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Are you wondering how to get your classes done and have much free time simultaneously? There is nothing easier: all you need is to visit onlineclassmentor.com website. What for? The answer is obvious: to delegate your assignments to our experts and get a lot of free time you are dreaming about. If you still doubt that it is possible and you can afford it, visit our site right now and check out the prices. We take your class and do it for cheap. You will make sure that our professional assistance is affordable to everyone. You definitely need support if you are a college or high school student. We perfectly know that your academic load is incredibly high and we actually want to make your life easier. Studying at college differs from studying at school. Something may look easier, something harder. We want to present you the main difference so that you could draw your own conclusions.

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Pupils – students, lessons – classes, teachers – professors. The essence of these notions seems to be clear. A college is like a school but a bit complicated. Is it so? We have tried to look at the college life from the point of view of a high school senior, and now we are ready to tell about the difference between the “alma mater” and “school yard”.

Difference #1: a lot of freedom and responsibility

“To leave the nest”, “to go rogue”, “to start an independent adult life” – all these phrases many seniors hear when graduating. There are many wordings but the meaning is always the same: having left school, it is necessary to become more independent. The freedom that the former pupils have now requires much responsibility. A student is an adult who needs to decide and control a lot of things on his (her) own.

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Difference #2: new notions and terms

Students live using their own notions, which pupils are not aware of. For instance, classes at college last usually twice longer than a lesson at school. As a rule, classes are conducted in the form of lectures (when a professor speaks and the students take notes) and seminars (a professor coordinates the students who perform their reports). Also, there can be laboratory and practical classes, as well as tests and examinations. Do not worry about all this because we can take your tests and exams for you.

At the very beginning, it will be hard to speak like a student. Having become a fresher, you will come to the college, look for the necessary classroom, attend the professors’ classes, and so on. In a semester, i.e. 6 months, you will get acquainted with the dean and maybe rector, and will also understand what the difference between a student group curator and school teacher is.

Difference #3: the start is very essential

A student life depends a lot on the form of education. For instance, you can get a scholarship and not worry about the payment for education. Or you will need to pay for it and, consequently, think about where to get money, find a part-time job or something like this.

Difference #4: a student dormitory or a rented apartment instead of home

Life in a student dormitory differs from what you have seen in the movies. So it is almost impossible to predict what it will be like: whether you will have a comfortable room, whether you will get a nice roommate. You will figure out all this later. In case if you do not want to live (or there are no free rooms) in a dormitory, you need to rent a room (apartment or house). Sometimes it implies additional troubles: the rent can be high, the house can be located far from your college, the owner of the house can be bad-tempered, etc. You can never predict such things.

Difference #5: you cook yourself

There are many legends about the way students eat. If you study in your native cite, you eat home food. However, those who live far away from their parents often prefer fast food. We strongly recommend not to do so, care for your stomach, and learn to cook.

Difference #6: learn to study

At college, there is no strict control of attendance and home assignments doing. This is a big temptation to neglect studying, but do not rush to act in such a way. Later, when you have the exam periods, you will be sorry for this. The professors who seem nice and patient may become strict and demanding at the exams.

Difference #7: more respectful treatment

You will notice that the professors usually treat the students very respectfully. At the beginning, it may seem a bit unusual, but you will get used to it quickly.

Difference #8: tons of notes

You will replace the usual thin notebooks with “large-caliber” ones. Mind that now you will need to write a lot and quickly.

Difference #9: you look for information on your own

At school, you do not think about what books to use because you are provided with the necessary books in the beginning of an academic year. However, a college librarian will not decide what books you need to take to get knowledge. At the first lecture, a professor will tell the titles of the books, which are better to use. After that, it is better to go to the library and ask for everything you need. Also, you can use the electronic college library. It maintains the list of the books and necessary educational materials in the digital form. If you need to use the internet to study, the best option is to go to the library reading room. You will not find a place that suits your goal better than this one.

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Difference # 10: professors do not care for how you study

School teachers take care of how their pupils study, and try to improve academic performance of every single child, especially those who study the worst. A college professor has many students, and many of them do not demonstrate much desire to study. Some of them do not attend classes, others have not finished their term papers, etc. Since the students are so many, professors do not chase after them, begging to study better.

Difference #11: it comes twice a year

Any experienced student would probably guess at once what we mean. Frankly speaking, it is very easy to guess because this is something most students are afraid of. We are talking about the exam periods. Usually there are two main periods in a year: in winter and summer. The best thing about them is that they are followed by vacations. So the students can relax and rest after hard work.

Difference #12: school-like excuses will not do

“I was absent because I felt bad / for family reasons / because I participated in a competition, etc.” The excuses of this kind do not work at college. Only an official exemption that allows being absent can justify your truancy.

Difference #13: dress whatever you like

This is the great news for those who used to wear a school uniform. The students are free to wear what they want: usual jeans, a cozy sweater, and sneakers. At college, there is no strict dress code. However, it does not mean that the professors do not notice what the students wear, especially when their clothes are fanciful and untidy. Everyone knows that clothes do not make the man, but it does not mean that you can neglect your appearance.

Difference #14: forget what you were previously

Do you remember that you were a high achiever in a primary school, but then, the grades started getting worse? Most likely, such a tendency will be continued at college. It is harder to get the high grades in “alma mater”, but it is definitely possible. You will just need to try harder. However, do not be afraid, it will not be hard if you ask us to help: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/we-do-classes-online-for-you-while-you-seek-inspiration.

Difference #15: no diaries

At college, the grades are fixed not in a diary but a student's record book. It is a very important document, which is better to keep carefully and never lose. Otherwise, you risk having many troubles.

Difference #16: entertain yourself

At school, all the events are usually organized by the administration. At college, the situation is opposite. The students on their own initiative create different projects, hold competitions, celebrations, and so on. An active social life of students is appreciated and encouraged, especially when it goes about the big events, in which the students from all the faculties participate.

Difference #17: engage in self-development

Not only exam periods terrify the students, but also a future thesis paper and final exams. However, a freshman should not worry about all this. If you are constantly engaged in mastering your skills, you will easily fight any hardship. You can learn more about personal growth from this post: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/university-online-classes-solution-to-fast-personal-growth.

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So college life has its difficulties and challenges. That is why you need professional support from qualified experts, who will help you overcome all the hardships. When you ask for assistance with your classes, you demonstrate that you really care for your studies and want to become a specialist eventually. We appreciate and encourage such an approach. That is why we have the lowest prices on the web. You can turn to our experts without thinking about the financial aspect of the issue. Trust us, everyone can afford it. Form our part, we guarantee competent help and 100% result.

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