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Students nowadays become more and more independent. It means that they should work much and study at the same time. It may be really hard to do these two things at one time and get good results. Sometimes courses are not interesting or sometimes, online classes can take too much time. Here online class mentor comes for help. For us it’s important to give help for every student who need it. If you are in trouble with studying tests or exams, our company will hurry for help with difficult exam as Chip and Dale.

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We can do different tasks for studying no matter what are requirements and deadlines. All you should do is just ask us and get college classes online or help with school subjects. We can deal also with different sorts of papers, so if you have to write essay, we can do it for you. We will provide you with the best essay ever. We can even take your online course for you. It will give you more time for rest of job.

As every student, we use some lifehacks sometimes for writing your term paper, for example. Of course, they are classified as secret, but there is something even better, which we can share with you. These are some lifehacks for students. Hope they will help you with studying and relations with teachers and mates. Read them, choose some that you can use every day and don’t forget about us – service, which can always help students. If you want to digress from studying and go in for hiking tour, we have excellent hiking and camping tips for you.

Hack the study with these tips:

1. Learn and teach

Do you have a theme, which seems to be too hard for you? Don’t give up. Try to understand basic notions and then explain the topic to somebody. It works great and helps not only to understand something better, but to organize information in your memory. When you are trying to teach somebody, you have more motivation to understand it better. It can save you a lot of time and make process of studying easier. Nutrition is also an important part of studying. Good one, can give you extra energy and make process of studying effective. Find some interesting recipes here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-quick-cooking-snacks-for-school-lunches.

2. Cooperation = power

This hint is a good addition to previous lifehack. Person can’t know everything. For example, you know language but math for you is like a total jungle. There is somebody who is a math genius but have troubles with language. Cooperate with this person and teach each other. Knowing some unusual teaching methods in education can help you to teach each other more effectively.

3. Memorizing everything is not good

Most students try to learn huge amount of information during small period of time. Learn a poem for an hour because then you will have to do other things. Learn all questions for exam two days before it. These and many other things don’t work good for you. Of course, it doesn’t mean, that you shouldn’t learn material at all. Go in another way: try to single out ideas and your own thoughts in connection with definite themes. So you won’t have to learn tones of information and will have answer for each question anyway be it puzzling French grammar tenses or history.

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4. Use records of lectures

You may not have time for reading lectures. Record it using your phone and then you will have an ability to listen to it everywhere: in the bus, on the way home and before sleeping. Finally, if you are pressed in time you can always listen to the record at double speed. Of course, it’s not perfect solution and you may miss something, but it’s better to know some information from lection that not to know anything. However, before doing it read about rules of recording lectures.

5. Mind map and storyboarding

If you can’t remember some information use mind map or storyboarding. In general, these are two methods of visualizing information in order to memorize it better. You can read in details about what is mind map and how to create mind map. Mind map is used mainly to order your thoughts and information about some subjects.

Storyboarding is little different method. It used to create stories and works great mainly for such subjects as literature of history. While using storyboarding, you draw some picture in definite order. It helps to memorize different consequences and way of developing of definite story. To understand it better we recommend you to read more about this unusual method of studying and memorizing information: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/when-storyboarding-is-more-relevant-than-ordinary-text.

6. Super speed of reading

As statistics shows, there exist some fonts, which can help you to read information faster and easier. If you have problem called dyslexia and can’t read fast, use special Dysclexie font, which will help you. If you have problems with writing, you must know information about dysgraphia.

If your reading abilities are okay, try to use Times New Roman. It was proved that this font is the best for reading. Try to use it while printing some documents or if you download lectures just change font there into this one and enjoy fast speed of reading.

7. Energy for the day

The most important thing is energy. If you don’t have enough energy, you won’t be able to acquire information at lectures and other classes. So sleeping well at night gives you energy for the whole day. If you have problems with it there are some things you can try.

- Read book before sleeping. It works so, that after some pages you will feel that you want to sleep. So just do it. Of course, it’s better to go to bed at about ten o’clock p.m. You may read best books by Stephen King or any books you want.

- Switch out your phone and put it away. Many people like to watch something on the phone before going to bed and it may take more time than it was planned. So put phone away and then go to bed. You won’t be distracted by phone and it won’t control time when you will fall asleep.

- Sleep in darkness. Scientists proved, that in darkness person’s dream is more effective and organism can relax. If there is a lamp switched on or moon shining in your face, you won’t sleep well.

- Keep alarm clock away. After you have set the time for getting up in the morning, put your alarm clock somewhere further than an arms’ length. In the morning, you will have to stand up and go away from the bed to switch the alarm clock off.

Hope these tips were interesting for you. Using them can help you with some subjects and difficulties. Don’t be afraid of practice and using these or any other lifehacks, because as usual, they will better your marks and make education more pleasant.

If you have problems with any subject and you can’t solve them, don’t hesitate: ask online class mentor for help. Have an online test but don’t have enough knowledge to pass it well? Don’t be afraid: call our service for help with tests and receive good mark. Just ask us for any kind of help connected with your classes and we will be happy to provide you with support of high quality.

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