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Relationships between a teacher and students define success in learning. The problem of students and a teacher exists in many schools. Unfair grades or biased attitude, on one part, and missing classes or indecent behavior, on the other part, are one of the many reasons why conflicts arise. That’s why it is important to build and foster good and respectful relationships from both sides. Today, our experts are going to discuss the ways teacher-student’s relationships affect academic achievements.

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A teacher is a job not every other can withstand or excel at. One should truly possess a talent of tutoring. It is difficult to become proficient in some field of knowledge while it is twice complicated to urge or inspire others to develop. Good teachers are aware of their responsibility and try to treat students so that they would be keen on learning. The question arises – what do teachers need to do in order to foster strong and positive relationships with students?

1. Enthusiasm and Passion

If teachers are passionate about their job and love the subject they teach, students feel it and share their enthusiasm. The atmosphere they create should inspire learners to master the subject and develop the same knowledge to be proficient as their tutors are. Here, excitement is a huge tool that brings students and a teacher together, thus building trustful relationships. At the same time, passion about materials allows teachers to look authoritative and experienced. Students cannot but follow their lead.

2. Positive Attitude

Teachers are people, first off. They have to get through difficulties and settle troubles as each of us has to do. It is vital that their personal troubles do not strike the learning atmosphere as well as the way they treat children. For this reason, every morning any teacher should enter a classroom keeping in mind that he or she is the only one to set the tone of learning. Being negative is a huge impediment for students to grasp materials. In addition, it will entail a mutual negative attitude from their side, part of them skipping lessons at all. Even if part of a group is missing classes regularly, this should not make teachers biased and preconceived. They may have troubles preventing them from doing classes.

3. Relevant Humor

There is nothing worse than tedious learning. Many embrace the idea that lessons are dry and monotonous. No, good lessons are active and dynamic. That’s why there is nothing bad if a teacher uses humor, surely to reasonable limits, to involve students in the learning process. Besides, everyone loves laughing. Humor being part of materials is a funny tool for drawing attention. At the same time, it allows a teacher to command the respect of students. As a rule, students react positively to humor. It proves they feel free and relaxed in the classroom.

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4. Funny Learning

For the reason above you can draw a conclusion that learning has the right to be fun. Both learners and teachers are not longing for passing hours in a boring atmosphere. Ordinary note-taking and lecturing discourage students from learning the subject. On the contrary, any person enjoys activities that are engaging and spark interest. That’s why any teacher should remember that the learning environment is determinant in students’ performance.

5. Personal Experience

Each teacher has experience both personal and professional. Provided that students are younger and therefore green as grass, teachers may appeal to their knowledge to steal learners’ attention. If this is about their career experience, for example, they can show how to apply knowledge obtained in this discipline in practice or, perhaps, the benefits this subject gives for other professions. This will show students they made the right choice.

6. Treat Them with Respect

Everybody remembers that students should be decent and respect their tutors, but the same is required from teachers. Despite the gap in knowledge, they are to treat learners equally respectful. This is what makes teacher-student’s relationship tolerant and amiable. An ideal teacher should never raise a voice on students, humiliate or embarrass them. If anyway a conflict arises, a perfect teacher should act professionally and set a question in dispute without personal offenses or remarks. For example, to avoid squabbles between students, a teacher should treat each of them equally without choosing the brightest and the weakest. It is not the case to play favorites. Teachers are to be impartial and objective. It is within their competence to judge learners and make an appraisal. By the way, if you wonder which qualities of an ideal teacher are, consult our blog.

7. Go The Extra Mile

Since academic progress is unique for each student, there are those who excel and those who need further efforts at least to reach average performance. A good teacher considers all these differences and helps those who forge ahead. Certainly, sometimes this may require extra classes to make each learner successful. Nevertheless, since a teacher’s mission is to share wisdom and knowledge, the efforts made for students’ success are one more proof of learning competence and dedication.

8. Learn Students

It is desirable for any teacher to know the name of each student. Surely, it is hardly possible for those who read lectures in front of hundreds of students, but talking to small groups this is what makes students open to their tutor. A good teacher knows how students are called. For this purpose, it is also possible to ask about their hobbies and activities, in particular, if this is the beginning of a new semester and a teacher has to get acquainted with new learners. Any person likes talking about personal preferences or interests. Hence, it is a surefire way to get students on the right side. A teacher appears to be creative to make students love the subject being taught. Here, you can read more about the importance of creativity in education:

9. Care about Students

Students are children anyway, whatever their age us. Teachers are sort of academic parents. Their task is to put them on the right road and accompany in case of impediments. Hence, care is one of the primary features any teacher should possess. Students are emotionally vulnerable, in particular, in adolescence age when they face numerous problems and may get frustrated and upset because of broken expectations. A teacher should recognize if some problems take place and participate in their solving. It is vital to stay positive and help students embrace their mistakes and missteps. As many students usually place the importance of studies in the last place, a good teacher has to show them that most problems are not as grave as at the first blush. There is always a key to any obstacle. Students lack actual experience. That’s why all their problems exist in head only. Timely support may change the life of many students. And this is a teacher’s duty to back them on. If your teacher is not the kind of person to lean on, use our online education classes to boost your academic performance.

10. What about Students’ Part?

Looking at all the mentioned above features any good teacher is obliged to have, anyone may faint. The question appears – is there any duty students have to fulfill in order to contribute to mutual success and improve teacher-student relationships? Certainly, they are. Let’s look into them.

Though they are less in number, they are yet the same crucial. First, students have to be respectful towards any teacher. There are cases when learners are not satisfied with their teacher because of a manner of speaking or a way of passing exams. Nevertheless, they have to honor teachers since they are more versed and learned, and they have what to learn. Second, students have to comply with all the rules a teacher sets. If research papers are to be delivered on January, 12, it means this time, not later. The same is about teacher’s guidelines for studies and requirements in exams and in a classroom. This is irrefutable. Taking all the said, teacher-students relationships can be compared with a two-sided agreement where each party has to do their part of obligations for the sake of mutual benefit. Hence, it is indispensable that both a teacher and students make their efforts in the process of learning. This is the most effective way for learners to get educated while for a teacher to blossom out in tutoring.

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