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Ways and Methods to Manage School Conflicts


Ways and methods to manage school conflicts

The process of learning involves the interaction of at least two members: a teacher and a student where the former is to share knowledge and experience and the latter has to absorb all the information to get learned in a particular domain. Therefore, the process of learning is considered successful when a teacher manages to elucidate materials clearly and a student manages to master a subject being taught. In practice, however, teacher’s proficiency and student’s aspiration to develop are not the sole factors to have an impact on the learning process. Here, character traits, as well as a personality, come into effect, which in the worst scenario entail acute conflicts that never encourage learning efficiency. Therefore, it is vital for both a teacher and students to be able to avoid controversy and conflicts for the purpose of positive academic results. Today, the issue of school conflicts is on the agenda, and our online classes experts are set to dig deeply to unveil most effective ways and methods to stay tolerant in arguing.

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Reasons Why Conflicts Arise

1. Nothing bad in arguing.

First off, it is necessary to understand that there is nothing abnormal in arguing. Over the lifetime, any individual is being in conflict with other groups of people. However, owing to a set of skills of resolving conflicts, it is always possible to develop and strengthen relations. Resolution of social conflicts is a must-have skill for anyone, in particular, for students who strive to become qualified specialists. As a rule, parties involved in a conflict do not realize a true cause of sparking disputes. That’s why conflicts are rare to be solved in a positive way. Unresolved controversies lead to intrapersonal conflicts and undesirable consequences. In particular, these consequences can be even more adverse for students who become discouraged from learning at all. The core of any conflict is often a clash of interests, standpoints or goals. Also, disputes are triggered when people cannot reach the agreement on a particular issue. But when disputing turns into insulting, this usually hurts feelings and dignity. Talking about school life, injustice and controversy are what accompanies student’s life, in particular, in the issue of scoring. We are going to examine diverse cases of the outbreak of conflicts as well as life hacks tips to apply if you are eager to elude any conflict.

Student VS Pupil

Modern education is a pressing challenge. On the one side, it is complex because of numerous subjects students have to master. On the other hand, the difficulty of education is misunderstanding existing in the student and teacher’s relationships. Disagreements between children are a common phenomenon, particularly in school life. In this case, the teacher is not a conflicting party; however, it is sometimes necessary for them to take part in students’ disputes. There can be many reasons that spark controversy among children: the struggle for authority, rivalry, deception, gossips, resentment, and personal hostility to group mates. What is necessary to do in order to resolve arising conflicts?

First off, there is no way the teacher should scold children in public forcing them to apologize. On the contrary, the teacher should talk to conflicting pupils but in a private manner. It is better to talk to children without pressure. The teacher's dialogue with the child is highly important since it will shape further child’s behavior and relationships. It is vital to call students by their names so that they feel the atmosphere of trust and goodwill. Therefore, soft tone and respectful treatment can help the teacher to reconcile the parties and prevent future conflicts.

Teacher VS Parent

Similar conflict actions can exist between the teacher and parents. Discontent can be mutual.
Sometimes the reasons for the conflicts are different views on the means of upbringing or on the methods of teaching. Here, the only thing to remember is that child’s success in learning is above any personal claims and dislikes. Often, the cause of disagreements can be easily eliminated and there is nothing hard in finding consensus. At last, both the parents and the teacher care about child’s development and strive to contribute to education. Thus, both parties can make a concession for the sake of academic achievements. One way or another, it is success in learning that is the most important. All means are good in achieving excellence in studies. For this reason, you can even benefit from ordering our services from experts: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/we-take-your-class-to-save-your-energy

Teacher VS Student

This is the most frequent type of conflicts because the teacher and students are the main figures who participate in the process of learning. Their interaction is a determinant in student’s success Such conflicts are perhaps the most frequent ones because the teacher is the second one after parents who spend most time in the life of students. The causes of conflicts have a diverse nature. This can be excessive teacher’s requirements for students or teacher’s failure to fulfill their duties properly. Some teachers may be reluctant to elucidate materials in the classroom but expect students to complete exams and tests excellently. It is hardly possible to achieve because, without teacher’s support and knowledge, students cannot learn the subject thoroughly. If this trouble is the one you are experiencing, do not waste your time and take online education courses for students.

Nevertheless, students can also be blamed for inefficient learning, in particular, those who skip classes regularly but yet apply for an A grade. Teacher and student’s conflicts is an issue, which encompasses numerous aspects, each requiring diligent investigation. There are a set of versatile rules to be applied in most conflict situations.

2. Solutions to Teacher-Student Conflicts

First off, it is necessary to keep in mind that the best conflict is a prevented one. One of the ideal teacher features is being able to create a good learning atmosphere. Along with this, one of the teacher’s duties is to supervise the relationships within the group and prevent conflicts before their ignition. Certainly, it is better to defuse a tense situation not letting it bring about acute disagreements. No matter which role you take in a conflict, effective education (from school to university) is possible only on condition of a positive learning environment. For this reason, you can apply some psychological techniques.

Avoid raising voice in response

Yes, this is a natural reaction of most people to answer in loud voices in response to irritation or humiliation. Unfortunately, this is a sure way of aggravating the ignited conflicted. Starting a conversation with the raised voice will never lead to positive outcomes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such a model of behavior that can help one party to communicate claims and requirement to another party in a decent and polite manner. Returning to teacher and student relationships, the teacher plays a dominant role. That’s why it is within teacher’s power to set a tone of talks. A good teacher remembers that it is crucial to stay calm, benevolent and speak in a confident tone no matter what student’s reactions are. Even if the student is being aggressive from the very beginning of the talk, soon he/she will "catch" the teacher’s calmness and share this tranquility. Moreover, it is a teacher’s responsibility to provide mental health support at school. The conversation is based on the mirror syndrome. The student is sort of a mirror reflecting teacher’s attitude and treatment.

Please listen, not just hear

The common problem of many people is that they are able only to hear but not listen to another person. However, we should not mix up these notions. Listening implies that the party does not only hear another one talking but also takes into account all the claims being explained. In particular, it matters in teacher and student’s conflicts. Since the teacher is superior, some students may dread talking about injustice or unfair treatment. For this reason, the teacher should first create a positive environment in the classroom and second let students feel confident so that they be able to communicate personal claims and other troubles.

Put emotions aside

Remember that high emotionality in the process of conflict resolution is a barrier to its successful settlement. The ability to conduct effective resolution of conflicts depends on individual skills. This is not only about the teacher having these skills. Students are also encouraged to develop the following qualities:

  • Calmness and stress resistance. Such personal qualities will allow assessing verbal and non-verbal communication in an adequate manner. A conflicting person will see clearly in which direction the conflict is moving.
  • Ability to control their behavior and emotions. If you are able to do this, you will always deliver your needs to the opponent without unnecessary irritation or intimidation.
  • Ability to listen and pay attention to words and manifestations of feelings of other people.
  • Realization that all people are dealing differently with a particular situation.
  • Ability to avoid offensive actions and words.

In general, to get such skills, you need to develop stress-resistance and the ability to control your emotions. This way, you will feel comfortable on the way to solving conflicts of a complex level. By the way, these skills can be also of great importance in your professional life, in particular, if you are applying for a dream job: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/how-to-find-the-job-of-your-dream

3. What else do you need to know about conflict resolution?

Incomplete resolution of conflicts leads to their repetition. However, we should not be scared of this consequence since not every conflict can be resolved from the first time. Sometimes, it takes months of hard work for students to improve their academic performance or start behaving. In addition, you can regard any conflict as an opportunity for development. Trying to resolve the conflict in the relationship, you receive experience in talking to people of different views and principles. Equally, you become more confident, and the likelihood that your further relationship will be strong and durable increases.

If you see the conflict looks as something dangerous for you, it means that subconsciously you expect that it will not be resolved mutually beneficial. Many people regard the conflict in the relationship as a dangerous and frightening thing. In some cases, it can indeed be traumatic, especially if the life experience has left you powerless and deprived of control. In this case, you come into conflict with a sense of threat and, accordingly, you cannot resolve it adequately. This situation will make you angry and push you to indecent acts. Nevertheless, the conflict is not a life sentence. Try to stay active as you are every day and appeal to those traits that let you feel strong and confident.

4. Types of People

  • Tactful and peace-loving. They do not like conflicts, even if they can smooth them. This kind of people avoids critical situations. When they have to enter a dispute, they take into account how this will affect their official position or friendly relations. They tend to be nice to others, but when they need help, they do not always dare to ask for it. They need to be brave if circumstances require speaking up in principle. Though some may believe this kind of people to be nerd or geek, it is a wrong view. They are just highly tolerant, which is likely to be beneficial than useless to them.
  • Conflict-free. They are said to be a conflict person, but in fact, they appear to be involved in a conflict if there is no other way out and other means are exhausted. They are firmly defending their opinions, regardless of how this will affect their position or personal attitude. And this is the reason why they are much respected.
  • Conflict. Disputes and conflicts are the air without which they cannot live. They seek an occasion for arguments, most of which are superfluous, petty. They like to criticize others, but if they hear comments in their address, they cannot withstand it. They impose their opinion, even if they are not right. It is very difficult for those who are close to them. Their incontinence and rudeness push people away.

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5. Follow this lead

No matter what is the reason of a conflict, we offer you the perfect way out. This is an algorithm for solving any school conflict. If you feel like getting into trouble, apply these rules to smooth things over and achieve mutual consent on any issue. All conflicts are similar. So you should follow these steps to prevent any conflict:

  • The first step is to stay calm. Keep in mind that temper gives way to emotions, which is a nasty adviser.
  • The second step you need to make is to analyze the situation impartially. Do think only about your interests. Try to look at the existing problem from another side. This can help you comprehend what another conflict party expects from you.
  • The third important step is an open dialogue between the conflicting parties. Here, you should use the ability to listen to the interlocutor and state your views on the conflict.
  • The fourth step will help to come to the necessary constructive results. At this stage, both parties should define a common goal as well as ways of solving the problem. There must be some common points since you are arguing about the same thing.
  • The last fifth step is drawing conclusions. At best, both parties should find some consensus. At worst, both should make concessions in order to keep interaction and eliminate the existing impediments.

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6. Last Word from Our Experts

As you see, the existence of a conflict does not mean something bad. This is just a clash of interests, which requires an appropriate solution. Though some people stick to the idea that the best way to elude controversy is using virtual reality in school, which mainly restrains real communication at all, yet there are helpful methods. The determinant is the ability to solve stressful situations. Otherwise, it will lead to worse consequences. School conflicts are especially acute since students may be in fear of speaking up. The teacher, on the contrary, has more freedom and power, and this is the reason why it is within teacher’s duties to settle conflicts and start negotiations. In general, school conflicts can be prevented if there are a trusting relationship and peace in the classroom. If nevertheless, a conflict arises, it is important to follow the five steps mentioned above, which can help each conflicting party come to an agreement.

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