List Of Disappearing Professions


Everybody can see good side of industrial revolution as well as in today’s modern developments which coming out extremely often. There are many pros of course. One of the greatest is that it makes life easier. However, from the other hand with coming of machine’s era many people can’t find job because machine will do it better and faster. Are you ready to pay someone to take cheap online class? Feel free to ask us and get your classes well done.

So some people had definite professions. With coming of machines, they may lose them. Why? Because machines can make some professions better and faster than person does. One of the brightest examples is calculation. It is good in a way because everything is made faster and better, but from the other point of view it means that people are left without job and money and have to find new occupation. It can be hard and to do it person should know how to grasp new information and have desire to learn something absolutely different. Another way is that professions may become quite rare. So, today we will talk about some professions which are on the verge of extinction.

1. Printing worker

We might see many newspapers such as The New York Times or Daily News thirty or forty years ago. Earlier young boys went through the streets with barrow full of fresh issue and sold it to people. Nowadays it would be quite strange and very rare sight. It is because printing media is becoming less and less demanded. As a result, less and less printed newspapers and magazines are produced. You can see era of newspapers in such famous books as Sherlock Holmes. Feel free to find some Sherlock series vs book difference.

Person who printed them and looked at the process in order to make high quality newspapers or magazines was a printing worker. Such profession still exists. However, let’s look at some facts. For now, only about 276,000 people work at such job. It’s not big number and moreover it will decrease: it is expected to fall down for not less than 5% in next five years.

So it happens just because of modern technologies and the Internet. Why person will buy magazine or newspaper if there is a lot of information in the Internet and it is free. Some newspapers attempted to adjust to new age of technologies and created online versions, which are quite popular. However, in anyway there is less and less needs to print some newspapers. That is why profession is about to disappear. However, people who loose job shouldn’t give up. They need motivation and you can find it in top motivating movies.

2. Fisher

Earlier this job was quite popular and interesting. Although it is still very interesting, less and less fishermen can be seen in the sea. Earlier a lot of people had boats and occupied this profession. Nowadays things have changed. First of all it happened because new automatized Fishing trawlers appeared. They are more productive then separate small boats. Another reason is growing of import of sea products.

Numbers can say that there are only about 31,000 people who work as fishermen. So, we can see some contradictions: from the one hand, automatized new trawlers allow fishing to be more productive, on the other hand less workers needed, so many people have lost this job. We can only hope that fishing will be popular at least as hobby because it’s great thing to do and interesting to watch how different fish resist fisherman.

3. Desktop publisher

Somebody may not even hear about this profession. It is okay, because there are only about 16,000 desktop publishers in the USA. In general, these people create different layouts for books or other sources using computer. You can find more detailed information about what does a desktop publisher do.

It is quite interesting job; however borders between it and such professions as web designer or graphical designer are quite unclear and vague. That’s why this profession is superseded by graphic designers or copy editors, for example. We can observe a kind of merging of tasks, which editor designer and desktop publisher do into one task required for modern designer. That’s why being only a desktop publisher is not enough and that’s why the profession is about to disappear. Good positions are quite rare like a good music. However, you can find some good bands here:

4. Farmers and agricultural managers

There are many people who have such professions: about million people in the USA. However, this number will decrease in future. Although now there are many people occupied in this sphere, new technologies and constant competition with other countries will lead to decreasing of this job popularity.

Moreover, as some products are grown up today without help of farmers in a chemical way, who knows what will happen in future? Maybe all our food will be made in such way so we won’t need fields and agriculture at all. However, more probably, amount of farmers will decrease but won’t disappear at all, because humanity can’t live without many food that is produced of crops, which farmers are growing up.

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5. Insurance underwriter

This is a person who can determine risk of giving insurance to the client. This person also has to set conditions of insurance. Earlier this mission was on people, who had required abilities. However nowadays there are special computer programs, which allow calculating risks and all other required data. That’s why the profession of an Insurance Underwriter will become less and less spread. Nowadays there are about 106,000 workers in this sphere but in future, this number will decrease. Don’t know how to pass an exam? Ask us and get high quality help with exams.

6. Sewing machine operator

Although handmade production is good, it is also too expensive. Moreover, nowadays, automatization of sewing machines allows doing the same job faster and producing more goods. Of course such things as trousers fitting or zipper sewing are still can be done better by people not by machines, however a lot of other functions are better done by machines. Feel free to read about leaver’s lace and its history:

Numbers say that nowadays in the USA about 160,000 people work as sewing machine operators; however, by 2020 this number will decrease to 121,000. It has logic because automatization will gradually make fully automatized machine, which will be better than person. Moreover, maybe in some years we will have special clothes as can be seen in “Back To The Future”, that will change size depending on person’s height and body type, so machines will just make clothes of one size, without help of people.

7. Logging worker

Logging workers are people who make wood and cut trees. Nowadays there are about 44,000 of workers; however, there are some factors, which will lead to decrease of this number. One of them is a policy of the USA nowadays limits logging workers and wood production in general. It happens because thousand acres of wood were cut down and it doesn’t have time to recover. This will lead to change of lands and many other unpleasant effects. That’s why government had to agree new laws. They are quite good for nature, however sometimes laws can be cruel. You can read death penalty essay to make sure in this.

Because of this policy, amount of logging workers needed before, is not needed now. So, in next five years number will decrease to about 38,000 workers in this sphere. Another worth-mentioning thing is that more and more production nowadays is made from plastic and other materials, which in some ways have better characteristics than wood does, so they become more and more popular. So, demand for wood may decrease even more.

8. Postal - service worker

As we said at the beginning of the article, postal service workers lose their job. There are some reasons for this profession to disappear or at least number of workers may decrease greatly. First reason is Internet. Nowadays more and more people send e-mails. It is free and it is faster. Moreover, your letter won’t be lost.

Another reason is that sorting job which earlier was made by postal service workers, now mostly made by machines. So the only reason why post still exist is parcel sending. Unfortunately, there is no way to send them without help of postal service workers. It is good for workers, but not good for those who send and receive these parcels, because as usual, they can be lost and you have to wait for extremely long period of time.

Nowadays in the USA there are more than 490,000 workers of postal service, however this number will decrease. Maybe in some years there will be invented some things which will make delivery faster. For example, special machines or drones will deliver them to your house. It will be convenient and faster. Or maybe one day one may send postal and other person will just open special box and this postal will be already in it. This is a dream for many people to be able to send some packages as e-mail - very fast and for free.

9. Travel agent

Some years ago, if you wanted to go in tour you should telephone to an agency and ask travel agent to plan your tour. It coasted good amount of money and required time.

Nowadays things are easier. Although you still can ask agency to plan your travelling, it is cheaper to surf the Internet and plan your tour by your own. You will be able to visit only those places, which you are really interested in. Moreover, you will know more about different cities and countries. If you want to know more about our online classes feel free to do it. Finally, nowadays there is a thing available that travel agent can’t do: it is possibility to walk through the streets of different cities using google maps. As a result, number of people occupied in this area will decrease from about 73,000 to 64,000.

So as we can see things are changing in our modern world. It means that some professions, which were popular and stable thirty years ago are not profitable now. Unfortunately, nobody is insured. The only thing you can do is try to learn some extra information and do not concentrate on one job only. The more you know the more chances you have to find better job or just another one if something is happened. So, learn something new as often as possible, be wise and don’t be afraid of changes – try to use them for your profit.

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