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Stephen King: King Of Horror And Mystery


Nobody will argue that people nowadays read less books and watch more movies. If you want to look new series and don’t want to do classes fell free to ask us, because we can do online class. Today’s author is a really phenomenal person – he could create great horror stories and novels, which were later taken into film industry. It is still hard to say whether films are better than books. It’s partly because most of plots for movies based on his books, Stephen wrote by himself.

Today we will examine some interesting facts from writer’s childhood and life, single out some great novels everybody should read and finally, will talk about some movies based on his books. Stay with us and you will know about new author and his exciting world. His world is really scarring and interesting at the same time. A lot of fantastic things are intermingled with reality and the border is quite unclear, so even modern virtual reality technology can’t express things better that Kind did.

Interesting facts about Stephen King

It won’t be a good idea to talk about this outstanding person in a dry manner of facts. That’s why we will place only interesting facts about Stephen King’s life, not his entire biography with a lot of numbers and details. If you want to read essay with strict facts, which is although useful, we advise to read about what to do if you get hacked.

1. First reader and supporter

For author who just begin to write and make first steps, it is really important to feel support. It is extremely great when young author feels that he is understood. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen in lives of many writers. However, Stephen King was happy, because he had his first reader and devoted supporter – it was his mother. We all know that their families and parents didn’t understand authors very often, however, as we can see, Stephen was lucky. If you like different authors and their characters, feel free to read a comparison of Sherlock series vs book.

2. How he came successful

We know that many authors somehow feel that that or another his piece of writing will be famous. However, Stephen threw his novel “Kerry” into a bin. Fortunately, his wife found it and asked author to finish the novel. Later it became very popular, Stephen received fame and money and could devote his time to writing. Moreover, this book in fact helped King’s family to overcome poverty and total amount of money received was about forty hundred thousand dollars. If you want to overcome hard subject in school, feel free to ask class mentor for help with test.

3. Accident and its effect

Stephen King overcame accident, where he was knocked down by a caravan. Steven not only stayed alive and overcame all problems, which were extremely serious, but also had humor to buy the caravan then. As the author said, he just didn’t want this caravan to be bought by his fans or critics.

The accident changed something in author’s life. He became to write less than before and he himself wasn’t sure that he would be ever able to write at all. Fortunately, all ended well and Stephen continued to amuse his fans with his new novels.

4. Drugs and alcohol

Much information can be found about King’s predilection to drugs as well as to alcohol. You can read more about it in an article and we will just say that author was strong enough to overcome this addiction and never returned to drugs and alcohol again. However, because of this addiction he admits that doesn’t remember how he wrote some of his novels. So, thoughts that only person addicted of drugs could create such fantastic, unreal and scarring world in the novel, are partly true.

As a result of his addiction, he says that he is still afraid of psychologists, and one of his novels called “Misery” has many things in common with his real life, even the main hero is similar in something with King. We can see that Stephen King is a read geek in area of writing and he is extremely devoted to his job. Want to know who are Geeks and Nerds? Just follow the link: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/essential-difference-between-geeks-and-nerds.

5. King forbade his own book

The last fact in our essay is connected with King’s novels. Very often, some books were forbidden for readers because they were inconvenient for state or for some other reasons. However, Stephen himself forbade his novel “Rage”, after case when boy who read it, came to the school with gun and captured his class.

Hope you liked some facts from Stephen King’s life. If you like information about famous people, we offer you to read also about Michael Jackson: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/michael-jordan-birth-of-the-star. Stay with us and you will also know some famous novels written by King and novels which were taken to film industry and became popular and extremely good movies.

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The best books written by Stephen King

It will be quite hard to single out the best books really, because they all are great. However, let’s try to make a small top and describe briefly each book.

1. “The Dead Zone”

This is one of the most popular books for today and it was extremely popular since first appearance in the world of literature in 1979. This is a story about a man who received an excellent opportunity – he can see future. All he needs is just touch person. However, not everything is so great. Main character appears in difficult situations and his reputation becomes very doubtful. Finally, he gets to know that future president will start huge war. What will he do? Will he try to stop this or no? You can read it in the novel “The Dead Zone”

2. “The Green Mile”

This novel was released in 2000. It became extremely successful. It is a story about kind man with unusual ability to heal people, who suddenly appeared in jail, although he wasn’t guilty. We will talk more about this book later, because its screen adaptation was made. If you want to find a good mentor, read more about our online classes and you will definitely find a good supporter.

3. “It”

Besides short name, novel is worth reading. It describes King’s childhood fears somehow. Novel is about seven people and it actions are described simultaneously in different times. First of all it’s a period of childhood of characters and another time is their adult life. The novel is about a monster, which kills children and can take look of any person. Novel was released in 1986 and was a great success, as well as its screen adaptation made in 1990 as mini-series.

4. “Pet Sematary”

It is probably the most popular novel written by King. Do you know what happens with pets you have buried? In King’s novel animals became alive in one of the cemetery. However, what will happen, if to do the same process with human? You can find the answer in Stephen King’s novel released in 1983. Do you think that writing, as a job will disappear soon? You can check a list of dying careers.

Some successful screen adaptations of King’s books

Here we will talk briefly about some screen adaptations, some of which became even more popular than a book.

1. “The Shawshank Redemption”

The story itself is about hundred pages in size. However, movie based on it became a real sensation. It was nominated for different awards and received good critics’ reviews. The movie is also at the first place in the list of 250 best movies. This is one of examples when movie surpassed a story.

2. “The Green Mile”

We have already mentioned this name above but as a novel. However, it’s screen adaptation was extremely successful and, probably, most of people haven’t read the book but watched the movie. It received a lot of nominations and awards: it received four Oscars and this can already tell a lot. Tom Hanks in the leading role made the movie even better. So it is worth seeing and maybe it is in some way even better than a book.

3. “The Shining”

It is the last in our small list but not the last in list of best movies. This horror film, which was made, by Stephen King and Stanley Cubrick was greatly appreciated by fans and received good reviews. The movie was admitted by critics as one of the best movies in history.

It is an interesting fact that the book and its screen adaptation were born when Stephen and his family went to holidays and lived in a hotel. Exactly this hotel became the main place of actions in book and then in movie.

Of course there are many other great screen adaptations as for example “Misery” – story about woman who captured a famous writer or “1408” – story about an author who writes his stories living in the most dreadful hotels. By the way, the latter screen adaptation what valued high even by Stephen King. Moreover, we can also name other movies as “It” or even series called “Under the Dome”. So, as you can see Stephen King was a talented writer and his books are extremely popular. Moreover, we can say that he can find basis for plot of new novel even in common things like hotel. Of course, there are many other great writers in genre of fiction, however Stephen King is without doubts, one of the best.

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