Why Cyber Education Should Be Taught In Primary School


Computers nowadays are probably one of the most important part of everybody’s life. Earlier adults could just go for a walk and children just played outdoors. Now, we can see that children really like computer games and the Internet. Feel free to check if you know history of Internet well enough. Modern children find many different things there from safe games like snake to some dangerous materials. If adults can understand what kind of site they deal with, children as usual are very trustful and therefore can be deceived easily.

There are many possibilities for education, which Internet provides children and teacher with: from taking classes online to organization web conferences with foreign students. Unfortunately, together with many profits there are many danger. The most outstanding is cyber danger. Every system of education in every country can’t stop talking about interactive ways of teaching and studying. It means usage of Internet sources and computers. However, does it have a good base? Is every child aware of cyber safety? This controversy of modern education raises many other problems, because sometimes system of education should move forward, but there are some obstacles. That’s why we should look at the question of cyber education and its importance.

In some countries, schools give cyber education to children and teach them some basic things. However, is it enough? That is a question. Of course, there are people who think that cyber education is not necessary. We can even give some of their thoughts:

1. Why should my children learn this?

Many parents think that their child is not an IT specialist and so he must not know anything about cyber safety and about protection in the Internet. Of course, this is a completely wrong point of view. Such parents should understand that if they pretend not to notice dangerous things in the Internet, it doesn’t mean that these things don’t exist. If you have doubts in this statement, read about Bermuda Triangle – place which exists, but at the same time remains a white patch in the history: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/bermuda-triangle-place-of-mystery.

2. School is not an appropriate place

“If my child wants to know more about cyber education, he can go to special courses” – this is what parents can often say. However, if school offers such opportunity as a part of curriculum, why should you spend extra money? If all parents agree that cyber education is important, school will have more motivation to develop better classes and create more materials for children, because as for now creating a good and interesting for children program on cyber education seems to be as hard as to solve the Rubix cube.

3. I can do it for my child

Another opinion of parents, is that they can provide a safe cyber space for their child. Of course, it’s partly true. Parents can care about online activity of their child, can install good antivirus, can even block some sites, which are harmful for child’s development and mind. However, earlier or later, child will be left one on one with some situation which require cyber education. You can read more about cybersecurity for child.

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In the first part of our article, we looked at top of parents’ wrong thoughts about cyber education. Now let’s look at the reasons, why cyber education should become a part of education in schools and even to be taught from primary school.

Why cyber education is important:

1. It can be used every day

Let’s look what do children do every day. They come to school and there they have some computer science classes. Then they may go to other lessons and there they work with computer again. After it, they return home and what do they do? Right, they switch on their computer but now for relax, watch some movies and chat with friends. By the way, do you think people can live without social networks? Look for different opinions here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/can-you-imagine-our-life-without-social-websites.

As we can see, children deal with computers every day. Of course, they also have other gadgets as tablets and phones, but there is almost the same situation with them. It shows that if child knows at least basic information about cyber safety, which cyber education may give him, he will avoid danger and unpleasant situations, which are waiting for him every day. It means cyber education can be very helpful and it’s not a useless subject, because child can use theoretical information on practice every day as he uses his computer or phone. Feel free to use your computer and check some info about online class mentor.

2. It gives more opportunities

When computers are part of job and career, knowing how to protect yourself is a great advantage when you are applying for a job, for example. So it’s better to start learning this information since the primary school when you are a child, then try to catch all the information for few months, because these skills are required for that or another job. Because nowadays, every job in office requires good skills in work with computer, and probably only the most unusual jobs won’t require such skills.

3. Children are the most vulnerable PC users

Probably, the main reason for giving a cyber education since primary school is that small children are very trustful and the Internet is full of things, which can easily play tricks with you. Sometimes even adults may appear in trap. That’s why children should know how to be safe and what they shouldn’t do in the Internet. Feel free to read about danger of the Internet to children.

Moreover, children spend a lot of time in front of computers. If adults prefer to watch some movies, children prefer to play games and also those in browser. That means children are more subjected to risk that adults. Children also less patient and like to click different images even those of ads. So cyber education will definitely teach them not only about viruses but about behavior in the Internet. Accounting the fact that parents may not have enough time or skills for it, cyber education seems to be of great importance. If you have a test that is of great importance for you, feel free to check what help can class mentor provide you with.

4. Internet is not a safe source of getting information

Children get a lot of information in the Internet nowadays. It’s great and even cyber education can be partially taught with the help of Internet sources. The irony is in that children may know about safety of the Internet mainly through the Internet itself. It means that there should be a safe source at the beginning of their cyber education. That’s why cyber education is important – it gives basics and then, children can use them in their further cyber education.

To sum up we can say that cyber education is important thing, that should become a part of curriculum in every school. Modern education can’t be modern without using of innovational technologies such as computer and the Internet. However, before using them, users should be conscious and safe. That means children should learn at least basic notions about cyber safety before using computer and Internet every day. That’s why cyber education is irreplaceable not only in modern education but in the modern world in general.

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