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How To Make Public Speech Convincing?


We can hear a lot of conversations every day and we used to it. As usual, we don’t even care about structure of our speech and its correctness. If you have some problems with your subjects and can’t do tasks correctly, read information about how to take a class online. It seems that there are no problems – people speak as they want to. However let’s think in little different direction: why some people say good and wise things but nobody listens to them, while others say something common and is always in the center of attention?

The secret is in ability of making your speech good and interesting for others. It’s not an easy thing to do but today we will try to find some ways to be convincing and to make public speech interesting no matter whether the public is just your relatives or huge amount of people at work conference because as usual you will have to talk in front of big audience later or sooner no matter what job you have. There are some strange jobs of course which may not demand too much talking so you can read about most unusual jobs in the world.

1. What is public speech at all?

First of all let’s try to figure out what speech can be called public and what conditions and features it should possess. So the process of public speaking itself is an act of performing a speech to a live audience. If to say it in simple words, public speech is a speech, which definite person shares with group of listeners. In the wide meaning, it can be every speech even if father is talking to his family, or entrepreneur talks to some people who want to buy his products. If you like to buy things, you will like an article about Black Friday: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/dreadful-consequences-of-every-black-friday.

However, public speeches and processes of public speaking can be different. Let’s compare for example, situation when you are saying something at the bus stop, to the group of people and situation when president talks to voters or when there is a press-conference and somebody is talking about something. This is the so-called official public speaking. Alike examples above, it requires definite skills and certain preparing. We will talk exactly about them. Because every wise person should know how to create a good public speech and everybody at least once in his life may appear in situation when good skills in public speaking will help. It will be also good to know some languages in such situations so you will be able to talk to people from different countries. Read more about benefits of being bilingual.

2. Useful advice for making your public speech great

1. Try to achieve feedback

When you are talking, try to look and analyze public’s mood. It is a great help when people listen to you and even discuss your words. Try to joke but not too much and try to ask some easy questions connected with your topic. Another interesting method, which orators use, is to lessen some of your values and strong sides in order to call the support of public and understand that you are common person not an ideal robot, who makes no mistakes. If you want to make no mistakes in important exam ask mentor for help with exam online.

2. How to prepare speech?

Some presidents and outstanding people usually hire people, who write public speeches for them. However, it’s not hard to do it by your own. More important is how you will present your speech then. There are some ways to prepare:

- Learn everything you have written by heart

- Make short notes and speak with the help of them

- Speak without any papers and improvise

Everybody can choose his own variant, however mind that it’s better to say less but to be open for public and talk to them, then talk too much and look at papers every time. It creates an impression that orator speaks not to the audience but to the papers and it’s quite funny and not serious. If you want to read about funny and interesting language here is an article, which compares Spanglish language to English.

So, one of the best, but the hardest ways of public speaking is improvisation. So, you know the theme but have no papers at all so nothing bounds you and you don’t afraid of forgetting something. Of course, there are also some cons, but every of methods, listed above has own pros and cons. If you need some help and interested in our help, read about our online classes – we provide every student with professional help.

3. What to do if you have forgotten something

Everybody can make mistakes and it’s okay. As well as you can even forget something. In both cases don’t show that you did something wrong. Nobody except you knows what was planned, so nobody can say that something is wrong, if you don’t show it.

The main rule and even law is that you shouldn’t ask for mercy or tell the audience that you are worry and that’s why you have made mistakes. It may cause negative results and public may not accept you as a serious speaker.

4. Emotions are always good?

Finally, if you are a good orator or at least try to be a good orator, control your emotions. You can joke with audience, you can be in a good mood but don’t go too far. Sometimes, if orator does it, he can’t control anything and in fact, crowd controls everything. We don’t talk about such obvious things that you should control your voice and make it louder or quitter when it is needed. It’s also very important to control your movements because person who waves his hands desperately is funny and all attention will be payed to hands, not to words. Obama’s speeches are good example of combination of control of the audience attention and at the same time sticking to a good and comfort atmosphere.

Stay with us and you will know the most famous orators of all times.

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3. People whose public speaking can inspire

Now we know what public speaking is and before giving advices and rules of creating your own public speech it would be useful to look at some people who are ideals of public speaking.

1. Barak Obama

Ex-president of the USA was adored by many people. Although he doesn’t have unusual appearance or other unusual character traits he is known for great speeches. His words were convincing and many people believed him and believe him now. Even specialists say that Barak Obama is the best public speaker of twenty first century. He could combine modern technologies with classical rules of rhetoric and classical laws, which were created in Ancient Greece. So, it would be very interesting to watch Obama’s speech. You may start with his election speech of 2008. There are many other interesting speeches though, so you shouldn’t stop only on this one.

2. Winston Churchill

This is another outstanding personally, whose speeches were viewed in details and gave many quotes, some of which are still in usage. Winton Churchill is a great example of how eloquent officer can be and how it can help army and rise fighting spirit. Of course, his speeches weren’t all about war but all of them are worth reading. Nowadays it becomes popular to restore famous people’s speeches, so maybe it is even possible to find Churchill’s restored speeches on YouTube. As for now, we offer you to read the list of the best Churchill’s speeches.

3. Martin Luther King

This is the las person in our short list, but not the last among the best orators. This person is famous for struggle for the rights of black population in the USA. His speeches are full of wise thoughts and support thousands of people even today. His speech of 1963 called “I Have a Dream” is one of the brightest speeches, which goal is to protect black population and to call for stop of racism and segregation movements. You can read more about what segregation and racism is in this article: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/segregation-and-racism-problems.

Of course we can mention many orators as Abraham Lincoln and his speeches, Theodor Roosevelt and even Adolf Hitler, whose manner of speaking and acting was quite unusual but convincing. So, we want to say that there are many example of good orators and for every outstanding event in history can be found an outstanding orator: be it war where general had to inspire his army or election where presidential candidates have discussion and public speeches. You can read ore about where Queen Victoria was born or general information about orators of Rome and Ancient Greece and go back in history to have better understanding of what rhetoric is.

To sum up we can say that not every person naturally has gift for public speaking, however effort can help you to achieve good results. Public speaking is very important especially if you work as a director or school teacher. Ability to sound good and to find right words in definite situation – this is not just skills – it is an art, which shouldn’t be forgotten and lost.

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