20 Things Students Should Stop Doing In School


Schools may be different in every country. Lessons, teachers and students may be different. However, one thing should remain unchanged. Thing, which will keep schools alive and students will go there with pleasure. If you want to receive pleasure from studying write us something like “I want to pay to take my online class” and we will be happy to help. This is a strict list of rules students shouldn’t do in schools. Of course, rules may differ in each school but they should exist. Firstly, because they are just needed to create adequate conditions of studying. Secondly, because students are young and sometimes they need a strict prohibition in order not to do something. Unfortunately, sometimes prohibition makes them do something in the teeth of rules but it’s another story.

Without doubts, it is impossible to make all students stick to the rules. Exception may only exist in different private schools and schools for children who belong to the upper strata of the population. However, even there some extraordinary and unpleasant things may happen, but let’s become positive from head to toe and image an ideal school. To create it pupils should stop doing something. Let’s make a list of these things.

20 things students shouldn’t do:

1. Bully and humiliate others

The most often thing we can see is when one student from high school is bullying one from primary or just from the high school too. Sometimes it also accompanied by extortion of pocket money. And if sometimes teachers notice that and put an end to it, sometimes it may cause awful and terrible results. The thing is that student who is being bullied for a long period of time ready to do everything just to stop this. You can read about lethal case of bullying to understand why it should be stopped as soon as possible.

2. Deal with drugs and alcohol

Situation seems to improve during last years of course, but it is not fixed completely. The main reason to stop this is that school is an establishment where students form their future; it’s like a noble building full of knowledge. Drugs or alcohol as well as smoking are absolutely unacceptable. Moreover, talking about primary school students, they may become victims of these things just because they don’t have a complete understanding of what they are doing. That’s why drug education in schools should become a constant part of curriculum.

3. Fight with others

Mainly fighting goes near to bullying but it can be separated. Reasons may be different, but results are always the same: injuries and sometimes-even loss of life. It is sad that some students think they are gods of the school and can do everything even bite anybody they want. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such cases and to fix them, the mentality should be changed. Maybe to avoid this situation students should be involved in more sport activity so they won’t just have any desire and energy to fight. Maybe they will become good football players then. Feel free to know more about best soccer clubs in the world.

4. Sexual harassment

This problem is not so spread. Or maybe not all victims are talking about what happened to them? Of course, when this situation happens between two students victim will tell. However, what is the most shocking is that sometimes young girls of high school or even of primary school become victims of teachers. Fortunately, such cases are very rare, but who knows, maybe there are more of them, but children just don’t tell about it.

5. Hustling in queues

As some results show, the situation, when somebody just cut you out of queue in the dining room is quite often. It may not be as dangerous as bullying or fighting of course, but it’s still not a pleasant thing. However some things which are unpleasant somewhere may be a habit or tradition somewhere else. To know it you should be acquainted with habits of different nations: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/the-strangest-traditions-and-habits-around-the-world.

6. Chewing gum

Well, chew the cud can be just unpleasant to observe at the lessons. Especially when these are serious lessons. Chewing gum at physical training lessons may end in a very unpleasant way if gum will get into the “wrong throat” and student will start to suffocate. However, there is another problem with chewing gums, which is extremely spread and became something like a norm. Many students think for some reasons, that they can stick the gum anywhere: to the desk or table or even to the clothes of student ahead. That’s not pleasant and to sit on chewing gum is disgusting thing.

7. Bother others

Here we are talking about classes. Imagine a situation when you are writing an important work and suddenly somebody shakes your shoulder and ask some unintelligent questions. You lose a thought and receive a reprimand form the teacher. The situation is even worse, when you should write down something very quickly and somebody asks you to dictate him this, instead of just looking into your notes and write them.

However, probably the most annoying thin you can see is when a group of students is chattering while others try to listen to a teacher. In a fact, it is quite hard to do this, because of noise, exertion and irritation. So next time when you will decide to chatter with somebody nearby during the lesson, better do some crazy life hacks than bother other students.

8. Stop being a copycat

We often deal with situation when one student look at other’s work be it a homework or test or something else and copies it. Students who do such things should be punished. First of all, they receive marks which they don’t deserve. Another thing is that they get used to live at the expense of others. This is not a good habit and it will cause many problems in future.

9. Bad words in school

Cursing is so common thing that some students even don’t mind about doing it in school. What consequences it has? First of all, younger students may hear these words and bean to use theme everywhere, which is not as funny as may seem at the first sight. Secondly, school is place of developing while cursing takes you back to ancient times. If you are civilized person, don’t curse in school and don’t do it anywhere. Try to show your bad attitude or emotions in some scientific or poetic manner instead of using taboo words. It is funnier and will develop your speech.

10. Spoil things

You may have different associations with this phrase. First, is when student takes somebody’s thing and break it or spoil it in some ways. However, the other thing is when students spoil things, which are school property. For example lockers where you put your things or desks, or whatever else. Just try to think about others, because you are not the only person who will use the locker or sit on that chair forever. Somebody would not evaluate chair, which will be broken or painted as well as locker with broken door.

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11. Quarrels and relations

Of course, students in school may have relationships. However, they should learn that all problems and quarrels should remain between them. Make scandal in the corridor of the school in front of thousands of students is not only impolite and wrong but irritating as well. Students should learn that school is not a place for kissing or something like that. There exist rules and etiquette, so kissing in such places as school is a sign of good breeding. If you want to read more about our service and look at opportunities we offer you just go to our site and read the section about class mentor.

12. Using too much slang

Students are teenagers and teenagers have their own language, so - called slang. However, students should use it carefully, because too much slang looks not good, as if student tries to look as a cool guy. But slang won’t help you in it. Another thing is that you should control yourself, because in some cases students may use slang even while talking with teacher and it’s not polite at all.

13. Be distracted

We all people and we all like dreaming about something pleasant. However, last years students do it too often. Sometimes teacher is telling some important information, but student just somewhere in his thoughts. Then he wakes up and asks something, which have been told a minute earlier.

The same thing is with phones etc. It is hard to resist chatting in Facebook or Twitter of course, but lesson is not appropriate time for it. Last time social networks became something like disaster for school and teachers, because students often forget about lesson and get completely involved into virtual reality. However, there were worse disasters and you can get to know about them here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-13-natural-disasters-in-the-world.

14. Racism and segregation

Unfortunately, we can often see such things happen. Some years ago, it happened mainly in common schools where every student could go so black and white children studying there. It is sad to say, but in fact knowing what racism and segregation are is a reality in schools. In some cases, we still can see such situations.

Sometimes such things can be observed. However, students should remember in what age they live. Times of segregation passed and if students don’t want to get into a trouble they should respect each other. In another way, there may appear a situation when black students will fight with white and it’s not an appropriate thing for school and for modern society in general.

15. Nasty gossips

Gossips in school are quite often happening. So probably, this is one of the first things students should try not to do, because if for one gossip is just a gossip, for others it may become an obsession and may lead to nervous breakdown. There are some things, which are really worth of gossiping of course, so concentrate attention of them. For example, the mystery of Bermuda triangle is worth gossiping and making theories and at the same time, nobody will suffer from them.

16. Drawing in books

Some people were born to become artists. Some students think that they are great artists. So great, that they are allowed to draw anything everywhere. Even in a book. Next time before doing it, student should think that somebody may read this book after him and it won’t be pleasant to see some pictures, even if they are great. It’s because book is not to draw in it.

17. Throw garbage

Fortunately, this action can be seen rarely. However, in some cases students who throw garbage in classes or corridors can be seen. So every student should think about nature and school and shouldn’t make a bin of such noble building as school.

18. Listening to a music

Of course, every student can listen to music every time he wants. However not in the corridor or classroom and not in a full volume of his speaker. Even if music is great, tastes differ and there will be always someone who won’t evaluate this music. Moreover, music may bother somebody who is trying to do homework or just learn something. If you want to get help with tests online, you can do it at our site. Just read about our help with tests and feel free to ask for help.

19. Being aggressive

Some students have a style, which can be seen in constant aggression towards others. Maybe this is the way how they want to get friends but anyway students shouldn’t be aggressive and aggression shouldn’t become a habit.

20. Being too noisy

Sometimes at the lesson, there appear two or three students who think their conversation is more important than teachers information. That’s why they are talking and make noise, so that nobody can really hear what teacher saying. Such category of students is probably the worst people in the school.

To sum up, we can say that schools are not perfect. Of course, strict rules may better the situation, but to make it really great, students should start from themselves. Until student won’t understand that he shouldn’t act like that, nothing will change. So the only thing we can do is to hope that in future, students will become more polite and will have better manners and those who already do, won’t be influenced by spoiled students.

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