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American Football: Game Of The Real Men


World of sport is great and large. Every person can choose something he or she likes. If you want to choose a road of good marks and ready to pay someone to take online class cheaply don’t hesitate because you have already found help. Of course, we used to see women in sports like tennis, gymnastics or calisthenics while men are usually can be seen in football or different martial arts. However, there is a game, which, without any doubts rejects women’s participation. Moreover, even some men don’t want to participate in such sport. The game, which is cruel, dangerous and harsh and at the same time extremely beautiful and exciting. This is American football, or as people in America call it, simply “Football”. Although women don’t participate in this sport, women's role in sports is extremely big and worth seeing.

We won’t argue about this game and about injuries people receive – we will just point some facts. Of course, this is one of the most traumatic sports, however players go in for it consciously. It means they understand how hard this game is and what possible difficulties they will have later. By latter, we mean not only time after every match, but period of life when person will be about 40 years old and all injuries will remember about themselves. However, let’s talk about everything in strict order with some facts and critical analysis.

Some facts from history of American Football

1. In 1823 a guy who played soccer took a ball and ran with it in his hands towards the football goal. At that time, it might be funny, but in the same year, a new game called rugby appeared. Feel free to read interesting facts about rugby.

2. First game was played in 1869 and was more like rugby or soccer then like American football, as we know it know. However, we should remember that without appearance of rugby, American Football might not be born at all.

4. Players played mostly using their legs until 1875, when finally one score began to be added for every touchdown (when player with the ball in hands ran to the final zone of the compete). If you want to be successful in any sport weight lifting gym tips won’t be excess.

3. Only in 1880 some strict rules and size of the field were fixed as well as amount of players (11 for each team).

4. Anyway, with appearance of touchdown many players tried to thwart competes by any possible methods. As a result traumatism highly increased and all in all public demanded to change rules or in another way to destroy the game at all. If you like history of different kinds of sport, you will also like history of creation of Chicago Cubs – baseball team: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/chicago-cubs-history-of-foundation.

5. As a result, rules changed and new equipment was created: shin-guards and leather helmets. However, the latter weren’t obligatory till 1939.

6. Twentieth century gave such occasions as appearance of NFL, first black player and finally, first TV translation of the match in 1939. Later AFL appeared, which stood only for American League and American teams. However, later AFL and NFL were united into one organization. They organized World Cups, which nowadays, are the most prestigious games in the world. Sport is not the only sphere in life, so if you want to be always modern feel free to read about Nintendo game system.

You can see that American Football as sport overcame long history. It is extremely popular nowadays, although it is still quite traumatic kind of sport. Stay with us and you will know some interesting facts about American Football and some problems it has.

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Hope you are still with us, so let’s look at some interesting facts about this game:

1. The first American football match had about thousand visitors. Nowadays more than hundred million Americans are constantly interested by events in NFL. We can say surely, that this game became more popular than TV series and shows. However, if you are interested in them feel free to read about the most popular: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-10-television-series-of-all-time.

2. Every second boy in the USA is dreaming about career of American Football player. The popularity of this sport career is as popular as career of military or pilot.

3. Although only 11 players can be at the field at the same time, there can be in general 54 spare players. Most of them can come to the field just to make some hits which they are good at. As a result, American Football has huge volume of rules. If you want to know more about rules of our service and order some essays or need help, feel free to get to know what class mentor is.

4. Support Group of girls makes game more exciting and they are very beautiful. One may think that they dancing just to support their team, however in professional matches every of them receives about fifty dollars per match.

5. NFL is an organization, which doesn’t pay any bills. You can read more facts about NFL.

6. About three thousand cows are needed to produce balls for American Football.

Now it’s time to go to our last point and talk about problems of American Football and its players.

Problems, which American Football gives to players

A lot of information can be found about negative influence of American Football on the health of players and their life in general. Let’s find some facts. If you want to pass your test or exams ask us to help you with hard exam and we will do it immediately.

First of all, it was a fact that average life length of American Football player is about 55 years while average American lives 77 years. Of course, the main problem is in a lot of hits especially to the head. It was even shown in a movie called “Concussion”, where a doctor discovered that all problems of American Football players and their deaths are connected with brain injuries they receive during the game. Of course, it’s up to you to believe this or not. However, there are some other facts as well.

Another problem is connected with style of life. First of all, statistics shows that about eighty percent of players lost their money in two years after retirement. It shows that these people can’t live without this game and they can’t find any other things to do. Another sad fact is that American Football players have problems with usual life and can be aggressive. Moreover, most of them have problems with planning some actions. It is, without doubts, result of systematic injuries and hits, which influenced their brain. However, profession of player is still not in the list of top disappearing jobs.

Many players even sue NFL when got to know about medical researches in this area and their results. Their accused organization that it hid these important facts in order not to lose popularity and attention of millions of fans.

As you can see American Football is quite interesting sport, however it has a lot of basics to argue. While for one people it is an exciting game and great sight, for others it is a cause to alarm because of injuries that players receive. Moreover, they know about it but still play this game. So we can make quite scarring conclusion, that people play game which kills them, but they can’t refuse from playing as well.

NFL at the same time can be treated not only as huge organization and father of football, it is at the same time the main witness who knows about all researches and danger which its players receive every game. So it is still a question if American football is a great sight or just slow and exciting way of killing young players in future, killing on which millions of fans watch during the game without understanding the whole situation.

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