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We live in the epoch of information. With intensive scientific progress, daily, people receive huge amounts of information. It may have a diverse nature: genuine, fallacious, biased and unbiased. News and rumors, facts and wild guesses – all these surround people on all sides. If you are used to reading your news feed on social networks or blogs regularly, by the end of a day your brain must be exhausted since it is full of information. That’s why you may feel fatigue or loathe going in for sports or taking up reading. To refresh your mind and stay active from dusk till dawn, it is vital to sort out what you hear or read during a day. This is what is called information diet, which helps many students succeed in their learning.

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Must-Follow Rules of Information Diet on Our Online Course Website         

The main reason why you feel mood aggravation and apathy in the end of a day is the chaotic flow of information you encounter. As a rule, people start their morning with reading political news and an economic outlook, looking through the blog about culture and art, learning the latest gossips of the world of show business, or chatting with friends on social networks. Some can do all these even at once. If you believe that you achieve high efficiency by taking up several activities concurrently, you are wrong. It has been proved that results are better if each activity is devoted separately 20-30 minutes a day. This way, your brain is focused solely on one particular topic. This does not distract you from reading and remembering what is important much better. Moreover, this way, the emotional state improves, and therefore you do not feel worn out at the end of a workday.

Pay attention to local news

The localization of news matters. This is what Clay Johnson claims in his book The Information Diet. He embraces the idea that the news about what is going on in the world has a suppressing impact on a person. Besides, it serves a source of generating information noise in the head. You should not read all the world news published every day to keep up with the times. Sometimes, in order to get a deeper image, it is sufficient to read about the events that took place in your city or district.

Do not disregard subheadings

Clay Johnson, along with Yale University psychologists, determined how Internet users perceive and process information. He inferred that it is worth paying attention to the subtitles, not only the headlines when reading newspapers. Headings are written using a special intonation and vocabulary to draw readers’ attention. Subheadings have a clear and simple structure. Therefore, they are better perceived although they turn out to be longer. Structured information is more easily remembered. If you make attempts to succeed in studies, our best free sites for online courses is the place where you can be thought efficient learning methods. 

Do not start the morning with reading news

Nick Bostrom, a scientist, found that the metaphor of ‘information consumption’ is not a metaphor in the full sense of the word. This process is similar to the process of eating. In the course of receiving food or information, the brain sends similar impulses. Therefore, the morning should start with a good and healthy breakfast but not with reading the press. News on an empty stomach can hurt your brain. Yet, if it is hard for you to do without reading, you should not forget about literature, for example, get a feel of Jack London writings that are worldwide renowned: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/jack-london-one-of-the-best-novelists   

It may not sound very plausible, but scientists have shown that the brain can mix up food intake with reading news. If you begin to read once you have woken up, you will feel broken from the very morning. It is not because the information you read is negative. The reason is that you choose the wrong time for news consumption. This leads to a bad mood and a lack of working rhythm.

Do not use a smartphone for reading news

If you adore reading news, large screens are the best to do it. This was clarified during the experiment. A professor from MIT Sherry Turkle worked with two groups of students, each numbering 100 people. Representatives of the first group read were reading the news from the screens of computers and laptops throughout the day. Participants of the second group used smartphones to perform the same task. They were free to study the press anywhere – in a cafe, at home, or in transport. The students of the first group read the news only in the office.

The scientists received unexpected results from this experiment. The students of the first group managed to structure and retain better the information received. They were less tired and could retell more. Meanwhile, small screens of smartphones made readers constantly distracted. The brain takes a greater part in the process of reading and not in memorization. Therefore, information is worse stored in memory.

Read the long texts first

Usually, people do the opposite: they postpone multi-page reviews or analytical articles but prefer starting their daily reading from small notes. But experts from Northwestern University have determined that long news contributes to better filtering and remembering information. The brain is easier to perceive voluminous texts than small, varied notes. This study was described in Johnson’s book The Digital Diet. If you try to enhance your brain activity, here are top of lifehacks to achieve this aim within a month.

Pay attention to the TV

Many readers are skeptical about television, but it can be useful to get information from TV news blocks. Daniel Seberg mentions about this in The Digital Diet. He looks on the news from sites as high-calorie food and the news presented by TV as a snack. The brain becomes less tired when it perceives a picture with sound, not text. He needs less effort to perceive. It is worth choosing a quality channel, which is easier for the brain to process than a huge article in a newspaper or on a news site.

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Be excellent with our expert’s assistance

As you see, it does not only matter what you choose to read but also how you are used to reading. Every day, you have to remember new information to keep up with the time. These top rules of information diet are a clue to success in both life and studies. If you strive to get an A+ student, you can achieve this goal faster by applying these rules as well as getting assistance from our professional experts who know how to become successful. All you need to become our customer is to consult available classes online where our support agents are waiting for you.

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