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College courses online

College and university are establishments, which show maturity of the student. As usual, student of universities or colleges know why they are there, what they should learn and what subjects to choose. However, sometimes universities and colleges like to play jokes with students. These jokes are online courses. Sometimes students really like to study them, but as usual, these classes are of no importance and just take time and nerves. Sometimes student can’t even think something like what classes I can take online. What to do if you want to finish such course with good result, but don’t want to spend hours and days for it?

You should know how to take college courses online

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Sometimes freshmen don’t have enough time to know college life better and not only because of common classes but because of online courses too. With online class mentor, you shouldn’t be afraid anymore. We can help you with all types of online classes. However, it’s not the only superpower that we give to students.

What else can online class mentor do for you?

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Hope that you have found a good assistant in the face of our service and as for now, we want to give you some useful information. As we have already said, some students don’t have enough time to get profound information about college. Anybody should do it, because college life is full of traditions and interesting habits. That’s why we want to give you some of them. Of course, we are not pretending to give profound information, but at least basic knowledge every freshman should have. You can also find some general facts about college.

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As you understood, there are some rules, which are not written anywhere and every student knows them. Sometimes freshmen can appear in extraordinary or silly situation because they don’t know these rules and features of college life. So here are some of them. Maybe some are just stereotypes so you should also read our article about what's a stereotype to understand it. If you are student and some information seems stereotypical for you, just let us know.

Some unwritten rules of college life:

1. You shouldn’t buy the latest book

Some freshmen always buy the latest edition of the book even if they have the same book edited some years ago. As usual, information is the same and you will just spend extra money. The only thing they do in new editions is correct some mistakes, which sometimes can’t be even noticed from the first sight. You can go even further and buy book, which sophomore student will be happy to sell you. Maybe it looks funny, but it can save you money. If you think you know traditions of studying well, then you should read an article about school students and things they should stop doing: Maybe you will find something common between school “crimes” and college ones.

2. Laundry and problems with it

Some freshmen don’t go to laundry they send clothes to their mother so she wash them and send them back. It’s not a good thing to do. You should better get to know, where is the closest laundry and go there. It will save you money and make you more independent. Don’t you want to be more independent? Of course, the upbringing of a child influences his independence then, but if you go to college be ready to independent life and live like adults do.

However, there is a rule about laundry for students. Even if there is no free place for your clothes, you should never take someone’s clothes in the laundry. Just wait for your turn, because guys who take others’ laundry out of the washing machine are always hated by everybody. You may read about another thing everybody hates. It’s French tenses but with our article you will know how to study French tenses easier.

3. Clubs and sororities

It’s not a secret that sororities, fraternities or sport clubs are popular in every college. Sometimes it may be hard to enter them because of strange rite of passage, sometimes you may not like it, but as usual, it is more than possible to find a sorority or fraternity that you like. Talking about sport clubs, they are extremely popular among students, so if you have gift to sport don’t hesitate. Find the trainer of the college team and go to the trainings to appear in the college team. It is clear for every student that attention of the girls is a constant part of life of successful college team player. You may also read about future for those who play in college team.

4. What about sleeping?

There is a very popular though, that students always want to sleep. Maybe it is true. Anyway, there is a rule, which is really important. If your neighbor has a nap, don’t touch him and don’t awake him. Sometimes students don’t want to wake up even if their lecture starts in a five minutes and they will miss it especially counting the fact that nowadays someone may go to a lecture and write it using portable audio player and then give this record to them. So, freshmen and all students should remember this rule: nap is of the biggest importance.

5. Know your place

There is a strong rule although nobody will say that it exists. It is connected with seats in the class. As usual each student takes his seat, which he likes and don’t move anymore. Of course, it may not become a huge problem and won’t lead to a fight, but it is better for everybody to take his seat and don’t change it. You should better change your life than seat and here is a great story, which will motivate you to change something:

We hope that some of these rules will be useful for you. If you are a sophomore or third year student, remember that you also were a freshman and try to be gentle with them. Try to tell them more about college life and traditions, because each college has some unique rules.

Talking about online class mentor, you can always receive qualified help at our site. For us it doesn’t matter if you are a sophomore or freshman – we help everybody. Essays or exams, tests or reviews – everything is under our control. So, feel free to contact us and don’t be shy, just ask us for a help – we won’t refuse.

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