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3D Videos: From First Step To Modern Times


For today, 3D movie is not something unusual. We can go to the cinema and find out that this kind of movies is shown there every day. Don’t wonder how to do online courses, with us you will do them without problems. So, 3D nowadays is very common and it can’t surprise people. However, how things looked like some years ago, at the time when 3D videos just began to appear? When and where this technology was created? How fast was it developed? These questions will be answered in the article, so if you want to know first steps of 3D video and compare them with modern time, this essay is for you.

1. How everything started?

As we all know film industry has long way of development. At first, we had movies without sound and now we have not only sound but also all those great effects and 3D is one of them. So, how was it developed and what was the starting point? If you like to study history of different inventions connected with film industry, you will also like motion capture brief history.

First person who tried to create such kind of video was William Greene. He advised to show two similar pictures one near another at the one screen. Viewer should use special equipment that joined two pictures into one and effect of 3D was created. However, this invention required too much resources and place and that’s why wasn’t accepted.

In 1900s, first equipment for making 3D (or stereo) movie was created. It was camera with two objectives placed next to each other. Later another method was created. It was shooting in green and red colors. It was presented in New York at first. By the way, this city is also famous for the most expensive drink, which is served in one of its restaurants.

So these were first attempts to create stereo movie, however each of them had some minuses and therefore couldn’t be used in a full volume.

2. First movies for public release

Later, first movies began to appear and they were even shown in cinemas. A very first movie called “The Power Of Love” was shown in 1922. To do it director and camera operators had to make a huge work. First of all, two filming devices were connected each of them filmed its part. In order to display movie in cinema two projectors were used and method of green and red colors was used again. To watch the movie viewers should wear special glasses, so in might be the first time when glasses were used. Just imagine how they changed from those times to ours. Do you think that stereo is always better? What about using two monitors? You may read more about it here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/benefits-and-disadvantages-of-dual-monitors.

Can you imagine what an excitement it was for people to see such a movie? Imagine that people came out of the cinema full of emotions and talking to each other. Of course, first release of such stereo movie led to rise of viewers’ interest.

That’s why in 1922 new type of shooting was developed. It allowed viewers to use the so - called anaglyph glasses. Feel free to know more about these glasses and how they work. A year later, Frederick Eugene Ives and Jacob Leventhal who were juniors in stereo movies, began to release some short movies using stereo video technology. They used famous red and green colors technology.

3. Decreasing of interest to 3D

1920s - years of Great Depression. People were interested only in how to survive so of course interest to 3D movies was very low. However, in 1930s, such movies as “Audioscopiks” and “The New Audioscopiks” brought a lot of attention to company that produced them and stereo videos began to improve their position. Some people as those mentioned above definitely changed life of stereo movies and their further fate. Feel free to read about people who changed their own lives and what happened with them: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/two-real-stories-about-people-who-changed-their-lives.

The movie called “Murder in three dimensions” was the first movie shot with a new camera, which was placed inside of the studio. Although color ribbon was used, movie was still black and white and colors used just to create feeling of a 3D effect.

After a short break we will know why Polaroid is famous not only for sunglasses and what was the further fate of stereo movies. As for now, we have something to offer you.

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4. Why Polaroid is famous not only for sunglasses?

Once student of Harvard University decided to make a polaroid filters for protection from headlights. Who could know that it would take him to invention of a new polaroid ribbon for stereo movies? Anyway, this is true story and this student was Edwin Lend. He released his filters called Polaroid and then they were also used in stereo movies industry. However, this new ribbon required new type of projectors, which were also created. Even screens were changed too in order to reflect polarized light. Feel free to read about another interesting phenomenon in film industry: it is a VR. You can also examine virtual reality trends.

Some movies were released exactly for new polaroid glasses and everything seemed to be great. Unfortunately, with the beginning of the World War 2 interest to 3D was decreased again as it happened before during Great Depression.

5. Golden Age of 3D

The peak of development of the technology is 1952 year, when first color movie was made. It used technologies mentioned above: polaroid filters and double projector. The interesting fact is that movies of those times had something in common with theatre: they had short breaks. These breaks were needed to install new ribbon, because the maximum length of it allowed showing only an hour-long movie.

Finally in 1953, company, which we all know released its first 3D movie. It was Columbia Pictures with the movie “Man in the Dark”. However, the real sensation was movie released by Warner Bros. “House of Wax” – first color 3D movie that had stereo sound combined with stereo video. However, some disadvantages still existed and they lead to the fact that interest began to decrease again. Stereo videos needed some discoveries or in another way, they would be totally superseded by common TV. Another reason was that most of movies released for 3D were as well released for common wide screens.

As a result, competition with common wide screen movies was high and 3D movies failed the struggle. Don’t want to struggle for your mark after every test? Allow us to help you with test and be happy to receive good mark.

6. New age of 3D technology

For about ten years, stereo movies didn’t appear and it wasn’t profitably to make them. However, invention of new ribbon changed everything. Since that time, 3D videos were written on common ribbon, which had the same size as ribbon for usual wide screens. It required only special kind of projectors. This invention was especially good for private studios, which didn’t have enough money for projectors which used two ribbons. If you like technologies you will definitely like to read about new Nintendo console.

So this invention helped 3D video industry to survive and develop. In this ribbon shots were placed one above another, however later new kind of ribbon appeared. There shots were placed near each other but were compressed. Special glasses made them normal. Both these technologies were quite popular, however it should be mentioned that big part of 3D movies were just low quality things and mostly horror movies or even movies for adults.

7. New time

All in all after all experiments and suffers, studio called IMAX became a studio that created 3D as we know it now. IMAX 3D technology and movies made with the help of it were extremely popular and raised 3D movies to the new stage.

Finally, since 2003 IMAX 3D, Real 3D and Dolby 3D began to coexist. A lot of movies of 1950s were remade and many new ones were released. Finally, 3D movies became more interesting for viewers than common ones.

Of course, process hasn’t stopped at this stage and some famous people as Steven Spielberg noted that the next step would be in creating such 3D technology, which wouldn’t require any glasses at all. Want to know more about this article and our offers? Get acquainted with information about online classes provided by class mentor. You will find a lot of interesting offers and materials.

To sum up, we can say that 3D technology has overcame long way with hard times and times of glory. Although nowadays it is quite common thing, some movies still can look greater in 3D than in common format. Who knows what future will give us? Maybe films will be more realistic and technology of virtual reality will gradually change 3D at all? Nobody can know this, so as for now, let’s enjoy things that we have and now, before going to 3D movies you will probably remember what long and difficult road they have overcame.

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