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The Noblest Pedagogues In History


There exist different professions and different types of schools. There exist different attitudes towards teachers and system of education in general. However, everybody should admit that without teachers and outstanding pedagogues, education could get stuck in 1990s when authoritarian style was a norm and no attempts to make education interesting were made. If you want to check a modern method of education, online mentor training is what you need.

Today it’s time to know people who made education great and bright, people who changed canons of education, who made it better, clearer and friendly to children. It’s sad but not many people know great pedagogues, as usual people don’t know them at all. Let’s fix it. We will name some outstanding people for you and will tell why they are famous. And although modern system of education issues are quite obvious and education had problems in past, some outstanding pedagogues will solve and solved them gradually. Some of them created new alternative system of education; others just were famous for their career of teacher, because they changed schools and students of those schools.

The noblest pedagogues and their contribution:

1. Maria Montessori

This woman from Italy is famous worldwide, even nowadays. She was one of four pedagogues, who created new way of thinking in the sphere of pedagogy in twentieth century. Since the childhood, she fought with difficulties. She wanted to enter the technical school, where only boys could study, and finally she did it. She wanted to become a child doctor, which was a profession for men, and she finally became a doctor. If you think that doctors may be strange there are many other strange professions and you can read more about them here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/the-strangest-professions-you-could-ever-know.

However, she is famous for another invention. Being an assistant of the doctor, she often had to see child who had different mental disabilities. She noticed that no attempts were made to help them in their development: no books, no special exercises - nothing. Since that, she began to think about something, which became a famous Montessori school later. Exactly this woman created alternative education, called Montessori’s school. Today these schools are quite popular. Get acquainted with information about Montessori schools in the USA.

In 1907 first establishment, which worked according to Montessori methods was opened. In addition, that was the beginning of success. If at first such establishments were mainly for children with mental disabilities, later they became to change the direction and usual children studied there.

The distinctive features of her methodology are as follows:

- Children can choose activity, which is interesting for them.

- Teacher shouldn’t be authoritarian

- All knowledge children get through activity and practice, not from words

And many others.

So to sum up, we can say that Montessori was among first pedagogues who payed a great attention to the development of children with mental problems, created an alternative methodic and opened new type of kindergartens and then schools. She is without doubts, pedagogue, who should be mentioned and known. If you want to try self-education, coding and programming at home is a great variant and it can even bring you money.

2. Jean Jacques Rousseau

He was mainly pedagogue of theory than of practice. He developed own theory of upbringing and wrote a book about it. At those times, church was strong and education was mainly imposed by church. Rousseau thought that it should be stopped. His idea was to bring up child through his connection with other people, nature and things around. He also thought that up bringing end only with end of the person’s life. Want to receive a bachelor’s degree? Feel free to read about state universities in California.

In general, he was searching the way between too authoritarian way of teaching and upbringing and way of constant concessions to child. Interests of every child should be taken to attention and it should become the driving force of child’s education and self-education. Physical activities are also important.

What about role of teacher in all this process? Teacher should help child at all stages and with all difficulties. At the same time teacher should respect child’s point of view and allow him to make his choice and decisions. Want to make your choice and pass online tests well? Ask us for help with online tests and be sure that you will pass them as great as possible.

As we can see Jean Jacques Rousseau didn’t make something like Montessori, but he went in another direction – he tried to find ways of upbringing children in the best atmosphere and with the highest results theoretically.

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3. Konstantin Dmitrievich Ushinsky

This pedagogue is famous for developed his principles of upbringing and education. He was a Russian pedagogue so his ideas were mainly oriented to the country where he lived. However, they may be transformed and applied to any country. The main idea of his studies is idea of patriotism. His system was created to grow up children in atmosphere of patriotism. However, patriotism is not always a good thing. Feel free to read about patriotism as a reason for racial segregation today.

The main goal is to instill children love to their native language and country, to pay attention to the history of their country. Pedagogue thought that through native language children would acquire love to the nation and country in general. Another his goal was development of harmony in children. As he said, Child should be developed physically and mentally.

As we can see, idea of this pedagogue is in development of child who is a patriot of his country but at the same time, he respects other people and parents and is fully developed. Unfortunately, not all pedagogues of those times understood him, that’s why he often suffered for his progressive thoughts. If you want to get any help with tests, exams, or home tasks, read about our online mentor and you will definitely find something interesting.

4. Anton Semenovich Makarenko

Not everybody knows but education in Soviet Union was not so good. It might be worse but thanks to such pedagogues as Makarenko, not everything was lost. Unfortunately, government tried to stop all attempts of making education better and less authoritarian. Anyway, Makarenko achieved great results.

First of all, he wasn’t afraid of telling the truth about cons of education of those times. It wasn’t systematic, there was no connection between upbringing and teaching; also system of education of those times didn’t correspond demands of society and country in general. Mostly that was because children were taught in authoritarian conditions and no collective was created.

You may think that all what he did was criticizing others. However, he was working as teacher and not in school but in colony for minors. Success of his activity was great. Before him, it was a common colony with no discipline. With him, it became a great establishment. Young boys made different types of job and even produced cameras. Maybe that was one of the secrets of Makarenko’s pedagogy: through collaboration and work, teenagers became better.

As we mentioned above, Makarenko said that teachers should trust students and give them different tasks. There was a case when Makarenko showed this principle in work. Boy, who was in colony for rubbery, came to pedagogue. He was offered to buy something. So Makarenko gave him money and released him. You may think that not everything finished in a good way. However, the boy came back and he did the assignment, which he was given.

We can observe that for Makarenko this job was a job of his dream and he did his best to achieve results. If you want to find a job of your dream, this information can help you: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/how-to-find-the-job-of-your-dream.

5. Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

This pedagogue is famous for creation of different methods. First of all he proved that child is naturally curios and he should be brought up in conditions, which favor to it. Secondly, he supported a thought that labor is one of the best ways of education and upbringing. He also developed system of teaching children in kindergartens (teaching basis of math, speaking etc.).

Feel free to read more about this great pedagogue and his life in details. As we said Pestalozzi was among first who developed system of education in kindergartens, however it would be impossible without kindergartens themselves. That’s why it’s important to know the name of pedagogue who opened first establishment of this type.

6. Friedrich Frebel

This pedagogue from Germany discovered many important things for pedagogy. However, the most important thing he did was opening of the first kindergarten. This person created many games with ball and other toys in kindergarten, many of them are still used.

He also pointed out some main goals of kindergarten and created a system of subjects, which were important. We can see that he was absolutely right and such subjects as painting and molding from plasticine are still present in almost every kindergarten and not only in Germany.

To sum up we can say that pedagogues listed above are the noblest people. However, we shouldn’t restrict this list, because there were many great pedagogues as well as there are many great pedagogues nowadays. Demands of society to education are changing, students and teachers are changing, but without pedagogues, who can create something new and freshen up the system of education it will be probably dead in some years. So let’s pay tribute to noble pedagogues, who make education better and interesting, because without education who knows what awful thing our world may turn into?

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