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The Best And Worst Countries To Live In


We all know that country can’t be chosen since our birth. However nowadays we see a tendency in changing countries. People leave their native land and go to some other countries. Some of them settle down in another country while some continue their travelling and live for a few years in different countries. If you want to know much and travel everywhere, you should overcome problems with classes. There are always some classes you can take online: so don’t miss this opportunity. Of course, for some people their native country is the best one and they will never change it for any other place of living. However, some countries are really poor, have bad economic situation and it is even dangerous to live there.

Today we will look at some countries where everybody would probably like to live and vice versa: countries where living is hard and economic situation is bad and unstable. We will start with the worst countries to live in and finish with the best ones, in order to finish our essay on a good wave. If you want, you can also look for natural beauties of the world and top of them.

Countries, which are worse to live in

There are many countries, which have some problems with economy, health care and other things. Among these countries, we can find Ukraine, Mexico and even China. However, we want to show three of them, which are at bottom of the list.

Before we will single out definite examples, let’s find out how and by what criteria these lists are made. There are some factors, which are taken into consideration. They are such as ecological situation, average length of life, quality of products and food, availability of good medicine and medicaments of high quality. There are some other factors such as salary and economic situation, safety of life and so one. These all things are taken into consideration and then, lists appear. Let’s look what countries are at the top of it. If you want to be at the top, you should just know some easy life hacks.

3. Republic of Haiti

This country is at the 140th place of 142 in the list of countries by standard of living. It is one of the poorest countries in the world. This is also a country where slavery exist, however in quite another form than it existed before. As a fact, there are white people who are at the top and huge part of black population, which lives in poverty without money and work for white people for very low salaries.

So, as we can see, situation in this country is extremely bad. Of course, there were some historical reasons for it, however nowadays the country still can’t overcome the problems. You can read some more facts and statistics about Haiti.

2. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is on the 141th place, so it is lower than Haiti. We all can understand why it happened so. First of all, constant military conflicts have bad influence on economy. Second factor is constant power struggle. As statistics shows standard of living hasn’t improved, it has become even worse. About thirty six percent of people live in conditions of poverty. Rivers in country are more like sewerages. Amount of dust and mud is huge so ecological situation is very bad. Moreover, most cities are surrounded by barbered wire, which can’t give you any feeling of comfort.

Country can’t exist without financial help given by other countries. The last sad fact about the country is that it is one of the biggest producers of narcotics. As we can see, this country is extremely uncomfortable and it is very hard to live there: no good job, no education – only chaos, military vehicles and mud. So, all you heard about Afghanistan is not just a list of common stereotypes but almost totally true to life facts.

1. Central African Republic

The situation here is even worse than in Afghanistan. Country is at the top in the list of countries by standard of living. Constant war and changing of government, constant rebellions and overthrow of power: that is how this republic looks like. Talking about comfort, we can hardly find any. There are no streets; fields are made in a rough way. A lot of military can be found walking along houses. We can’t say that they are marching along the roads, because there are even no roads: just muddy pathways from one house to another. Average length of life is about fifty years.

As we can see there some countries which are at the bottom and where nobody would like to appear even for short period of time. They are as scaring as mystery behind Bermuda Triangle. Unfortunately, nothing will probably change there, because it became a usual routine. Stay with us and you will know some countries, which are at the top and are very comfortable for living.

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10. Finland

According to statistics, Finland is on the tenth place in the list of the best countries to live in. Why it so happens? First of all, they have good economic situation. The biggest minus is high taxation; however, each country has some problems. Let’s look at other points. In the sphere of economy, Finland is among first three places after the USA. Salaries are good and stable, even person with common profession can live well. For example, salary of the teacher of a primary school is about two thousand euro. Average salary in this country is about three thousand euro per month. Talking about medicine, we can say that Finland is on the 17th place and it is also quite good result. Education is free and extremely good. If you want to choose a university, take a look at California State University: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/california-state-university-choose-wisely.

So, to sum up we can say that Finland is good country to live in, it has cheap products, quite good salary and education and the only minus is high taxes.

9. Japan

It’s not a secret that Japan is quite good for living, however its traditions are quite specific, so for immigrants it may be hard to live there. The big plus is that more than seventy percent of population in Japan have constant job, so level of unemployment is low. In general, Japan is good in such spheres as education, job and salary and safety. However, there are some cons such as problems with democracy and civil rights, which are regulated very strictly. Another problem is that rich people’s salaries are three times more than those of middle class and low class of population. If you want to visit this country or even live there, you can watch for interesting facts about Japan.

8. Netherlands

All spheres are greatly developed in this country and there are only some problems with civil activity of population while for example situation with job and lodging is one of the best in the whole world. Salaries are also good enough and average one is about twenty seven thousand dollars. Situation with job is like in Japan: about 70 percent of people have constant job. Talking about election, we can say that more than seventy percent of population came there, so it means Dutch support their government and are not indifferent about it. If you want to find a good online mentor, you should read about our mentor service.

If to say briefly, we can observe next situation with other stages:

7. Iceland takes seventh place with the average salary about thirty thousand dollars and eighty two percent of population that has constant job.

6. USA is on the sixth place. The average salary is good and is about forty thousand dollars. All spheres of life are well developed and the only problem is connected with level of crimes and safety of population.

5. Australia takes the fifth place. Average salary is even bigger than in the USA and other spheres are also well developed and average length of life is about eighty percent. Level of unemployment is low and some strange professions are rare in this country. If you want to find some strange jobs feel free to read about them: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/the-strangest-professions-you-could-ever-know.

4. Belgium is on the fourth stage with average salary about twenty nine thousand dollars. Other spheres are also at high level.

Top three remains unchangeable and includes three countries respectively third second and first position: Canada, Sweden and Norway.

3. Canada

This country is often remains without attention, however it is one of the best countries for living. Average personal income is about 30,470 dollars. High level of education, high level of employment (about seventy percent) and average length of life, which is about eighty years, make Canada one of the most comfortable countries to live in.

2. Sweden

Average salary in Sweden is about twenty nine thousand dollars, which is not the best number. However great ecology, medicine, education and comfort of living in general makes this country as it is and put it on the second place.

1. Norway

This country has good average income, which is about thirty thousand dollars. Lodging conditions are also good as well as ecology is good. Norse people are very satisfied with their standard of living and it is not strange: this country is the first in the whole world by the standard of living and comfort. If you want to be in comfort zone and avoid stress, ask us for help with your exams and be calm.

As you can there are many countries which have good conditions and situation there is comfortable. Unfortunately, there are also some countries, which are extremely poor and have a lot of problems. It is sad but obvious that this differentiation will always exist, however such examples as Finland – country which has raised standard of living very effectively – show us, that probably, some countries which are at the bottom of the list will in ten years  be somewhere at the top. Anyway, there is nothing bad in travelling all around the world, visit different countries and so feel the differences in style and standard of living by yourself.

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