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Top Nature Miracles


Some people believe in miracles, some not. Every person chooses his way. However, when miracles are created by nature they are hard to disbelieve. If you believe in good marks and want to receive them, feel free to take a class online. So, nature can create something unique and something, which even highly developed nation of humans can’t repeat. Fortunately, in most cases people understand how happy they are with these miracles and care about them. So, you should know some great places on the map, which were created by nature and still cause respect among people. You may not believe into miracles like unicorn, but you can believe in miracle places as Bermuda Triangle. So we start our list and hope you will find it interesting. If you want to read about interesting habits of different people, you can also do it here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/the-strangest-traditions-and-habits-around-the-world.

1. Colorful hills in China

We all used to think that hills and mountains as usual something dull, grey and absolutely boring. However, nature created great mountains in China and Peru, which are unique and not like others. What is the secret? The thing is that mountains consist of different minerals and sands, which are susceptible to oxidation. So as a result of more than a thousand years long work of nature, we can find these mountains as they are now: beautiful and multicolor. If you like bright colors in nature as well as in movies you will like to know about motion capture technology – technology that made film industry great and wide.

2. Death Valley – example of angry nature

As every creature, nature can be angry. Death Valley is one of places, which shows it. This is a place where not everybody wants to appear. First of all it is extremely hot there. The highest temperature was fixed exactly there and it was more than fifty degrees. However, the most interesting fact is that despite all harsh conditions that weather created in this place, it is inhabited by people. However, it’s not common people but a tribe! You can read more about this tribe, because it’s quite unusual. Another interesting fact is that one of episodes of Star Wars was filmed at this place. Talking in general, it can be name a miracle because it is like a huge desert, which, however is inhabited and interesting for many people.

3. Chocolate from nature

The first point of our list is not the only example of how hills and mountains can be changed by nature. Another example is the so-called chocolate hills in Philippines. There are some hills, which are of brown color as a chocolate. They contrast greatly to another green surface. However, everything can be explained easily. There is a grass on the hills, which under the influence of sun turns into brown color. So you can’t eat the hills although it looks like a real huge chocolate bar. What can be sweeter than chocolate? Maybe only new Xbox console from Microsoft.

4. Grand Canyon

It’s not only one of the biggest canyons in the world, but also one of the most popular tourist attractions. As we can understand from its name canyon is very big, however it is quite good explored. Moreover, it’s the second place where tribe lives except of the Death Valley. Millions of tourists come to this place in order to admire variety of its landscapes. And there is really great variety of absolutely different hills and hollows as well as many caves of different origin.

5. Salar de Uyuni

Lake with salt water is already unusual and interesting. But what if it disappears and we will see big territory of land which was covered by water later? This one is situated in Bolivia and is more than three thousand meters above the sea level. Its territory is really huge – its area is more than ten thousand square kilometers. If you have kilometers of tasks and don’t want to struggle with them by you own feel free to read about online mentor, who will help you with tasks tests and even with exams.

However, the most interesting things happen after the rain. As this huge area is covered by salt and layer thickness is more than six meters, after the rain it turns into a huge mirror. So the sky can be seen clearly into it. So if you want to conquer the sky and walk across it, you know where to go now. If you want to visit this and other places, you should be trained well in order to come to areas, where there are almost no people and maybe even stay there for some time. So you need to know weight lifting exercises and make your body stronger.

Talking about people and profit for them, we can say that huge amount of salt and lithium are extracted. Talking about local people, they build houses of salt blocks, so tourists may stay inside for the night. It’s a kind of igloo at the North Pole but made of salt.

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Of course, nature is rich in such mysterious places, so we continue our list and you will know more interesting places. Maybe one day you will even visit some of them.

6. Tianzi mountains

These mountains are situated in China and they seem to be absolutely unreal. They look like it, however they are more than real and can be seen by anybody. These marble mountains as a fact are unity of some mountains which standing near each other. They are quite thin like needles and quite high. If you have strong nerves and are not afraid of height you can even walk through the ropeway and see mountains even closer. If you are afraid of height it’s better to stay home and solve Rubik’s Cube, because these mountains should be seen walking through a ropeway or even flying above them on a helicopter. Anyway, we have some hints for you about solving a Rubik’s Cube, so have fun and read them: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/ways-to-solve-rubiks-cube.

7. Red roads in Australia

Can you imagine that common road of usual color suddenly becomes red? It’s more than possible in Australia, if to be more precise at the Christmas Island. This small island is used by crabs! Yes, you understood it in a right way. Millions of crabs migrate from forests of this island to Indian Ocean shores. You may think that it’s okay, but it’s not. As a fact, it’s important occasion. Roads are becoming red because of crabs, moreover government can even enclose some roads so cars can’t use them and even some bridges can be built so that crabs could get their destination faster. As usual, this process takes about eighteen days. If you don’t want to be like a crab and don’t want to prepare for test during eighteen days, ask our online service to help you with test.

8. Home of the Snow Queen

If Snow Queen existed, she would probably live in this place. Huge ice cave situated in Austria is extremely popular among tourists. It’s feature is that ice doesn’t melt so cave exists constantly. Moreover, it has length about forty kilometers and deepness about four hundred meters. This place is extremely visited: more about two hundred fifty thousand people visit it every day. So, if you want to feel as a Snow Queen and walk throw cold but picturesque and gorgeous tunnels of the cave this one is the best variant.

There are different ways of travelling. You can take a plane or a car of course or travel by feet. However, there is another interesting way: take a bicycle and use it as a vehicle for moving. It’s quite interesting way of roaming around different places. Moreover, we have some points about why you should choose bicycle.

9. Lake in Tongariro National Park

This park is situated in New Zealand. Many people know that this country is also called Shaky Isles, because there are many volcanoes there. However, this lake is situated into one of an extinct volcanoes and it is a great sight. The lake has clear water of unusual color. This color changes during the day but the most interesting variant is emerald one. That’s why the lake is usually called Emerald Lake. So if you want to see beautiful lake in unusual place, you should go to New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park.

10. The Great Blue Hole

This is another unusual place situated in Belize. It’s a deep hole filled by water. However, under the water you can also find some interesting things. This place is very popular among divers. Feel free to read some facts about Great Blue Hole.

11. Shilin or mountains forest

This miracle is situated in China and it is like a forest, but instead of trees, you can observe many rocks. It looks extremely strange, because these rocks are intermingled with trees.

12. Place where Martians can live

Can you imagine surface of Mars somewhere on our Earth? You can see it by your own eyes. The lake called Natron situated in Tanzania and it really looks like Mars surface. Liquor of red color, which looks more like a chapped land in the desert than like water also has unpleasant smell. This place is quite strange and maybe not attractive. Those who might take a chance and try to swim in such liquor won’t stay alive because the temperature is about fifty degrees above zero!

As you can see, nature is very rich in miracles and there are many unusual places, which at the first sight may seem unreal. Although we have taken only twelve, there are more of them of course. So if you want to find a fairy tale on the Earth you should just look for some places and visit them. Our nature has already taken care about interesting places and created them.

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