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How To Be Successful In Weight Lifting Gym?


Shape of human’s body was greatly appreciated during Renaissance times and now this tendency seems to come back. Without doubts, there are many positive things for people in visiting gyms. Of course, they make their body stronger as well as it looks great. Want to look great at school? You can get help with classes online at a cheap rate and be the best student. Unfortunately, we can find negative sides of gym as some people become addicted of it and can’t live without it. However, maybe it is not so bad?

Maybe the worst thing is that some people, especially newcomers want to be big and have huge muscles after week of training. Some just can’t evaluate their opportunities and those of their body and organism. That’s why we decided to discuss this topic and provide you with some information. Many of it you may know, but this knowledge doesn’t always prevent new sportsmen from faults. It’s quite strange, isn’t it? Person knows some rules, but for some unclear reasons makes everything wrong. So, here you will find some really useful tricks and hints. Every sport has its kings. Feel free to read Michael Jordan bio – this player was real king of basketball. If you read a lot of information about gym, you can also become star in this sport.

Beginning of the path

So, one day you came home and stumble upon some videos in the Internet where saw beautiful girls in the gym. Of course, they are not the only motivation for you. You always wanted to go there and make your body great as a statue of athlete, hewn from granite. This day came and you decided to go to weight lifting gym. You may not know brief history of jazz, but there are some facts about gym you should know even before going there. Let’s see them:

1.What to wear?

You may have a desire to be fancy, but there are some advices. First, wear clothes, which are comfortable for you and won’t make you feel as an alien among other guys in the gym. Of course it’s up to you to decide, however you may wear some kind of shirt so hands will be open up to shoulders and it allows to see how muscles work and what exactly muscles are working at that or another time. If you are shy because of having a thin hands, feel free to wear a hoody for example and train with comfort.

Another question is a good footwear for gym. You may even found top of trainers to wear. There are two main criteria for footwear. First of all it should be convenient for you. Second: forget about step-ins forever! It is not appropriate for gym, so leave them for summer and beach. In other way, you may get a lot of problems because of wearing them in the gym. And we don’t talk that other guys will beat you. We talk that this kind of footwear may cause some problems with feet.

So, as you know now what to take, there is another important thing to know before going to gym.

2. What is your type of body?

Some people already know that they have extra weight and go to the gym to lose some weight. Others think that they are too slim and want to raise some kilos. Anyway, you should know more about your body type, because each of them requires different trainings and approaches in nutrition. So, feel free to read about different body types and their features.

As you did it we may go to the next steps.

Questions after beginning

Here will be some questions that newcomers ask often.

1. Do I need coach or not?

This is quite often question. However, only you can give answer on it. First, think if you can organize yourself well. If you have some knowledge about different groups of muscles and basic exercises, you may try to train hard by your own. If you are absolutely new in this sport and don’t have to save money strictly, you should better find a professional coach. He will help you with trainings, exercises and even with nutrition. He won’t feed you of course, but he will say what is better to eat and may make a diet for you. Coach can also test your basic abilities and chose appropriate program of training. If you need help with your test at school or university ask us for it and be calm.

2. How long should I train?

So, you decided to train without coach. You came to the gym and there is another question that can rise. An average training should be not more than hour and a half. However, it depends on type of body you have. Another important thing is breaks between sets. If you want to gain weight, for example, it is better to make longer breaks. On the other hand, if you want to lose weight, make breaks short, but not too short, because it will be extra stress on heart. So you don’t want gym to become your death penalty, do you? You can read more about it: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/the-death-penalty-need-or-crime-against-humanity.

3. What exercises to do?

If you have coach, this question won’t disturb you. However what if you don’t? We won’t describe every exercise in details of course, but we can advise you to start with basic exercises which are bench press, deadlift, lifting barbell with stress on biceps and squats.

Another thing we should point out: don’t make too much sets especially at first. Your desire can be explained, of course, but you don’t want to feel as a worm next morning, do you? It is always better to gain stress gradually.

Now we want to offer you some other articles:

Extra hints and advices

1. Don’t be afraid to ask

You come to the gym maybe not at first and have some new exercises to do. Unfortunately, you are not sure about how to do them. You may be shy and try to do it as you have understood. However, it’s not a good way. You may get injuries, or become the top clown of the gym. It is better to ask somebody about that or another exercise, or ask somebody to check if you do it right.

Or another situation: you want to make some bench press sets. Hope you know that such exercises must be performed with somebody who insures you. In this case, it is a real need to ask somebody for help. Because to be pinned by a barbell is absolutely unpleasant thing. These advices are less funny than Red Nose Day important facts of course, but better don’t forget about them.

2. How to choose guy that will help?

As we pointed out in previous paragraph, you should ask somebody for help and don’t be afraid of it. However, there is a problem in choosing this person. Of course you can go to the first person you see and ask for help. However, there are different people who go to the gym. The best category is those guys who are quite big and do exercises with high weight. They don’t talk a lot as usual and don’t give advices. However, you should ask them. Try to be logic and don’t take much time. Any of them will help you, be sure. Don’t be afraid and to make you self-esteem higher read about some disasters, to ensure that ask somebody for help is not the most scaring thing: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-13-natural-disasters-in-the-world.

3. Respect others and know some traditions

As usual, newcomer can be always recognized in the gym. He goes anywhere he wants or even worse: he roam along the gym and do one exercise at one time and then goes to another training apparatus.

So there are some rules you should and even must stick to. First of all, don’t sit on one training apparatus for the whole training and during minutes of break. Remember that others also may need this trainer and you are not the only one in the gym. Moreover, you should do not the only exercise during the whole training. Want to get help? Read more about class mentor – your online helper with home task.

Another important thing that you must know is that disks should be put off the barbell after you finish all sets with it. Nobody should do this for you. Moreover, people who don’t remember this rule are not resected.

Finally, point, which is connected with previous one: ask others about that or another barbell. If you see some disks on it, ask if anybody needs them. Because unfortunately still not everybody follow previous rule. Take somebody’s barbell with disks is the worst thing you can ever do.

The last thing in our list is more a tradition rather the rule. Don’t step over a barbell with some disks. Because many sportsmen have a legend, that after it they won’t be able to raise higher weight and progress will be stopped. Just a tradition, but you should better follow it.

So as you can see there are many different traditions and rules. Although they are not written as usual, they should be respected. Now you can be sure that everything will be okay, so download some top music bands and their songs and go to gym. Make your body strong and meet new people, who may be your friend for the next years. Enjoy gym and feeling that you change yourself to better.

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