitor, their advantages and possible problems.

5. Pirates and free programs

Finally, the greatest thing Linux can offer you is a huge amount of absolutely free programs. As a result, such notion as hackers and cracked programs almost never will bother you if you are using Linux. In Windows, you have to buy a lot of programs starting from Word and ending with antivirus. So we can prove that Linux is cheaper and can save your money.

6. Customer support

As we mentioned above Windows is extremely popular among users while Linux only began to gain its power. However, you will easily find required information about some errors or problems. It will be easy to do both for Linux and Windows users. If you want to get support with subject or tasks you received at school, read about class mentor – you best assistant.

7. Drivers for devices

Linux is quite successful in installing drivers, however by this parameter Windows is better. It will find required version and it can work with some devices that Linux has problems with. It may be video cards or printer, so sometimes it may be really disappointing that Linux can’t work well with some devices. Here we must admit that Windows is an obvious leader. Moreover, it has fewer amounts of different bags with installing of drivers.

8. Specific applications

Of course, Linux is great because it has a lot of free programs and they are installed with the system. However, if you want some programs in certain sphere, which is quite narrow, you may have problems. Linux has mostly general applications while for Windows you will find almost anything you want. The question will be only in price of this application. Sometimes it can be as expensive as the most expensive alcohol drinks.

Another problem is that such famous applications as Skype will work better and stable on Windows, however there exist both versions for Windows and for Linux. The same thing can be seen in connection with other programs. First of all, it is happening because Windows for today is still more popular than Linux and has more users.

9. Protection and viruses

It should be mentioned that there are a lot of antiviruses for Windows and it is great. However, for Linux you may not need antivirus at all. Why? Because there are no malware and viruses written for Linux. It is quite strange but it can be explained by the fact that Windows is still used more widely.

10. Stability and speed

Unfortunately, Windows is becoming hungrier. It eats more and more sources and requires more and more RAM for example. What about Linux? Well, some latest versions like Ubuntu are also quite hungry, however you can at least choose different ones. Linux Mint, for example is really fast and requires not as much sources as Windows does.

11. System for gamers

Here Windows is leader again, because almost all games are made for this system and you will hardly ever find some for Linux. That’s why Windows seems to be system for gamers, while Linux is a system for programmers. So if you are a gamer and can’t live without games you should refuse from Linux.

What can we say, to sum up all the information mentioned above? We can say that the choice is not as easy as it may seem. Of course, some years ago, leadership of Windows was beyond controversy, but during last years, Linux did a lot of innovations and developed its system. If earlier Windows had better design, now Linux is flexible and you can create your own design. If earlier Windows has better functioning, now Linux also has it and it is no more a system where you can do everything only with the use of command line.

So, it’s up to you to decide, however the biggest obstacle between users and Linux is games and some programs, that are not released for this system. Anyway, it is never late and it is not a problem to install two systems on computer in order to compare systems by yourself. Have fun with Linux and enjoy its functions and abilities it gives you.

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