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Bermuda Triangle: Place Of Mystery


People becoming greater every year. New technologies, new and faster vehicles and ways of communication. If you want to hang out with friends and don’t want to do classes you can search how to take an online course. Unfortunately, all people’s actions and inventions influence nature somehow. Sometimes this impact is not good. However, the worst thing in this situation is that people forget about nature at all and think they are at the top. It is not so, of course.

One of the ways in which nature reminds people who they are, are natural disasters. This is quite harsh way when nature is as merciless as merciless time is vs famous people. There is another way: some unsolved natural secrets and places. Although many professors and scientists learn different things in the world of biology or biochemistry, they still can’t explain some things. That is how nature shows people that it is smarter. Today we will look at Bermuda triangle – place which keeps mystery and there are only hypothesis about it and its behavior.

First of all let’s look some question and get to know some information about this place.

1. What is a Bermuda Triangle?

This is a territory in the Atlantic Ocean. It is limited by three points: Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, so if to connect them we can see a triangle on the map. The region is famous for anomalous events and strange occasions, which happen there. Moreover, it is difficult for captains of different ships to voyage there, because weather there is very unstable, there are many shallows and hurricanes are quite often. Unfortunately, any of them couldn’t change their fate and became victims of Bermuda Triangle. However, you may read about other people who changed their lives.

2. Is this place as mysterious as people think?

Of course, people always argue and Bermuda Triangle is one of the themes which is constantly discussed. Some people say that it is absolutely okay and although conditions for navigation there are quite difficult, there are no abnormal events there. People also say that accidents when ships or airplanes were missed in this area are not bigger in number than other ones. But we will provide you with some actions and events so it’s up to you to decide to believe it or not. Every person chooses his point of view. Which one will you choose? Let’s look at it after some facts.

3. Strange accidents at Bermuda Triangle territory

Case number one

Year 1840, French sailing vessel “Rosalie”. Story of this ship was the beginning of myths and legends about Bermuda triangle. Port of Nassau. Bahamas. Everything was as usual. Suddenly people saw a ship that was drifting near the island. All sails were raised and it seemed to be safe and sound.

When people boarded the ship, they saw no soul at it. All goods in hold were untouched. All equipment on the ship was in good order. But the whole team had disappeared. Ship’s journal was found but it didn’t make situation clear. It was only found out that ship’s name is not “Rosalie” but “Rossini”.

However, later, it was found out that ship ran aground somewhere near Bahamas. Team had nothing to do except saving on boats. In another way, they could just die of famine. This version was quite clear and real, however not everybody believed in it. There began to arise different legends and stories comparable with story about Flying Dutchman. Rosalie became second ghost ship after Flying Dutchman.

Another version appeared and it told that ship got into a whirlpool so entire team was washed overboard. Maybe that was just strange legend as well as some strange traditions and convictions like woman on board is a bad sign. However, maybe that wasn’t just a legend? What about women, they are not worse than men are and example can be shown by women in sport. This was the first strange occasion, which brought the beginning of mysterious actions.

Case number two

November, 1872. Ship called “Mary Celeste” Started its rout in New York and headed for Gibraltar. There were seven people and Captain Benjamin Briggs with his family on board.

Stock of provisions was enough and could allow team traveling more than six months. As historical information says, the ship was easy to operate and maneuver. So everything was fine and family seemed to enjoy their voyage.

However, something happened. Something that can’t be explained even nowadays. Ship didn’t arrive to place of destination.

Captain Morehouse, who handled a cargo ship found Mary Celeste near Azores. Is profession of captain popular nowadays? You can read about trend in professions here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/list-of-disappearing-professions. As in the first case, rigging was in great order; however there were no people on the deck. Moreover, when Morehouse looked at Mary Celeste through his spyglass he saw a steering wheel. It was rotated as if somebody did it, however, there was nobody on the deck.

Captain Morehouse knew Benjamin Briggs, so he wanted to check the brigantine. When part of his team and he boarded it, they saw the same thing as was seen in the first case. No people, all goods and provision in ideal order and even route, marked on the map. Are your classes in ideal order or maybe you need help with them? Feel free to read about your online mentor, that may help you with home task and other things.

Everything showed that team was on the board about few minutes ago. However how could ten people including child and women disappear so fast? Even though rescue whaleboat wasn’t found didn’t explain the situation. Ten people couldn’t just take it and go away in few minutes.

So nobody could know what exactly happened there. People offered different hypothesis however none of them could completely explain the accident. If you like to know something new, we offer you to read about history of motion capture: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/motion-capture-brief-history-and-interesting-facts.

It’s not the end of strange accidents and you may read about ship “Atlanta” which had about 290 people on the board and was missed in Bermuda triangle. There were some other cases at those times and legend about ghost ship seemed to be not a legend but true story. Some ships were seen in that area and the picture was always the same: they went at quite high speed, their rigging in a good order and no equipage on the board.

After a short break, you will know some more strange stories.

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You may think that those two stories above can be explained somehow. At least participants were sailing type ships which are not as reliable as modern ones. However next stories will show you that even later with appearance of steamships and other modern ones, these strange disappearance didn’t stop.

Case number three

Year 1918, USS Cyclops. In this case, ship was not small. It was 180 meters in length and had 309 members of equipage on board. It had to transport valued goods from Barbados to Baltimore.

As you can guess, huge ship was just lost somewhere in Bermuda Triangle. No signs were sent from it. Nobody saw it. There was a version that it might be German submarine, which sank Cyclops, however there was no mention about it in archives. Tired of exams and test at the university? Ask us to do your test so you can relax and enjoy free time.

After long discussion and making some hypothesis, USA marines fell to provide any arguments. All in all, some years after American commanders said that this case was the most difficult in the American history. No circumstances were clarified and no adequate hypotheses were singled out.

Just imagine: American government had nothing to do, except admitting that 180-meter length ship just disappeared.

This is not the end and later, during Second World War some other vehicles began to disappear. Those were planes. You should also know about this war and other war disasters shown in films.

Case number four

Year 1945, five American torpedo bombers. That was the first case when something else than ships were lost in the area of Bermuda Triangle. That accident was one of the strangest in the whole history of aviation of the USA. You may read in details about this accident with Flight 19.

Case number five

Year 1948, British airliner. It had 39 people on board. Pilots asked for a landing and then connection was lost. Plane had been never found after that, although many sources were used and rescuers were sent to the probable place of accident. However, fast steam might carry wreckage for quite long distances.

No traces of accident were found as well as no hypotheses were advised. Weather was good, without any wind and possible rain or hurricane. But that was just one more case when Bermuda Triangle has “absorbed” his victim.

There happened some other cases later as accident with huge ship called “Anita”, which got into a storm however, no wrecks were found and the only sing rescuers found was only one life vest from the ship.

As you can see Bermuda triangle is not as calm as some people think. Of course, you may believe in legends or believe to scientists, however remember that some cases are still not clear and will hardly ever become clearer. The strangest thing in all this, is that region of Bermuda triangle is well investigated and not only sea but sea bottom as well. However, despite this fact starting from ship Rosalie and for today some strange cases still happen there. Neither innovational technologies nor great discoveries in sphere of ships and airplanes help with this. Moreover, scientists still have only hypothesis about this place. So what side will you choose in this dispute?

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