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People who like reading differ from those who find this activity negligible. Though these divergences are not conspicuous at the first blush, they matter later once the first impression has expired. Unfortunately, nowadays, when there are myriad ways to spend leisure time, many of us prefer watching TV shows, playing video games or surfing YouTube. Reading goes almost at the end of all possible entertainments. Yes, these amusements are more joyful and less brain involving that helps to switch off from routine troubles and take mind off. However, people who adore reading possess stronger chances to build a brilliant career and gain acknowledgment at work. Why? Our online course website elucidates top crucial reasons why you had better take up reading English books.

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Indisputable Reasons Why Reading Is a Must-Do Activity, Explore Our Experts on Top Online Course Sites

If you loathe reading but dream of having splendid writing skills, perhaps, you should change your mind about books and consider incontestable merits of this lovely activity.

1. Boost your vocabulary

Reading is a surefire way to expand your stock of words and discover advanced-level vocabulary. Every day, most people use mostly the colloquial language, which has at its disposal simple and sometimes poor words. Reading, in turn, is the best remedy from illiteracy because it allows broadening horizons. It is desirable to change the genre of books you choose. This will let you learn more words of different origin. You can also try magazines and newspapers. Their writing style is unique, but they feature dramatic and expressive figures of speech that can make your own writing style eloquent.

2. Perfect spelling

Reading is an effective way to improve spelling because going through thousands of words every day you cannot but heed how to write with no mistakes. Besides, English words are very intricate since the way they are spelled has little in common with the way they are pronounced. The only way out to be flawless in spelling is to learn by heart English words. It is much easier to achieve thanks to reading. That’s why it is not a big deal to recognize poorly educated people because they writing is abundant in misspelled words.

3. Keep up with the times

Reading is the best way to be kept up-to-date of the latest news. Today, media is a huge source of learning what is going on around the world. You can read online newspapers and magazines or monitor your news feed on Facebook to be aware of issues on the agenda. Reading gives you an access to information space, which is a huge advantage nowadays. Those who possess knowledge can rule the world.

4. Communication skills

Reading does not only help to struggle with illiteracy. It is a good tool to enhance and develop communication skills. After reading a hundred of books, you will be able to express your ideas in a clear and distinct manner. Those who are accustomed to reading make a great first impression, in particular on those who are wild in it. Good persuasive public speech is one of the advantages you get owing to reading. 

5. Self-confidence

Reading develops both your brain and your character. Since books are a clue to being intelligent and learns, it helps to get acknowledgment and respect from other people. No wonder, why people addicted to reading usually feel confident and steady. Besides, a string of studies proved that reading favors active brain work that is a guarantee against memory lapses and Alzheimer’s disease. Why? The answer is that reading has a positive effect on thinking as well as memory that are involved directly in the process of perceiving and processing information. In particular, it is vital to read for elderly people. Reading is the best way to keep sound mind in sunset years.

6. Anti-stress tool

In our modern world, stress is an emotional state each of us suffers periodically because of excessive work or personal troubles. No matter why you are stressed out, reading a book is a good method to reduce fatigue and let the body and mind relax. In particular, reading has a more powerful influence if you get used to doing it daily before going to bed at least within half an hour. This way, your body knows that once you have taken a book, sleep is coming, and therefore you will have a better and deeper sleep. Consult our primary course website to learn more about ways to get through troubles and stay calm:

7. Creativity booster

Creative people are able to generate more ideas at the same time in search of solutions because they draw on books they read. Books contain multiple clues that you can recall if some problem arises. Besides, reading is a good practice for developing logical reasoning. For example, famous stories about adventures of Sherlock Holmes trains the pungency of the wits as well as boosts observation skills.

How to choose a book to read

If you are not a native speaker, reading English books can be twice beneficial for you. This way, you will manage to better your English and broaden your horizons. However, you should be mindful of which book you take because they can differ in complexity. If you begin with a proficient one, you are likely to get resentful to reading at all. You should lean on your level of English to know which novels or stories are suitable for you.

Children’s books

If you are not advanced, it is reasonable to choose adapted books in English that contain simple vocabulary. If you know only a few hundred words in English, you should pay attention to children's literature because many children's books are interesting to adults. In addition, children's literature, as a rule, is accompanied by illustrations, which helps to understand the plot. If you are more experienced in English. There are myriad books that may be an exciting reading: suitable detectives, thrillers, mysticism - or any other genre that sparks your imagination and makes you read the book until the end.

Comics in English

Like children's books, comics are a great way to start reading in a foreign language. There is many comics genres: comics for children, for adults, entertaining and educational. The most popular one is Marvel comics that nowadays serves a ground for scenarios. Movies based on Marvel comics are best visiting by youth.

Three Life Hacks for novice readers of English books

You do not have to know the meaning of all words

The main clue to grasping the idea of an author is a context. It is enough to know at least 70% of the overall vocabulary to catch the basic idea of the narrative. That’s why if you understand everything in a book, most likely, you have chosen a book that is too easy for you. Try to find books where 70% of the vocabulary are familiar (the rest will have to be written out and learned).

Read English books aloud

It may seem strange, but reading proved to be effective for improving pronunciation and listening if this reading is aloud. By reading aloud, you are tuned to the sound system of the language being studied. However, it is important to work on pronunciation apart from reading; you should never guess how some word is pronounced. Once learned wrong, you are likely to mispronounce this word for years to come.

Listen to English audiobooks

It is very important to pay attention to the correct pronunciation of new words. Thanks to audio books sounded by native speakers, you will remember how to speak properly and be able to boast of gorgeous English skills. By the way, you can benefit from methods of learning that our experts practice to reach good and fast results. Visit our blog to find out a quick and effective way to study English:

Returning to the point, now, we are going to describe several books, which you could find worthy of your attention.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Sir Charles Baskerville, the owner of a large fortune, died in a strange way. This event frightens his neighbors and friends because everyone knows that according to their family tradition all members are haunted by a terrible curse: they are avenged for the ancient crime of a dissolute ancestor by a demon that appears from the depths of the marshes in the guise of a terrible dog. Near his body are found inhuman traces. Did the curse strike one more victim?

The famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his unchanging companion Dr. Watson have to find a clue to this answer. Are they able to cope with supernatural forces, or is it an evil and ruthless human that hides under the mask?

The Picture of Dorian Grey

“If only it was the picture who was to grow old, and I remain young. There's nothing in the world I wouldn't give for that. Yes, I would give even my soul for it», these words became fatal for the young man Dorian Gray, who was extraordinarily beautiful and flawless. Since that moment, not a single wrinkle appeared on the ever-young face and everlasting pure soul of Dorian Gray, but his portrait was aging and gradually. Nevertheless, there is always a price to pay, and even forever young Dorian Grey gave his price…

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