Music In Your Ears: How To Choose Good Headphones?


You can’t live without music? Fortunately, nowadays you can take it with you everywhere: all you should do it load it on phone or Mp3 player. Nowadays you can also take college classes online from home, but let’s concentrate on music. Another thing you need except phone or Mp3 player is to find a good headphones. Hope you agree that listen to music using your phone dynamic looks not good. There are many reasons to buy headphones so let’s talk about them at first.

Why to buy headphones?

There are some main reasons to do this. First of all you will be able to listen to music everywhere and you won’t bother people by it. You can just enjoy your favorite songs sitting somewhere in park. Another reason, which is also great, is that you can insulate yourself from the whole world. Here we mean that you won’t have to listen somebody’s problems or somebody’s annoying phone talking. You just take phones, put them into ears and hear beautiful music instead of this. Headphones are also very useful for regular weight training workouts, because it is more pleasant to train with music.

Now, when some convincing reason were given, let’s try to find out what exactly headphones you need and how to choose them.

How to choose headphones?

It is very important to make a good choice so your new headphones won’t be broken in a couple of months. Here are some point you should take into consideration.

1. Types of headphones

This is a thing that divides all audiophiles. Of course, it’s mostly a question of convenience and preferences but let’s stop at it. It should be mentioned that headphones can be divided into two big groups: earphones and headphones. First are to be put exactly into an ear while second are put over your head and over ears. As for every object, there are some pros and cons connected with headphones and earphones as well as we can find benefits of dual monitors as well as some cons of them. Let’s single out pluses and minuses of each type.

Why earphones are good?

1. Earphones can be a good choice for those who appreciate flexibility: earphones can be easily folded and put into your bag even if it is not big and doesn’t have a lot of space.

2. Another plus is that earphones are cheap as usual and there is a wide range of them, so you can find something good even among cheap models. If you don’t save money and like to buy expensive thing you will be interest to know about some expensive cocktails:

3. Finally the third plus is that earphones are great in isolating sounds. If you don’t want to hear anybody and listen to music, without external noise, this type is the best choice.

What are the minuses of earphones?

1. If to talk about earphones, which are not vacuum headphones, it must be said that they won’t isolate outside noises well and moreover, people near you will hear your music and listen to it with you. If some can stand it, some will be very angry. Did headphones appear later then earphones? To answer this question we advise you to know some facts from history of headphones.

2. Unfortunately, vacuum earphones have some problems too. The biggest one is pads that are put on the end of them. Firstly, they can be small and not convenient for your ears, so they will hurt them and won’t isolate noises. Moreover, they will drop out of your ears regularly. However, you can solve this problem somehow by choosing appropriate pads, convenient for your ears.

The second problem can’t be solved so easily. The problem is that pads can be lost sometimes and as usual, there are only three pairs of them with headphones. As fact, you use only one because these pairs are of different sizes. So to lose pad is like being hacked. Of course, you can know what to do if you have been hacked as well as what to do if you lose pads, but it is better to avoid such situations.

3. Finally some doctors say that vacuum headphones have bad influence on ears because they always put inside and the sound is very close to eardrum  and press on it. However, if you don’t listen to music too loud and for ten hours every day it won’t be dangerous. It’s interesting to compare some things and if you like to do it you will also like to read about two modern consoles:

After a short break, we will know what good can be found in headphones and what other types of headphones exist. We will also talk about prices and other possible problems for both headphones and earphones.

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We singled out some features of earphones and now it’s time to talk about their compete – headphones.

Things “for” headphones

1. First of all headphones will never be lost and will never fall out of your ears. It is probably the biggest plus they have.

2. Another plus is that you can just put them off and hang on your neck. It allows you to avoid constant tangle of wires and as a result, headphones will have a long life. Of course, you can do such thing with earphones but part of wire around your neck will get greasy and then wire may just crack.

3. Finally, wireless headphones are quite good choice and are more widely observed then earphones. However, we don’t talk about price now. If you want to get help with test online for a low price our service may help you.

4. If you care about your health headphones will be better for you, because they have less influence of eardrums, because they don’t put into an ear so they are less harmful.

Things “against” headphones

1. Headphones are big and it means you should have enough space to put them somewhere. You can just hand them on neck of course, however it is not always a good choice.

2. Headphones are as usual more expensive than earphones. Of course, you may buy cheap ones but sound will be awful. You don’t want to listen to music as if it is played from a bucket, do you?

3. Headphones as usual, won’t isolate sounds as good as earphones. Even good headphones can’t isolate the sounds completely as well as music you listen to will be heard by somebody near you. However, it also depends on how loud you are listening to music.

4. If the weather is hot your ears will sweat under the headphones. It is really hot under them. From the other side they can warm your ears in winter.

Now, when we singled out some things, let’s talk a little about other types of headphones.

1. Wireless headphones

We have talked a little bit about them above but they should be distinguished. The greatest thing in them is that you won’t have to untangle wires every time. However, the minus of cheap models, is that sound is not good.

2. Behind the neck headphones

This type is like headphones but arc, which connected two parts, is behind your neck. This type is very convenient for those who doing sport often and don’t want to lose headphones with every movement. It is also good for people who use glasses, because usual headphones will press the earpieces, which is not pleasant. These headphones can be also used if you are riding a bicycle: they don’t isolate sounds so you will hear what is going on and at the same time enjoy music. If you don’t have a bicycle read arguments to choose bicycle.

3. Over the ear headphones

These are headphones, which have earpieces so they enfold back of the ear. They are convenient and are better ventilated than headphones, however they fail to isolate noises as usual and earpiece as usual not tight enough, so you won’t hear basses well as well as you will have to make volume high enough.

So, to sum up let’s make a short plan what to do when you come to the shop. Let’s assume that you have already chose type of headphones you want to buy. Want to know more about class mentor? Our company helps every student who needs help.

1. Decide how much money you are ready to spend

Here you should understand that cheap headphones may be broken faster, however sometimes it is not so. The weakest place of earphones and headphones is place near the mini jack.

2. Chose headphones in shop where you are allowed to listen to them

It is very important because buying headphones, which you can’t listen to before buying, is like buying good picture if you are blind. Firstly, you can’t test if headphones work good. Secondly, you can’t hear if they sound good, which is very important especially for cheap ones (expensive headphones sound good as usual).

3. Compare some models

Don’t be shy and ask seller to give you some different models of headphones. If you can spend big amount of money for them, anyway listen to some budged headphones or earphones. Sometimes it is possible to find something good among them.

If you listen to some models, you will be able to compare them and find the best variant. Moreover you will know if the earphones convenient for you or no.

4. Steel headphones vs plastic ones

It is mostly preference of taste, however mind that still earphones are more protected so if you drop them they won’t crack. Steel headphones are also easy to fix if something was broken inside the headphones, not near mini jack.

5. Pay attention to wires

Wires are important thing and the most vulnerable one. If wires are too thin they may snap, especially if earphones are steel. Anyway, headphones can be repaired and it is worth doing if they are your favorite ones. Feel free to read how to fix broken headphones.

So as you can see it is not easy to choose headphones, however we hope our advice will help you to do it. Remember that good headphones will give you a lot of enjoyment and good music will sound clear and exciting. It is better to buy good headphones once and use them for years than change them every month. However, if you know that your headphones die fast, maybe it is better to choose some budget models and buy them. Because it is a pity when expensive headphones stop working. So, be attentive and use your ears and soul to choose good headphones!

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