The Strangest Professions You Could Ever Know


Everybody tries to choose the job he wants. It is very important to find occupation you like, because in the other way you will be unhappy. If you want to be happy and always know your classes, feel free to write us “take my online course for fee”. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find the job you really like. Some people always complain that they have low salary or their profession is annoying. The worst thing is when person graduates from the university, receives diploma and then understands that profession he has chosen is not interesting for him.

Of course it is hard to find something really interesting and with good salary. However, today we will give you a list of professions that are more than strange and moreover sometimes they are even well-paid. So let’s look at some of them and you will see that maybe your job is not so bad. You can also find some information about top disappearing professions.

1. People who cry at the funeral

As we all know in European countries people are always restrained and no emotions can be seen on their faces. However, Asian people exceed them and they can’t cry even at the funeral: so strictly restrained they are. That’s why there is a profession, which is sometimes called as seller of tears.

These people are invited to the funeral and cry there. Sounds strange, isn’t it? Moreover they even has price list. Their offers are different: from simple crying to crying with ripping clothes and rolling on the floor. To get this job you should pass a kind of interview and test. You should know all traditions well and be able to start and stop crying at any moment. Sometimes things can make people cry. If want to feel some nostalgia feel free to read about famous actors and how they are looking now:

2. Person who sniffs others breath

How often do you have to sniff somebody’s breath, which is not pleasant? Some people do it every day. Just imagine how strong their nerves should be. It seems to have no sense at first. However, these people work at chewing gum factories. So some people eat some fast food or garlic, then use chewing gum. Workers then check if the gum works well and really makes breath good. It should overpower bad smell of garlic or fast food. This kind of job can’t be named as pleasant of course, however salary is quite high, so some people are ready for such job. However, such job as

world's most expensive cocktails taster will be better, of course.

3. Cleaner of ears in bathhouse

Chinese seem to be at the top among all nations who have strange professions. This one can be also find in China, where in bathhouse you will see man or women with cotton swabs who will offer you to clean your ears. It is quite strange thing: to clean somebody’s ears, isn’t it? What makes it even stranger is place where process is happening. If you like this list, we also recommend you to read about strange holiday known as a Pancake Day:

4. Good salary for doing nothing

There was a huge contest and from 35 thousand people one lucky man was given to this job. Well, talking honestly it is hard to call it a job. First of all you have to live at a great island in luxury villa. Your obligations are to feed turtles, look at corrals and write about it in the blog.

Many people will desire to get such job even if there is no salary. However, this one gives twenty thousand dollars every month, which makes desire even stronger. So as we can see sometimes you really don’t have to work hard in order to earn money. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), such job is very rare. If you want to know more about different professions or find one that provides you with a good salary, feel free to read about top jobs in the USA.

5. Dice expert

It’s not a secret that some casinos cheat and dice are made in the way casino and person who throws them can predict result and knows it. That is why many institutions of this type have hired dice expert: person whose job is to check dice and tell players that they are all right. It seems to be a good step towards an honest game. Unfortunately, we can’t know if this dice expert is cheating or no. Do you think that only men can be good at such occupation? Or maybe it’s just a stereotype about men and women and their role in the society? Feel free to check it on the example of women's participation in sport and you will be surprised.

6. Penguins turners

Everybody likes penguins but these people are ready to overcome cold weather and go to Antarctica. What do they do there? It happens sometimes that penguins may fall on their back and it was proved that they can’t raise up from such position. So penguins turners help them and therefore save them from death.

7. Person who works with cigars

Here we can talk about two occupations. First is a person who works as entertainer. As a fact, this job is similar to one that buffoons did. He tells some jokes and funny stories to people who wrap cigars. What is his aim? As the mood of tobacco wrappers is good, their job will be better and quality will be higher. So, in some way this job has sense. If you have strange subject and it is hard for you to distinguish right answers during a test, ask as to help you with test and feel oaky about it.

Another job connected with cigars is called cigars sorter. However, this person doesn’t sort them by place of origin or other parameters. It would be too easy. This worker sorts them by their color. The fact that all cigars are of brown color and only shades are different, makes this job extremely hard and requires good color distinguishing.

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8. Water slide tester

When some water slides are built, aqua park owners want to ensure that it is safe. For this purpose, such profession as water slide tester was created. There are some good workers known all over the world and you may read about Tom Lynch – water slide tester. As he said, the hardest thing in his job is that swimming trunks are wiped extremely fast, so he has to buy new. However, with all fun he has, it’s not a big problem.

9. Person who stands in a queue

This profession appeared in Britain some years ago. British people spend a lot of time standing in the queue. However, new workers will do it instead of you. You can make your affairs while specially trained person will be in a queue instead of you. This kind of job is will paid and person who decided to hire such worker will have to pay about forty dollars per hour. Anyway, for those who earn more it will be better to work than spend time standing in queue and waiting for nothing. Want to know more about online classes that we offer you? You should do it and your life will become easier.

10. Clown at the funeral

This job is rare now however many centuries ago in Rome it was popular. Funeral clown wore clothes of dead person and behaved like him, joked and drank with other people. It may be quite strange, however Romans made holiday from funeral. Nowadays we have such tendency in some countries too.

11. Dogs and cats food tester

Sometimes in comedies, it is possible to see person who eats dog food but it is just a joke. However, in real life such profession exists. As cats and dogs can’t describe taste and if they like their food or not, some people work as testers. So they really eat dog or cat food and then decide if it is good for animals or not.

12. Golf ball diver

As usual divers are extremely useful people, they save lives, search for some archeologically important things at the shore of the ocean or sea. However, golf divers are absolutely different. As you know sometimes in golf there are areas with water and ball doesn’t always overcome them. Rich people who play golf won’t dive for the ball of course. That’s why they hire divers. Choosing a job is as important as choosing a good sport. If you want to choose appropriate sport for you examine reasons to choose bicycle.

13. Worms collector

These people came to their job in the evening. They find wet places and then they collect worms. It sounds disgusting and not very pleasant; however, for tin of worms it is possible to earn about eighteen dollars. So maybe it is worth-trying?

14. Dogs’ detective

In some cities, having pets is an expensive pleasure because you have to pay tax. That’s why people sometimes try to hide the fact that they have dog at home. They thought they could cheat government. However, government was smarter. Dogs’ detective is a person who visits different people and barks. It sounds strange but dogs always answer on this barking and as a result, owners receive fee and government make people pay tax anyway.

As we can see, there are many different professions. Some of them just strange while others are also well - paid. Some jobs offer good salary and you don’t have to do anything. Another conclusion that can be made is that you shouldn’t be afraid and try yourself in different spheres. If you think you will like definite job try it no matter how strange it is. Good luck to you and find a good and unusual job.

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