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Strange Education: From School To University


Strange education

We can often hear that modern education is not good enough or that it kills desire to learn something. However, there are some exclusions in the world of education. Want to be a king in university? You need just to take online classes for students and your knowledge will be great! There are always some teachers who have passion to what they teach and who make lessons interesting.

However, let’s be honest: school itself with its classes and materials plays important role in success of educational process. Everybody will agree, that school where walls are painted with interesting pictures and classes are well-equipped is worth-visiting and child will want to do it. In this case, school will be like a miracle as Disneyland. You should read Disney world facts and secrets to know what we are talking about.

At the same time school where there are no table games, no conditions and which resemble hospital more than school is not popular and nobody wants to visit it. But what if conditions demand to make school unusual, because there is no way to do it in another way? Today we will know how different countries solved this problem. Let’s start our list of unusual educational establishments.

1. Education in cave school

This establishment is situated in one of poor China provinces. The problem was that it received very small financial support, so there was no money for building a school. That’s why citizens decided to use natural building, if to be more precise, cave. So the school existed and had about ten teachers and more than one hundred fifty students.

It took some students more than five hours to get to this strange school. Unfortunately after more than twenty years existence school was closed by the government. As the authorities said: “China is not a country of cave people.” However, you may read about first people in our article about Lucy – the oldest human. All the people of that province could do was hope that new normal school would be opened.

This first example of the unusual school shows us that desire to learn something and to be educated can help people overcome a lot of obstacles. However, next examples will show that some countries search a way to make educational process productive and see the real problems of educational system. You can also get to know common education disadvantages because this is a problem everybody should know about.

2. School where discipline means nothing

There is a strange school existing in Canada. At the first sight, one may think that there is no discipline in it and children do nothing but just disobey and play games. However, from another side it’s not so. In this school, child chooses what he will do during a school day and what classes he will visit. By the way, there is no standard schedule as well as no marks and home task.

Classes are formed not by age but by interests of students. This lifehack helps to gather students who are interested in the same subject in one class, so they can discuss it and so process of learning will be more productive. Read about other lifehacks that can help you: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-of-lifehacks-that-will-help-everybody.

Of course, for some people this school is nothing and they will never give their child to such kind of educational establishment. But let’s look at this from another point of view:

- Firstly, children learn how to behave and learn how to be independent so they are able to care of themselves.

- Secondly, students of the school feel that they are competent members of society, because they can discuss something with teachers and their decisions are almost equal.

- Finally, in such environment, teacher doesn’t interfere with child’s interests so child has all chances to understand what is his calling.

So, as we can see this school has not only disadvantages but also a lot of pros. You should read more about this school and understand that the problem is in stereotypes everybody knows about schools. We used to think that school is something dull, with strict rules, with teacher who punish children and children’s word doesn’t worth anything. This school is absolutely the opposite, it breaks all stereotypes and maybe this is a good idea because modern world demands another kind of education and other approaches to education.

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3. Schools on the water

Bangladesh – area of constant floods and rains. As a result, rivers are often breaking out and buildings appear under water. What about education? It is very important. It is so important that one of nonprofit organizations created boat schools. How does it work?

Some times a year when floods are extremely strong and children can’t attend school they go to the closest pier and there will be a boat, which gathers children. In fact, this boat becomes a school for the period of floods. Children can study despite the weather and it is great. After all students are on the boat, it just moors in a safe quiet place and lessons begin. “But what about equipment?” you may ask. These boat schools are well equipped and have laptop and computer as well as Internet. If you like to use Internet you should know how to avoid getting hacked.

These unusual schools were founded in 2002 and still exist. Nowadays there exist more than hundred schools of such kind and more than seventy thousand students came through such schools.

4. Academy for development of music talent

New York is famous for its music achievements and outstanding people who live there. The city is mentioned in Frank Sinatra’s song and was a homeland to many jazz and blues musicians. So it’s not a surprise that there exist an academy in New York where students learn how to sing and play different instruments. You can get full information about this academy.

It is like a huge hive full of different musicians and musical instruments. The only thing you should have to enter this academy is passion to music. Each child is also examined for a feeling of rhythm, but the most important criterion is love to music. As you have entered this establishment, you can sing or play instrument. You can choose any you like. Then if your family can’t buy it, school will give it to you.

Together with learning music and cooperating with other students, be ready to many tours. You will also receive education with bias on the humanities. There are also some sport clubs so there is a possibility to attend football or baseball classes and play it. If you like football then you will be interested in information about the best football clubs: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-football-clubs-you-should-know. This school seems to be ideal if you want to develop talent in your child and if you are sure that he has calling to music.

5. School of the future

You may think that this school is something like schools in fantastic movies like “Divergent”. It’s not quite true. This school was opened in 2006 and its distinctive feature is usage of all modern inventions. Instead of books and exercise-books students and teachers use computers or laptops.

At the beginning of its existence, school had problems because not all students and teachers could do well with technique. Gradually problem was solved. Government didn’t think that this school is a good idea and it had a hard path. However, when students received high marks in difficult subjects as math, school showed that it has all rights for existence. If you have problems with math or other subjects, ask class mentor for a help with exam, for example – with us you will pass exam greatly.

Nowadays a lot of schools have luck of equipment and therefore lessons can’t be as interest as in school of future in Philadelphia. So, students who attend it are lucky.

6. School of practice

It has been proved that practice is the best way to learn things. Watershed school in the USA is successful because provides students with a lot of practice. If you want to be a farmer and know how it works, you will be sent to the farm where you can examine everything during some years and learn different things.

Such lessons as biology or architecture seem to be dull. What do we see as usual? Children read book and learn something or it may be a little better: teacher shows images or videos. But why not to learn it practically in the real world? This question can’t be addressed to Watershed school. Students of this establishment spend biology lessons in the forests and nature, so they learn new information through practice, not with the use of books. It is great, isn’t it? Architecture, which seems to be pile of names etc., is studied differently in this school. Children under the direction of teacher walk through the streets and examine architecture of buildings in the real life.

This school, without doubts, shows great example of how knowledge should be received. Hundred pages of book in biology will never surpass excursion to the forest or river with some practice and observation. If you want to find mentor or service that will help with classes, read more about online class mentor – we are always ready to help students.

7. School of elves

This is probably the strangest school. It is located in Iceland where people have a strong believe that elves exist. Except the school itself where you can find different classes and students, everybody can pass a short course about elves. You will be able to dress like elves, walk the places where they can possibly live and will know how to distinguish different elves among thirteen tribes.

You may think that it is strange, but it’s not the end. After the course, you will drink coffee with other participants and then special certificate will be given to you. It will confirm that you are an elf expert now.

To sum up, we can say that there are absolutely different kinds of schools and some of them are really strange. However, good tendency should be seen: people try to find solution to modern demands of education. Sometimes, people just struggle with nature as in the case of boat schools or sometimes people just show that they don’t need traditional school and even despite poverty they will study, like in China. The only conclusion we can make is that education doesn’t stand on one place and it means it hasn’t died, so there is a hope that one day ideal establishment will be created where all students can be happy.

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