Mp3 Players: Still Alive Or Just Remnant Of The Past


About twenty years ago, mobile phones just began to appear. Of course, at first they were made just to respond the main need: call somebody and send messages. If you have need in online mentor don’t search how to take online classes for college, just do it! It was logical that mobile phone should be something like a usual phone but smaller and portable. Who could know in what mobile phones will transform during twenty years? Nowadays, they without any problems replace Mp3 player, watch, alarm clock and many other things.

If earlier, person as usual bought Mp3 player and mobile phone, just because phone didn’t have player, nowadays this is not a problem at all. But does it mean that MP3 players will disappear in the near future? Today we will try to find pros of using them and maybe find a chance and argument for them to live a long life and coexist with phones peacefully. If you want to buy player you should know where to shop on black Friday.

History of Mp3’s struggle

About twenty years ago, Mp3 existed, while phones didn’t have a function of music playback. Everything has changed when Siemens released their new model of phone. Despite all bad things we know about Siemens phones, it was exactly this company that created function of Mp3 on phones. If you like to look at the history of certain device, you would probably like to know about Internet history:

In general, Mp3 player didn’t have any competitors for only four years. Phone made by Siemens was the beginning of new generation of phones: those, which could reproduce music. However, Mp3 players were more popular because of different reasons. Let’s look at them:

1. Bad battery

Siemens didn’t care about battery, so although function of listening to music presented, battery couldn’t support it and it wasn’t possible to listen to music during a long period of time. It could work only five hours as a player. For those times to call somebody was more important than listen to music and that’s why first attempts to input Mp3 into a phone weren’t very successful. However, first consoles, for example, also weren’t made to play the same games as now. You can read about Microsoft Project Scorpio console and its history.

2. Memory problems

If players even at that time had some memory, phones couldn’t be proud by it. So in fact, you could store music on your phone, because amount of memory was extremely small. Don’t talk about SD cards, because they didn’t even exist at first time. However, later Siemens created a Memory card, but it was only 32 Mb: not a big number, isn’t it? You can read about first phone with Memory card slot, made by Siemens.

3. Connection with computer

That was another problem, because special wires needed as well as special drivers. Speed was extremely low.

So, for the first time these reasons played for advance of Mp3 players. However more and more developed phones appeared, such as Sony Ericsson W800i model and finally, first smartphones and gradually Mp3 players lost their leadership.

Really, nowadays we can load music to our phones in no time or can just cache some music. We can choose among great variety of application for music playback. Finally, there are even special headsets for phones that make process of listening pleasant and we can switch to the next song without any problem. If you want wireless headphones for mobile read about them and about process of their choosing.

Of course, Mp3s have some models with stereo speakers, however, smartphones also do, so as we can see from the first sight, smartphones seem to constantly defeat Mp3 players in all. Stay with us and you will get to know examples and comparisons of Mp3 vs phone. We will single out advantages and disadvantages of each device.

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We know some information about phones and Mp3 players and their struggle, so let’s come to the next stage: comparison of these devices in modern life. Because each of them has overcome long way of changing and Mp3 players didn’t stand at a one place too. It’s the same question as to choose Windows or Linux. It seems that Windows’ leadership is obvious, however it is just a stereotype. Feel free to read more about comparison of these systems:

Reasons to buy Mp3:

1. Price

Without doubts, Mp3 players are cheaper than smartphones so it’s easier to buy it if you want to listen to music. However, if you just broke your smartphone you will probably buy smartphone: not Mp3 and smartphone. However, if you just want to listen to music and enjoy high quality of sound you should think about Mp3.

2. Size

Another thing that makes Mp3 players better is their size. Some of them can be a size of small square with length and width about ten centimeters. It means they are easy to transport and can be put in every pocket. We can’t say the same about smartphones which are becoming bigger and bigger. Probably in some years, we will have to buy a bag just to carry smartphone in it.

3. More practical

This point in a way combines first and second one. Because of its size, Mp3 is a great decision for sport. It’s easier to listen to music on it because it is smaller and lighter so won’t bother you during jogging, for example. Because of its low price, it won’t be so sad if it fall out of your pocket, for example. Of course, it will be a pity, but agree, it’s better to break Mp3 that costs 50 dollars than phone which costs 400 dollars.

Moreover, many players now are not as vulnerable as phones just because they don’t have screen at all. Some of them have a mechanism like a pin so they won’t be lost. You should just stick it and forget about it. If you like information about different technologies, you shouldn’t miss interesting information on 3D videos.

4. Battery

Of course, nowadays phones in most cases don’t have such problems with battery as they did twenty years ago. However, Mp3 player is just for music so it can work up to fifteen hours in music playback mode. At the same time, phone also can do it, but don’t forget that you won’t only listen to music: you will also surf the Internet, call, send messages and make photos. Maybe it has some logic to entrust your player playing music. It will help you to save battery and have some other profits.

5. Buttons

Mp3 players have buttons and it means you can easily switch a track or make volume louder. Even if your Mp3 is in your jeans. With phone, things are different. Of course, if you have a special headset it will be easy, but most people don’t have it. So you need to take a phone, unlock it and then you can do what you want. It’s longer.

6. Memory

As well as battery, it is not as huge problem as it was before. However, it is still possible. Especially if you like to listen to a lot of music. No matter if you cache it or download on your phone, there are application, games and other files. As a result, you may have your memory full.

Mp3 players are just for music, so even 4 Gigabytes are more than enough. You can load more than 300 songs. Moreover, many players have SD Card slot, so you can wide volume of memory and load even more songs.

Finally, it’s convenient when your songs are on the separate device and don’t mixed with other files and documents. Cached files can be easily lost – just one accidental touch of a finger and you can clear the cache and all music with it. If you are afraid that your memory will be clear before an important test, ask us to do your test.

7. Choice of headphones

Of course, headsets are many, but usual headphones are still more. So with Mp3 you will have great choice of headphones and it is bigger than choice of headsets. Moreover, most headphones are cheaper and easier to repair. If you want to know more about our company just go to our site and read about online mentor.

As we can see, Mp3 players still have some advantages. The main question is how you will use your device and for purpose, you buy it. If you want to go in for sport and listen to music, Mp3 will be better than phone. However, if you want to have everything in one place, smartphone will be a winner. So, it’s still everybody’s choice and it depends on the main purpose and demands.

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