Reasons Why Successful Students Don't Succeed In Real Life


Success is something very abstract. For every person it’s something unique and every person tries to find own ways to success. For somebody success is just good job with high salary, for others – good family. We can often hear that if person works hard and is diligent this person will be successful. The brightest example is excellent students no matter in school or university. This kind of students always have great marks, they are always put as an example to negligent students whose success is in getting “C” grade and just come to the next course. If you want to raise your level of studying and turn your “C” grade into “A”, taking classes online may be a good solution.

Everything seems to have logic: students with best grades will graduate from the university and receive a great job with good salary. In fact, it really happens in this way, but not always. Cases when student who was an ideal for all other students and teachers, can’t achieve any success after graduating. Why it happens so? It’s not an easy question. However, it is a fact that quitters become successful people more often than study geeks. If you don’t know who Geek is, welcome here: It’s time to find out the injustice and finally single out, why successful students don’t always become successful in further life.

Successful student vs real life success

So why it happens so often that students even use it as excuse. We can hear often nowadays, words like “Look at that guy, he didn’t visit college at all, and now he is a businessman with milliard dollars”. Does being an outsider in university or college means that you will be a millionaire in real life? If you have problems with exams or tests at university or school, don’t be upset, just ask class mentor for help with tests, so you will become the best student. Let’s single out how success in studying influences success in the real life. Here are some statements, which will help us:

1. Knowledge in school vs skills for successful life

The sad fact is that most of information you are given at school or university will almost never help you in life. For example, good students used to work hard and they often do things, they don’t like just because they want to get a good mark. They are doing it for four years of university and during school years too. As the result, it becomes a habit: do something you don’t like and don’t think about such state of affairs. As a result, when such students go to a real life, they can work at common and dull job. Because it’s normal for them and they will never think that they hate this job and the better way is just quit and open own business. So as we can see, modern education as the issue of the day is quite big problem and needs some changes.

At the same time, some students are free in expressions and creative. Because school and educational system doesn’t really like such students, they receive marks not higher than “C” in the university. However, in life they can use all skills, which university tries to kill in them. For example they can create something instead of just repeat what teacher says, as best students do. Instead of just learning the information they hate for receiving good grade, they concentrate on something they really like and will do this in future after graduating. It means that they concentrate on something they will connect their life with, while successful students learn tones of things, they will never use. The great example of this situation is Harley Davidson Company, where two people of three, didn’t have education. You can make sure in it here:

2. Does expulsion mean end of successful life?

Statistics show that among millionaires and outstanding people, there are many “school outsiders” and some of them even haven’t finished the school at all. Probably, the brightest people of this list are Steve Jobs and Jim Carey. However, there are more such people and although their names are not such famous, they exist. Feel free to read the list of famous people who didn’t graduate from college.

As we can see, success in school doesn’t always mean success in life. Probably, people who were excluded from schools or universities tried to find something they really like and in this way, they become successful. At the same time people who are successful in studying, don’t think about life problems, they are too busy because of curriculum and grades. This is the main difference and problem of these students. As a result of such activity they are not prepared to life. If you think that programming is your passion, but don’t have abilities to code, feel free to read about computer coding training at home.

3. Critical thinkers are not successful in studying

There are always students who ask different questions and students who just do some tasks for a good mark. As you can guess, students who can think critically and try to find profit in everything they doing as usual have “C” grades, but they also have clear understanding of what they are doing, why, what will they have in the end and is it worth-doing or not. Successful students as usual just follow teachers without arguing so they can’t analyze profit and utility of their studying activity. Moreover, such students can decide what they really need. If person is good at football, he learns how to play football, not something that his parents want him to learn. This is how richest football players in the world appear.

4. No fear always helps with success

Look at Steve Jobs or other outstanding people who haven’t even graduate from college. There is one think, which unites them. They don’t have fear and they are very persistent. They are not afraid of making mistakes, of saying what they think and etc. It is a well-known fact that people who are not afraid of making mistakes are always further to invent something then those, who are successful and does no mistakes. “C” grade students are not afraid of unusual or weird career choices and changes, if they feel that they will be successful in it.

Now, let’s take a look at successful university students, nerd of studying. They are really afraid of everything. They are afraid of making mistake, of failing test, of what will be if teacher doesn’t like him and many other things. As a result such students waste their studying process and effort not on finding their gift and not on concentrating on something narrow, but interesting for them. They waste their time trying to please teachers and educational system in general. So students who are not successful in studying may spend effort on something more important, while successful students just want to please teachers. This is probably the most obvious difference and one of cool life hacks of “C” grade students.

5. Plans and strategy of different students

Students who are thinking only about studying and good marks as usual are not thinking about future intentions and plans. That’s why when they graduate from university they don’t know what to do. Although students who have problems with studying are not very successful during university, they can think more about their future, intentions and ways to achieve their goal. As a result, they don’t wait till the university is over. They start to make their dreams come true while studying. It also means that they have more practical skills from the beginning, while their mates who study hard have mostly head full of theoretical things. Do you think theory is so important so practice can be forgotten? You may find an answer on this question here.

6. Handle o to be handled?

There is a strike difference in attitude of two groups of students to this question. Good students with high grades want to know everything and they are going to fix all weaknesses they have. Students who are not successful in studying admit that they have weaknesses and they can’t know everything. That’s why they find different ways of gathering different talented people around and to replenish all weaknesses in this way. For somebody it may seem too egoistic, but life shows that this method is working everywhere. If you want to learn something you really like have a look at info about online mentor and many interesting offers we have.

7. Being a perfectionist can be dangerous

Students who have good marks always try to do everything in an ideal way. Everything must be perfect or not to be at all. This is a logo of such people. Unfortunately, there is nothing perfect in our life, but students still spend nerves and time to reject this well-known fact. So while this category of students tries to create a perfect thing for years, another category of students create something not so great, spend less time, then see what were the mistakes, fix them and learn on it. They receive more practical skills and great analytical ability. That’s why many people who weren’t successful in university or school because of making many mistakes, become successful in life, where only dead men make no mistakes.

These are the main reasons why students who have problems with studying or who can be even excluded from the university become successful in life. Of course, there may be find more reasons and of course, this is not a strict rule, but as statistics show, it really works in this way. The problem is not only in system of education but also in worldview of these two groups of students and their approach to life. Anyway, this statistics show us that following someone’s directions without thinking and just for pleasing someone will never be the way to success.

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