California State University: Choose Wisely


Without any doubts, education is a road to future. Although it has been criticized and not at once, it gives some information and then helps to be good at job. If you want to be successful at school just get to know how to take classes online. So, of course modern education and any other one won’t give you all knowledge for the job, however it can somehow prepare you. Moreover, it is not a secret that some employees prefer to take students from good and well-known universities.

Today we will know California State University better: what departments it has, history of its foundation and other facts that will be useful for future freshmen. We can’t tell you entire information, however some important notions will be shared as clear as possible. If you want to remember information below better, you may use such thing as storyboarding. If you don’t know what it is you may read about comparison of storyboarding versus text.

History of University and general information

As every institution, California State University has its history of foundation and development. Many students and their parents judge about University by the history it has. Another criteria is if this university public or private.

This university can be also called CSU or Cal State University. It was found in 1857 and this date can be seen at the emblem of the institution. It is a public university so it is good, because your education won’t cost you as much as the most expensive drink in the world. You may think that public university is worse than private one, however this is the largest university in the USA it is a giant of education. It includes more than twenty campuses.

As a fact, it is not one building it is a system of educational institutions in different cities and which dedicated to different areas and professions. Institution began its existence from 1906 as place where people received higher education. Being a huge institution with huge amount of students, Cal State University is also a place where the biggest amount of bachelor’s degrees is produced. If you want to become a film director you will like some motion capture interesting facts and if you can enter this university receive such profession will be explained later. So read the article to the end.

This university has overcome long history, however we will single out just some general stages.

1. As an evening school

If to talk about history, it should be said that Cal State University was a usual evening school many years ago. It was a school in San-Francisco for future teachers. By the way, nowadays we still can feel this impact because about 50% of Cal State University graduates are future workers of educational sphere. Before choosing a profession, it is really important to know what situation is in the world of job: maybe some professions are not popular? You should know list of disappearing professions in order to make a right choice.

2. Further step to a new system

Sometime after, institution was taken to San Jose and joined university of this city. Another institution called California Normal School which homeland was Los Angeles, was opened in another city. Some years later, the names were changed a little bit and became to exist simply as State Normal Schools. Some years after it, many other schools were included to the system and school in Los Angeles was united with University of California. If you want to be a student, you should know how to learn everything quickly:

3. Final of the war and changes in educational system

If to skip a period of time when the system of schools was in difficult situation and managing it was quite complicated task and go to 1960s, we will see that exactly in 1960s, some campuses joined system other ones and all in all, their number raised to 23.

In 1972, this system of 23 campuses began to be The California State University and Colleges. All colleges had to change their names and words California State University should be in every name of every college but then everything returned as it was. If you want to know more about our help with online classes you can do it freely.

4. Modern situation and amount of campuses

As for now, Cal State University includes comprehensive universities, some polytechnic universities and finally the only Maritime Academy in the west part of the USA. It is known as CSU Maritime Academy or Cal State University Maritime Academy and is financially supported by USA Maritime Administration. This fact only stresses importance of the institution. Now when something is known about system of Cal State University, why not to take a look at some separate local Universities?

If you want to make a break read these articles:

Of course, we can’t give information about every campus and every university. One should remember that there are 23 campuses, which are joined in the system of Cal State University, and they exist not only in such cities as Los Angeles or Long Beach but also in Vallejo and Pomona. So, as you can see this system provides a lot of cities with high quality education. However, some of institutions we can’t pass by and we will start, of course, with institution, which is so important that Maritime Administration cares about it. If you need some help with exams and want to enter a good university, get help with exams online.

1. CSU Maritime Academy

Importance of this institution is enormous and undeniable. It is one of the seven academies that give such education and the only one along West Coast. You can receive Bachelor’s degree or even Master’s degree in this University. You can receive more motivational information and points why to enter California Maritime Academy while we will just give some general facts.

This famous institution underwent long history since 1929 to 1996 when it became a campus of Cal State University. There is an interesting fact, that in 1770s when racial segregation was still in use especially in some military institutions, this Academy was first one, which graduated minority and female cadets. Even at the official site, you will easily find that tolerance is one of the most important parts of this institution. If you want to be successful in such Academy, you should be in good shape, so read how to gain muscles in gym with pleasure:

2. Long Beach

This campus is among three largest ones in among all in California. This institution offers a lot of different specializations and degrees (about eighty) and even four Doctoral Degrees. This university is like a small country with big variety of different nations.

It also has good prices policy and studying there is quite good and available for many people. Distinctive feature of the University is its students’ social life. There are quite many different organizations as sororities and fraternities. So, every student may find great company for spending free time. This University even has own radio station which as usual broadcasts jazz and blues music.

If you still not sure if this is a good choice for you, read a list of celebrities who graduated the university. You will be extremely surprised to find Steven Spielberg there and Steve Martin. So, this institution, without doubts has great history as well as great graduates who are well known not only in the USA but in the whole world.

3. Los Angeles

This is another great part of California State University system. We won’t talk much about it, but you should know that it offers about 130 Bachelor’s degrees and 112 Master’s degrees tells everything. This university is very developed and it is also a Hispanic – serving institution.

Talking about social life it can be said that more than twenty thousand students attend this university and that it is a home for one of the great jazz - orchestras. Moreover, university has its own newspaper and radio station. What about fraternities and sororities it is a homeland of such noticeable ones as Zeta Beta Tau fraternity.

So if you are looking for good conditions of studying, good housing and interesting social life, you will definitely like this university.

To sum up, California State University is a great institution, which provides education to many cities. Of course, it is hard to say whether educational process is interesting and to define some other little things, which only graduate or student can know. Anyway, the fact that the university is the biggest institution in the USA means something. So if you want to enter a public university which will give you good education and best student years, you should read more about this institution. Don’t waste time and choose department that you like today and spend happy four years of your life there!

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