Do Actors Deserve Fame Or They Are Just Overpaid?


There exist different professions. Some people stand in front of blast furnace – this is hard job and they should be respected. Other people work as doctors and save lives – it is also a great profession, which should be appreciated. However, what can we say about clowns, football players or actors? At the first sight, it seems like they do nothing extra hard. However, it’s not a secret that many actors or football players receive a few times more than doctors or teachers. Some people criticize them for it and disrespect. Some say that actors receive too much money. If you want to receive, a good profession in future, think about taking an online class.

Today we will try to answer the question if actors receive too much money for nothing or maybe they do something even bigger than doctors and teachers. Of course, from the first sight it seems that they have easy job and just grimacing in front of cameras. However, it’s time to dot the i's and cross the t's. The best way to show actors’ work is through some movies so be ready to find some in our article. Feel free to look at list of films to make you interested.

Things we can often hear about actors

Actors do nothing hard

We used to think that actors don’t do any job at all – they just lay in front of the swimming pool and read their scenario. Let’s look deeper. First of all actors don’t just read scenario – they should know it perfectly. Next thing is that actors should work on their emotions. Of course, we can see actors that are not convincing, whose acting is not good, but some great actors like Rowan Atkinson or Jim Carrey look great, and they always full of emotions. It’s hard to believe that they play the role. It seems like they become the person they play. It is not easy to do such things. If you want to make your life more interesting, get to know some amazing life hacks.

Finally, let’s talk about emotions. Actors are common people as everybody and they can have bad mood, they can lose their relatives. Imagine what a great strength of will person should have to play funny character, when actor himself has an awful one.

Another thing that is worth - mentioning, is that actors should be always ready for changes. We mean changes in their appearance. As usual, they are ready for it and agree for many different experiments, just because they want to receive the role and to play the character. Let’s look at Johnny Depp and the role he played in movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Just imagine: how hard it might be for him to understand his character in the movie and to wear all those strange clothes and haircut. However, as we can see in the movie, he did it greatly and as a result we always associate the movie with Jack Sparrow and great acting of Johnny Depp. Moreover, actor stuck to the role so much that sometimes Jack Sparrow can be seen outside the movie. Check for Johnny Depp as a Jack Sparrow outside the movie here.

Actors do nothing useful for society

This phrase can be heard often and sometimes it goes with the first one. At the first sight, we can’t see any profit in what actors are doing. For example, we can see that doctors save lives, we can see that engineers create new airplanes and so one. At the same time, we can’t see that actors produce something. If you think that being an actor is a strange profession, you will be surprised by unusual jobs around the world.

Let’s look from another point of view. Actors really don’t produce anything material. However, what about immaterial things? When we watch movies where actors are good, it can’t live us indifferent, it cause strong feelings. If it is a great comedy, it makes us laugh and makes mood better. If it is drama, it makes us rethink something in our own life. So, the actors do probably the best thing that anybody can do: they cause different feelings and feelings are important part of person’s life. When person doesn’t accept feelings, person doesn’t actually live a bright and full-fledged life. Another way to receive emotions is doing some sport. Find out what kind of sport is best for you and don’t waste time!

Of course, we should say that plot of movie is important and details can change it too. However, great actors’ job can make movie bright and brilliant as well as bad actors job can ruin even the best movie. We will look at some great actors later and now let’s look at the last think we can hear about actors.

Actors earn too much money

Well, of course it is true. Many good actors earn much money. However, let’s be honest: it’s not wise to hate people or disrespect them just because they earn more than somebody else. Moreover, only good actors earn good sums of money and without a talent, you won’t become a good actor. So everything is fair. You can also look at the most famous football players here:

Stay with us and you will know what actors and why can pretend to be the best actors in the world, and after it, you may find an answer to our question which is in the title of the article.

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Now we know some thoughts and stereotypes about actors, which can be often heard. Look what a stereotype is and how to avoid it: We also looked at them from different points of view. It’s time to demonstrate a couple of great examples of actors’ job and try to figure out their contribution to the world and lives of people. We will mention some actors whose talent and influence on viewers is huge and couldn’t be underestimated.

1. Jim Carrey

This actor had quite hard childhood. He grew up not in quiet and friendly atmosphere. However, he could overcome all difficulties. Look at his movies like “Yes Man”. They are full of humor and Carrey’s great acting skills can’t live anybody indifferent. Of course, some people may say that he is too artistic or looks like a clown, especially in movie “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”. However, let’s look at this from different angle. First of all, Jim Carrey is a comedian actor, his humor and feeling of it is awesome as well as his acting. Moreover, movie where he played pet detective became classic comedy and is watched by millions of people even today. Want to become great at definite subject, but need help? Read about online class mentor and find ways to become great student with our help.

What can it show? It can show that, first of all, Jim Carrey has something unique in his style, something, which attracts people. He always lives the life of his character, which makes all movies with his participation amazing. This person can raise your mood even if it seems to be almost dead. This man can act like a God and make anybody laugh. Doesn’t he deserve respect and attention? Of course he does!

2. Morgan Freeman

This actor is famous for ability to play roles in different movies from drama to thriller. Of course, the most famous role played by him was role in movie “The Shawshank Redemption”. This movie is a classical drama about men and their struggle for freedom. However, let’s look further: movie “Now You See Me” which is of absolutely another kind and for another audience. Morgan Freeman played greatly in this one too, although he played another type of character this time.

There no many actors, who can play good and bad characters and characters of different genres of movies with equal success but Morgan Freeman is among them. His participation in movie guarantees you that it won’t be waste of time. He can make every movie great with his phenomena acting skills. You should know the best movies with Morgan Freeman.

3. Jackie Chan

This Chinese actor and stuntman couldn’t be reproached for receiving money for doing nothing. He showed how important it was for him to act in different movies. As usual, he was actor and screenwriter. His movies full of amiable humor and great tricks. He always good both as actor and as screenwriter. Atmosphere of Jackie Chan’s movies is unique and even though most of them are old special effects look little bit outdated, they attract not by this. Their strong part is interesting plot, humor and actors’ skills.

Jackie Chan showed that he is ready to sacrifice even his health to make great movies, movies, which grew up the whole generation of people. Stuntmen who worked with him still remember him as the greatest director and chief. He inspired generations of young people to work in this sphere and create great movies. The greatest thing about Jackie is that he doesn’t stop and his latest movies are not worse than first ones, they even best in some aspects. So, why doesn’t this person deserve to be famous? Person who sacrificed so much to create great movies, which inspire so many people? Films, which you can watch again and again, and they won’t bore you. You deserve to live life without stress. That’s why we offer you help with tests online: forget about stress and night of preparing.

Of course, we can name here a lot of other outstanding artists, who created characters, who are still popular and became the symbol of epoch. The thing we want to say is that actors are people who do their job like others. However, actors’ job is even harder because the east insincerity is seen immediately. Seen not by relatives or manager, but by thousands of people.

Actors are people, who can inspire others and inspire themselves for playing that or another role. They give happiness and feelings through their job. Of course, they receive much money, but it’s not their fault, isn’t it? It’s business and industry. Just imagine world without actors: there would be no movies at all, no emotions and no fictional worlds. So, we should be thankful directors and screenwriters who created all this, but we should also remember about actors – people who filled screenwriters’ thought in life and made these thoughts visible for millions.

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