Queen Victoria: From Young Girl To Idol


History is a constantly changing process. Of course, we can’t change things which happened in 16th century, for example, however we look at it from another point of view. The things we do nowadays and the most outstanding occasions that are happening now, will become a history soon and some years later, our grandchildren will learn it at history lessons. If you need help with lessons, you know now, where to join online classes. However, some persons can’t be forgotten, no matter how much time has passed. We are talking about such people as Napoleon or Queen Victoria. You may not know much about her, however today situation will be changed. We will look different facts about her and her life in order to understand why people still admire her.

Before start, talking in details we should mention that Queen Victoria became a beginning of new better epoch for Britain and became greatly appreciated and esteemed. She could do the monarchy strong again. But now, let’s look at her path more detailed. If you like, stories about people who changed their lives or even life of the whole their country you will like to read two life changing stories.

1. Being a young girl

In general, situation was so, that future Queen had many relatives who would take a throne. However, all of them were quite old, so that’s why it was possible for Victoria to become a Queen in future. Her father died when she was only eight months and her mother struggled with people who tried to take a throne.

Sometime after, being mature, Victoria saw that it was only Henry 4th who left on her way to the throne. Henry was a warrior and rebel. You can read more information about Henry the 4th.

Unfortunately, Henry the 4th wasn’t the only cause of problems. One man whose name was John Conroy, tried to get throne since Victoria’s father had died. So he couldn’t gave up his coward plans and tried to manipulate with future Queen using all possible ways. He even created a law according to which, future Queen couldn’t rest alone in her room.

At the age of 13, Victoria with her mother and John Conroy went to different counties in order to present future Queen to people. However, Victoria wasn’t pleased by what she saw. Everything was quite oppressive. Do you think that job of monarch is popular nowadays? Feel free to consult top dead-end jobs.

2. First years of Victoria as a Queen

Victoria became a Queen as she celebrated her 18th birthday. And her first demand was to leave her alone. Just imagine: Queen had been living with somebody in her room until 18 years! If you want to read about another outstanding politician but of later times and from the USA, you can read about Clinton: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/bill-clinton-proud-to-be-a-president.

As we can predict the next steps of young Queen were directed towards her mother and John Conroy. Mother didn’t protect her as she could and Conroy turned her childhood into a hell. So it stands to reason that she sent her mother out and then did the same with John Conroy. That is how she started her reign in Buckingham Palace. There was the only person she could believe was William Lamb and so she made William Lamb a prime minister. He cared about Queen Victoria better than her parents did, so that was quite right choice of the young Queen. You can watch a TV drama about Queen Victoria and find some review on her relations with William Lamb.

Westminster Abbey is extremely popular now especially for tourists. They always try to go there and walk there. So exactly in Westminster Queen was crowned. More than four hundred thousand people gathered in order to see new Queen and ceremony lasted for more than four hours. There is a legend that Pope wore ring on the wrong finger of Queen and then about an hour was needed to take it off and wear again. Some people might see bad sign in that; however, future regiment of Queen was good. If you want to know, more about our online classes service don’t hesitate and do it.

After a short break, you will know the further important steps which Queen did and why a lot of people liked her. As for now, we have something to offer.

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Now it’s time to look at Queen Victoria’s further actions and steps. They can help us understand why people liked her so much and why later the whole epoch of her regiment had a name of Victorian era.

3. First steps of the Queen

It should be said that first steps that Victoria made were quite disappointing for people. As a result, their trust decreased a little bit. One of the cases happened after Whigs and Tori struggle where the latter won it. As a result, one of politician from Tori party agreed to become a prime minister, however Queen Victoria pointed her great friend - William Lamb. This was criticized and not at once. If you like, history we want to offer you another interesting article: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/lucy-the-australopithecus-10-curious-facts.

4. Prince Albert and future regiment

However, everything changed when the Queen met Prince Albert. She fell in love with him and he answered her with the same feelings. As Victoria was a Queen, she made an offer of marriage by herself. Prince Albert agreed so the next year after their meeting they married. They became a good pair and example for common people. Victoria’s family became an ideal family and everybody tried to follow her. Talking about children, Queen told that she hated to be pregnant and that she hated newborn babies, however she had nine children. As a result, a lot of them later appeared at high positions in policy. If you want to read about glory of women in different spheres, you can read about top women in sports. But Prince Albert wasn’t only a good husband, he also was a great adviser and helped his wife.

Unfortunately, after 21 year of their happy life, Prince Albert died. Queen Victoria was extremely disappointed; she didn’t marry anybody else during the rest of her life. Moreover, she mourned and wore black clothes a lot. During some years, she didn’t appear much at the public and moved away from her affairs.

5. Why Queen was so popular?

It’s quite interesting question and although many people say that Queen was great they can’t give any statements. So we will try to do it. First of all, Queen Victoria divided people to different classes and gave them certain roles and tasks. Another thing was appearance of so-called gentlemen as a separate class. This time was a time when meaning of the words lady and gentleman became to mean something noble. Nowadays we have a separate class of hackers. Somebody think they are gentlemen of modern world but it isn’t so. You should know how to avoid hackers and save your computer from them.

However, result of this policy, which seems to be ideal at the first sight resulted some bad sequences. First of all, a lot of women didn’t marry because they thought it was not appropriate for them. Some usual ways of communication between men and women became stricter and women who left in one room with man were ashamed then by the society. This resulted to appearance of such thing as whorehouses. Feel free to read more about our online class mentor.

Queen Victoria created number of well-established canons about families and rules for them. Ideal family and idea of it come exactly from this period. It should be also said, that industrial revolution was happening during regiment of the Queen and she did her best in order to give her country everything.

To sum up what can we say? We can say that Queen Victoria was quite good queen. Although her first steps weren’t quite wise, she changed things later and made her country strong. She was wise then so as a result, Britain could avoid war with Germany. However, the most important thing she did, thing that made her regiment unusual, was of course, changing of mood in society and appearance of high manners among wide circles of society. So it’s up to you to decide whether she was good Queen or not, but she did a lot of things for her nation.

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