Microsoft Scorpio Vs. Nintendo Switch: Choose Wisely


Everybody of us has at least once played consoles. One people remember first models of them, while others have Xboxes at home. If you like to play games using console and you are a great gamer write us “take my online class for me” and we will do it while you will receive more free time. Consoles are great and every gamer likes them. However, nowadays consoles are developing extremely fast. Which one is better and why? It a hard question especially in modern world. First of all let’s go back to history for a little bit.

1. Some events from history of consoles

Do you remember those times when consoles just began to appear? First generation of them appeared in 1970s. Most of us remember Sega consoles. They appeared in 1983s and can be ranked to the third generation of consoles. However, from 1983s we can also find name Nintendo – console that we will talk about later.

Why we stopped on this date? Because exactly from this date Nintendo started its popular existence. First model of console was made for Japanese but it spread immediately to the USA and became extremely popular there. You may not know all these facts, but you definitely know about game “Super Mario”. This game was made by Nintendo. It is the visiting card of the company. Of course, it would strange to compare first Nintendo and first Microsoft Xbox. If you like to compare thigs and fan of Sherlock Holmes read this article:

In 1990s with production of 16 bit Sega, which is also well - known, Nintendo was pushed into the shadow. In fact, this position became quite habitual for the company since 1990s. So time passed, 16 bit consoles changed into 32 bit and then into 64 bit ones. Of course, Nintendo consoles were popular as well as their main opponent – Sega. They were compared as much as some modern games like Counter Strike and Dota2 are compared now. Read some reasons to compare these two games:

Everything changed in 1994 when PlayStation from Sony saw the world. That was a real sensation for gamers and console became extremely popular. As a result, Sony became the top console producer and giant in game industry.

We talk about it because then, when Microsoft released Xbox in 2001, Microsoft and PlayStation became two main opponents like Sega and Nintendo were before. Since 2001, Nintendo was completely forced to go into shadow. Ask anybody about top consoles and they will tell you that they are PlayStation and Xbox. Only few people may name Nintendo. You can also get acquainted with some Microsoft application and with Microsoft word useful hacks.

However, we should respect this company, because they didn’t stop their struggle in game industry and although they lost leading position in console world they are well known as game developers.

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2. Back to modern world

Let us go back to our years. Everything seemed to be stable: PlayStation and Xbox are total hosts in the world of consoles; they produce one console after another. Last models PlayStation4 and Xbox 1 can be ranked to the eight generation of consoles, which have made extremely long and thorny path. Both these models are great and can work with big screen having special 4K system of image. Question what to choose Xbox or PlayStation can be heard as often as question about dogs vs cats choice.

However, in modern world, nothing is stable. That’s why while Microsoft was preparing to show new monster: Microsoft Scorpio, and PlayStation prepared their PlayStation 4 Pro, everybody forgot about Nintendo. They did it in vain. Because Nintendo presented their console: Nintendo Switch. Now we will try to find out why it became well known and popular and moreover it raised up to the same level as Microsoft Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro. Let’s look at Microsoft Scorpio at first.

Microsoft Scorpio: the most powerful Console

So, at E3 - exhibition of game industry inventions Microsoft presented new model of Console. There was no usual name as we all used to see: instead of usual Xbox visitors could see name “Project Scorpio”. However, name Xbox Scorpio, is also right. Release of this monster is planned on 2017 and as company says, it will be more powerful than its predecessor. This step was made to compete with Sony, which will also release new console.

Although almost nothing is known about console, there is some information that can be mentioned. So, as Microsoft said this would be the most powerful console in game industry. As Microsoft had argue with Sony about what a true 4K is, company made efforts for their new project to be able to support true 4K gaming and streaming. However, this is quite doubtful statement as 4K itself is still not very developed and spread.

One of good news is that Xbox Scorpio will be compatible with Xbox 1. As company said, Xbox Scorpio will allow gamers to enjoy higher resolution, frequency and quality of image itself. As we can see, the main point is graphics and exactly this is the main goal for Microsoft: make graphics better. However, let’s be honest, this chase is eternal and not only for Microsoft. Read about such eternal thing as music and popular music bands, which gives it to humanity.

Another thing is power: Xbox Scorpio will be more powerful; for example system memory bandwidth will be 320Gb per second while in Xbox 1 it was only 68 Gb per second. So as we can see Microsoft is interest in good graphics and in creating the most powerful machine which will shame other consoles made by Sony or Nintendo. They have all rights for it of course, but let’s look at Nintendo Switch now.

Nintendo Switch: shy console which is great

While Microsoft is busy making the greatest console in the world, Nintendo presented their version, which became more than just popular: Nintendo Switch. They didn’t pretend to create the most powerful thing in game industry. Their secrets are hidden in other sphere.

If Microsoft and Sony struggle for power, Nintendo created something unusual. Overall, they didn’t have a choice, because imitation of Xbox will be a complete failure. We can say with sure, that Nintendo Switch is a good example of how something new can be created if you can just digress from some obvious things. Do you want to find more interesting articles and know more about us? Feel free to read about online class mentor – company that helps students.

As Nintendo workers say, for them it is important to create fun games and nothing else is more important. So, what did Nintendo Switch not such as Xbox or PlayStation? They created a console, which you can take anywhere and play anywhere. Their main goals were design and convenience. You need a portable device? No problem, just put two parts of joystick and stick them to the screen. You want to play on a big screen? Still not a problem. Put small screen into special dock station, connect it with your TV. Two parts which you can stick to the phone can be also joined into a separate joystick as standard one.

This great console will appear in March, 2017 so thousands of people are waiting for it. To sum up, Nintendo gives you a lot of convenient things as portable device and living room device in one console. There are many pleasant trifles included. By the way, do you remember that we told about Mario – symbol of Nintendo? New version of the game will be made for Nintendo Switch. Have any troubles with tests in school? Ask us to make your test online.

Let’s sum up information mentioned above. Although Microsoft has more chances and its Xboxes are more popular, Nintendo can compete and maybe even win. Choice between Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Scorpio will reduced to choice between good style, practical convenience and quite good power of Nintendo against great power of Microsoft. Microsoft’s console is as powerful as top the worst natural disasters taken together.

But let’s be honest: Scorpio may be great and powerful but is there any sense in it if there are almost no games which really require such resources? At the same time Nintendo gave some fresh idea in style and use of console as well as they really concentrated not only on power but on games themselves and convenience for gamers. So, it’s only you who can decode and choose of course, but we have all used Microsoft at least once. Why not to give a chance to Nintendo? They deserve it aren’t they?

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